It’s over: West Ham announce Moyes departure

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West Ham United have announced the departure of manager David Moyes at the end of the season and have issued the following statement.

West Ham United can confirm David Moyes will leave the Club by mutual consent at the end of the 2023/24 season, when his contract expires.

David will depart after four and a half years in charge at the London Stadium, during which time he secured two top-seven Premier League finishes, runs to the UEFA Europa League semi and quarter-finals, and victory in last season’s UEFA Europa Conference League, with a 2-1 win over ACF Fiorentina in Prague securing West Ham’s first major trophy since lifting the FA Cup in 1980, and their first European success since 1965.

Joint-Chairman David Sullivan said: “On behalf of everyone at West Ham United, I would like to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to David for the contribution he has made to the Football Club during his time as manager.

“David has been responsible for a period of great progress and success in our history, and we are extremely grateful for all of his hard work, commitment and dedication to the role.

“David has been an absolute professional to work with and he will leave with our greatest respect and good wishes – he deserves to be held in the highest esteem for the service he has given to West Ham United, and we wish him every success in the future.

“By making this announcement now, it allows David to get the send-off he deserves from the West Ham supporters and for us all to show our appreciation to him at our final home fixture of the season against Luton Town on Saturday.”

David Moyes said: “I have enjoyed four and a half brilliant years at West Ham, and the Club is in a stronger position than when I returned in 2019.

“When I joined West Ham for a second time, the Club was one place above the relegation zone, and it has been a terrific journey to have achieved three consecutive seasons in Europe.

“After leading the Club to safety, we guided the team to finishes of 6th and 7th in the Premier League, and I was delighted when we won the Europa Conference League title last June – the Club’s first major trophy in 43 years.

“I would like to thank all the players for their support and all the success they have achieved over the last four and a half years.

“I have really enjoyed working with everyone at West Ham, and I would like to thank the Board for giving me the opportunity to manage this great Club.

“I wish my eventual successor, the Directors, the players, the staff, the fans, and everybody at West Ham, all the very best for the future.”

The recruitment process for David’s successor has begun. The Club will be making no further comment until a new appointment is confirmed.

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  • Anon says:

    Second best manager after John Lyall in my lifetime. Your website should be thoroughly ashamed of your constant undermining of him. Your dancing to the boards tune reflects badly on you

    • sleepswithdafishes says:

      too true, I quite agree

    • Budgie says:

      Absolutely agree with you. The behaviour of some so-called fans and social media sites has been disgraceful.
      At least we can show our appreciation of David’s hard work in stabilising our club on Saturday.
      If social media had been around in John Lyall’s time he would have gone after first relegation.
      To think that Pochinetto was being bombarded by Chelsea fans recently demanding his sacking!!

      • Patrick Gavin says:

        Well I hope u anti Moyes clan are happy!
        Let’s see where we are this time next year?,?
        I was born in East Ham and we have been relegated 5 times in my life time.
        Top 7 twice, 3 years in Europe and a trophy.
        Such a unprofessional and shocking way to come to a decision and who is this new 57 year old has been?
        Pelligrini mark2!

        • Hammer_Rite says:

          “Who is this new 57 year old has been”? Obviously someone you know nothing about. ?

        • Kip says:

          Talking **** mate he did well gor us but can take us no further..have you not seen the results since Xmas..and the way they have all given up ..if you know do much how come other managers leave..nothing lasts forever..moyes ****ed himself and us this season by not buying anyone in jan
          , then actually weakened us by selling 2 more your eyes

      • Paul Irwin says:

        I agree with all of the above. This site has been shameful with its negativity of Moyes and the club in general. It’s clearly no longer a fans page just a propaganda page for two people who can’t help themselves and write clumsy, ill informed crap most weeks. Pity as it used to be a good and insightful read.

  • Theydon Bois Dave says:

    Moyes should have left earlier

  • Barry Southern says:

    Sad day.

