Moyes turns back on game in bid to defy fan revolt


By Gonzo

Like many others, I made may way to the not so sunny south coast to watch West Ham’s capitulation against Brighton on Saturday.

I’ll not bore you with additional accounts of how poor the team were, suffice to say it was an insipid performance bereft of skill and desire. In short, you’ve probably heard it all already.

However there was one part of the proceedings which may have escaped the newspaper columns and TV highlights.

David Moyes came under serious vocal pressure from the West Ham fans for the first time. We’ve heard booing before yesterday of course, and the Amex Stadium was not the first time we’ve sung Said Benrahma’s name when he’s been withdrawn.

The Benrahma song on this occasion was not so much sung in support of the player, it was more of a protest howl barked at the manager over a flawed substitution and lack of ambition.

As the game progressed and the West Ham team regressed, Brighton continued to deconstruct David Moyes tactical plan. It was clear that the Hammers manager was completely out of his depth and unable to fathom how to counter the Seagulls game-plan.

The crowd began to sing again, but this time to a different tune. A chorus of, ‘you don’t know what you’re doing‘ rang out and Moyes was visibly stung. He rose from his seat on the bench, faced the traveling West Ham fans and strode purposefully towards us. It was just a few paces but it was enough for him to demonstrate his displeasure.

He stood there for a moment and stared at the crowd. It was clear he wasn’t watching the game because during the second half the West Ham fans were behind Brighton’s goal.

The opposition were peppering Areola’s goalmouth at the other end of the stadium, but there stood David Moyes, defiantly staring in the other direction towards the irked Irons fans.

The manager alluded to it in his press conference when he vaguely spoke of good fans supporting their teams during bad times. I’m not entirely sure where he goes from here, but the dugout might seem a very lonely place at The London Stadium if we go a goal down to Aston Villa.

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  • master says:

    You can only really give a manger time and money.

    He’s had a lot money. He’s had ample time now to show something.

    He’s failed.

  • Clive says:

    It was the worst performance I’ve seen under David Moyes. In fact the only big score thumping I can remember suffering under Moyes in all the time he’s been with us. Perhaps we should remember how we used to be thumped four or five nil quite often under previous managers, especially to to the likes of Man City. I don’t want to go back to that. Moyes had iradicated that soft underbelly from our team until the Brighton game. That’s why I believe it was a one off. A very bad day at the office. It happens to most teams st some point. It even happens to teams in the top four from time to time. Look at Man U 0 Liverpool 7. What we need to do is stick by the team. Stick by Moyes. We will be up to 12th place with a couple of wins and we have a good chance of winning the European cup under Moyes, our first trophy for a long long time and a place in Europe three years running under Moyes awaits. Ye of little faith, keep the faith. That’s all I’m saying

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