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“Keep the faith” in Moyes plea

By ClaretandHugh follower ‘Clive’

The performance against Brighton was the worst performance I’ve seen under David Moyes. In fact the only big score thumping I can remember suffering under Moyes in the time he’s been with us.

Perhaps we should remember how we used to be thumped four or five nil quite often under previous managers, especially to to the likes of Man City. I don’t want to go back to that.

Moyes had eradicated that soft underbelly from our team until the Brighton game. That’s why I believe it was a one off. A very bad day at the office. It happens to most teams at some point. It even happens to teams in the top four from time to time. Look at Liverpool 7 Man U.

What we need to do is stick by the team. Stick by Moyes. We will be up to 12th place with a couple of wins and we have a good chance of winning the European Conference under Moyes, our first trophy for a long long time and a place in Europe three years running under Moyes awaits.

Ye of little faith, keep the faith. That’s all I’m saying

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

13 comments on ““Keep the faith” in Moyes plea

  1. The only gloss I can put on the Brighton game is that we had nothing in the tank after the Man u game. I highlight this because Man u suffered the same sort of result against Liverpool.
    Having said that, if Moyse knew how to use a whole squad, a squad he’s had 3 seasons to put together, he wouldn’t keep flogging the same players every game!

    • You make a valid point Bournemouth. We are playing a lot of games in a short period and I too would like to see Moyes utilise the squad maybe rotate a bit more but then when he does bring in say Fornals for Bowen or substitute a player to rest them because they’re carrying a knock or tired or are not performing well in training or whatever there’s always someone who will complain. Everyone has their own personal favour players. In many ways Moyes can’t win whatever he does.

  2. I will no doubt be in the minority, but I agree. It wasn’t too long ago that I read phrases such as “in Moyes we trust” on various fan sites, including this one. The fact is, even the real experts amongst would pick pretty much the same team as he did for the Brighton game, probably with the odd exception. Something is badly wrong, and maybe it will be time for change soon which I regret, but now is not the time. The players need to decide whether they really want to wear the claret & blue or not. Is it a coincidence that our form and spirit has collapsed since Mark Noble retired? I know we were poor at the end of last season but I question whether that is linked to this season.

    • We’re definitely in the minority on this website Scaley because there are at least three people writing anti Moyes influenced articles on an everyday basis. I got the feeling they banned anyone who disagreed with them but hats off to them they’ve allowed me to have my day for now at least. There are You tube channels putting out the same. I suspect it because they get higher views. Maybe not even from West Ham fans. I know West Ham fans who used to watch Arsenal fan tv a year or two ago when they were doing badly. Now Arteta has turned it round none of them want to watch it anymore. It’s like people slowing down on a motorway to rubberneck a car crash but when things are going well the traffic keeps on flowing. Look at the media coverage given to Man U losing by seven to Liverpool. Some people get off on having a rant. Look how quiet c and h was when we won four nil. No comments. After we lose four nil everyone wants to put their oar in. I guess that’s just the way it is.

      • Banned – so why did we use one saying the opposite. Watch what you are saying about this site. We believe he should go just as you don’t but prefer not to call you out as you are choosing to do to us. We weren’t quiet after Forest. We were thrilled, delighyed and joyful and said so. We are fans and that suggests we arn’t. Dont you dare talk like that after I have loved and suffered this club for 60 years. Who do you think you are other than a Moyes fan. Behave yourself

  3. Clive, this isn’t a one-off? We’ve been appalling for over 12 months now. This has gone past being a blip. Moyes has used up his credit from previous seasons. Nearly all fans would have granted him a bad patch, even a few bad patches, but we’re now at the point that we’ve spent £170m on players and we’re consistently worse where nothing changes!

    Please also don’t assume we’ll get a ‘couple of wins’. Where on earth are those wins coming from? We’re clueless on and off the pitch and the sooner the board realise that we’re sleepwalking towards the championship, the better.

    • JB, If it’s 170 million it’s also been spent on 9 players JB. Whatever it is it averages less than 20 million per player in a league where some of the top teams are spending 80 or 90 million on one player.

  4. Clive, I think West Ham fans have been patient enough. A fool is a fool. If you use a tactic and it gets caught on to, you change it. David Moyes doesn’t. I think the current crop of fans are being very polite and subdued, fans of the past would have been on the pitch and baying at the Board for his sacking. The man will not listen, the man will not change. You cannot trust in him any longer. I have not for many a long day. The Players deserve better and the fans certainly do.

    • I’m a little more optimistic than you obviously pessimist but I think the reason the silent majority are keeping quiet on Moyes and not baying for his blood is that they probably realise he’s previously given us the best two seasons many can remember in their lifetime.

  5. As Roy Keane would say Clive you are living in cuckoo land !! The real world scenario is that the vast majority silent or not have had enough. Moyes has been given money and time, his treatment of players, his continued selection of certain players, his negative team selections, and his inept mid game decisions. Add this to all the relevant data over the past 14 months in terms of results, performances, losses on player sales etc. Optmism that Moyes will change is very strange and nothing suggests he will – he has destroyed the players, they have no longer the freedom to express themselves. He will be gone in the summer for sure

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