  • Chris Kitson says:

    Even the Moyes fans here can’t argue with the fact that the football under him has been terminally boring. So what does our esteemed chairman do to turn things around and get the London Stadium rocking? He hires the manager with possibly an even more boring football reputation. You couldn’t make it up.

    • sleepswithdafishes says:

      So you should have been careful what you wished for lol

    • Zahama says:

      This has to go down as another Sullivan classless firing – Zola (send Brady to do it) Grant in the tunnel at Wigan, Slaven (“we should have fired him at the end of last season””)
      His time as a manager was up but publicly pursuing his successor over the past week has been a disgrace

  • John Ayris says:

    I wasn’t one of the Moyes out merchants but I think his time had come. Looking forward to a team overhaul which is badly needed, too many old heads, Zouma is too crocked now and the squad needs to be bigger and better too. I’ll see how that goes, and see how next season starts off I’m not going to gripe without giving things a good chance. Good luck Moyes I’ve seen far worse West Ham times over the years.

  • Dutch Courage says:

    He’s a dinosaur and should have been sent packing during 2022 World Cup.

  • Jeff thorpe says:

    I wish David all the best for the future and thank him for the stability and success that he has brought to our club. Some of the comments/ articles written on social media has at times been extreme and vindictive including on this site by so called experts. I hope that we will not regret this in the future. COYI’s⚒⚒⚒

  • Billy says:

    I never listened to the Moyes out stuff. I think Moyes has been a great manager personally but now we have to move on. Now Moyes deserves a good send off. My guess is the new manager, whoever takes over will probably get the same social media campaign against him that Moyes did so good luck to them that’s all I can say.

  • SydneyC says:

    My 2p…
    There has been a lot of disrespect paid towards Moyes, even on this site. And much of it has been undeserved.
    However, to think that with the squad Moyes had and the $450 mil he got to spend no one else could have done as good or better is delusional.
    We are in the prem top ten budgets, so top ten is minimal expectation, not an achievement.
    He is leaving us no better than he came in. The squad is too small, too old, and too slow. And his version of a rebuild will be Maguire at the back, McTominay in the middle and Jordan Hugill up top. Sorry, but he can’t build a competitive squad long term he’s shown that.
    A decade of mid table mediocrity with Everton followed by a succession of failures. It’s notable that no one hired him after his first stint saving us from relegation
    The cup was nice but in truth it required beating two decent teams.
    Moyes flogged the same horse too long and now it’s died on him. Thank you Mr Moyes, time to move on..
    The PL and modern football media have created fans who feel results matter more than performance, and that a club like West Ham cannot have both. That’s both delusional and sad.
    As for the next Manager, stop listening to the media and judge him on his football.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Bye bye boring football, welcome to the future come on you irons

  • Millis77 says:

    At last we will all be released from the slow death that is Moyes idea of football. Hopefully now the fans can look forward to going to games and the players can look forward to seeing what the oppositions half looks like. Imagine if we get a manager in that buys defenders that can defend and plays players in the correct position. Imagine if we get a manager in that buys a striker that he can actually use to suit his system. Imagine if we get a manager in that buys a left winger rather than turn a flair player in to a defensive winger. Imagine if we get a manager in that let’s the players pass and move rather than play like chess pieces. Maybe I should be careful what I wish for

  • John simmonds says:

    “I’d like to thank all the players”…
    ..all 14 of them😀

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    It’s over, it’s time up. Honour Moyes success, coming in and turning round relegation form into top half form, qualifying for Europe, sustaining that and winning a trophy. That’s a Wow. But don’t get teary eyed. Current form alarming with seven thrashings conceding four or more. Only half a dozen wins in a year. A tired, overworked small squad, oldest in the Premier, no youth pathway, a found out playing style. It’s over. Applause for Moyes, a new head coach, Tim Steidten working his magic, move forward.

  • Bob says:

    It is not just the manager it is also the players and the board and the lack of investment in the team . Hammers will never be a big club .But they will also will be in my heart for ever.

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