Keys fears for West Ham under Bilic

keysFootball pundit Richard Keys says he fears for West Ham following the appointment of Slaven Bilic.

Writing on his personal blog Keys said:

“West Ham finally have their man. Well, a man. Their 5th choice man, Slaven Bilic.

“Why is it they always make such a hash of managerial appointments at Upton Park?Ā  Ms Brady once claimed my criticisms of the mess she made of sacking Avram Grant and finding a replacement were ‘sexist’. No they weren’t. They were honest and correct and I’d have said the same about any man who made such a hash of that incident.

“Remember? Grant waving ‘good-bye’ after what he thought was his final game? West Ham believed they’d got Martin O’Neill lined up to replace him. They’d also spoken to Graeme Souness and Big Sam to see if either would be interested in the job. How do I know? They both asked for my thoughts. Both knew O’Neill was the preferred choice. The problem was that, having said ‘yes’, after getting advice from a top football official not to take the job, O’Neill changed his mind at the last minute. It left Ms Brady and West Ham looking very silly – and Grant returned to the dug out the following weekend! A mess I would say.

“They’re still at it. And what does it say about their belief in Bilic’s ability to do the job that they’ve insisted he take a deal that pays him ‘nothing’ IF they go down this year. If they believe in him why are they even considering that as an option? Why?

“He says he’s aiming for the top four. I wish him well. He’s a cunning operator, as Laurent Blanc will testify. Remember Bilic going down like a sack of spuds in that WC semi-final and costing Blanc a place in the final?

“I do actually fear for West Ham. Big Sam did a fantastic job for them. He delivered on every front they asked and walked with pride. But if next season starts as this season finished they’ll be in big trouble. And maybe they’ll be right about insisting Bilic walk with nothing if they go down.”


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36 comments on “Keys fears for West Ham under Bilic

  1. A series of what’s, ifs, and maybes. Completely ignored the fact the terrible run was under his mate, and presents no facts, or logical/reasoned arguments.

    Bottom line…nothing to see here from essentially a media man looking to stir up a **** storm in the hunt for listeners and ratings, and premium rate phonecalls to Talk****e.

  2. He obviously loves Sam as much as other people hate him. Either way it defies logic.

  3. Most constructive thing i can muster is ” What a W** ker. “

  4. Hahaha release the rabid dogs!!!!
    Did this shaven monkey learn his football knowledge in his hard years on the Good Morning Britain sofa?
    Did Souness and BFS discuss it with Dick at a committee meeting of the Egotistical Dinosaur W@nker Club?
    He may remember Slav at the World Cup but I remember his pathetic middle aged attempt at befriending Jamie Rednapp with talk of smashing it and hanging out the back of it.
    Jog on you publicity hungry mug,try and cling on to your minimal fame elsewhere.

  5. Yeah what Quickdraw said.

  6. What a complete & utter w*nkstain.Like anyone takes his words seriously.A crap presenter with a big gob.

  7. Oh keep your mouth shut if you have nothing sensible to say Keys.Just a small little no mark presenter who thinks he knows about football..Go sort out your beloved Coventry City before digging us out you mug.

  8. Keys was sacked from Sky Sports in 2011 when he was caught making derogatory remarks about female official Sian Massey.

    It left Keys looking very silly! A mess I would say… Dick Head.

    • Keys wasn’t actually sacked from Sky he resigned when his mate Andy Gray was sacked, either way it was good riddance to this fool who had been living on the sky gravy train too long. He was right about the Avram Grant screw up having said that but this latest tosh is just a case of him defending another dinosaur and someone who is too cool to join his middle aged men pretending to be lads club.

  9. Hush your gums Keys.Go crawl back up Andy Grays asshole!!!

  10. If the hippo delivered on all fronts then why does this **** rot then say if we start next season as we finished last season we will be in trouble.Hello ****er,it was your best buddy Big Sam overseeing this end to lasdt season.

  11. Never take anything this guy says seriously.Just a sad little presenter who tries to sound knowledgable.Just keeping his dispute with Brady running to get some attention.Fuxk him! šŸ˜‰

  12. After reading this article I became Hulk… I’m sedated now… lol
    No comment.

  13. Haha,calm down Matte,lol,btw nice number at the end of your name now.Maybe it will be Nolans next year,it aint anyone elses still at our club,lol šŸ˜€

  14. ahah… I hope my next number will be 179472022… bingo… lol šŸ˜€

  15. Ah Mr Keys a man without any trace of talent other than for spouting ******** on a continual basis. A Neanderthal protecting a dinosaur the irony knows no bounds, you fear for West Ham don’t worry about us you hirsuit moron be more concerned about Veet going bust and your inability to remove the hair from your palms, just another failed daytime presenter like Mr Childs from the Midlands with nothing meaningful to say.

  16. Profound statements do sound better from those who have earn the right to be profound as opposed to those sacked for being bigoted ****ers and ever since hold a grudge against almost anyone who isn’t a personal friend.

    As a real expert who didn’t gain his knowledge sitting on a sofa said yesterday, ‘no club outside of the top 4 (and rarely even then) get their first choice manager’. Only those with a grievance choose to try to make an issue out of that fact, rather than accept it as the way of football life and move on.

  17. This guy used to get right up my hooter on Sky.Pretending to be a ‘football expert’ when all he was was a paid question asker.What a muppett!! Matte get over it,he has gone.No15 Morrison doesnt exist anymore at our club.It is Slav Time.Move on,lol

  18. ahah… Rads is a bad guy… lol nĀ°15 is in honor of Sakho… šŸ˜€

  19. Lol,be honest Matte,it is for your dear departed Morrison when he was 15.Dont try to disguise this fact,haha šŸ˜‰

  20. If BFS and Souness ask this mongrel anything I would eat my hat but add Andy Grey to them and you have buggerd quartet,this is the reason I can’t watch sky pundits,
    You could take any group of fans even from wetpants and get more football sense,
    The think jumping around trying to out shout each other impresses someone add to that
    Cotter watching some second rate game talking with a mouth of nails it’s like Tiswas
    for sad old men

  21. Haha,i dont mind sky with the younger ones on,but once i see Souness i get irritated as soon as he opens his mouth.All these ex managers who cant get a job anymore telling every other manager or player what their doing wrong.I really hope in a way Hippo does get a managers job,otherwise he might join this bunch of has beens in the studio.I would have to turn over,lol šŸ˜€

  22. We’ve had the wisdom of BFS,Souness,Merson,Hendon,Brown-Nose and now the autocue reading yeti Keys.
    All we need now is little pearls from Barry Hearn,Neil McDonald,Paul Ince,Jermaine Defoe,Neil Warnock and Sean Bean,we can then get it all out of our system and relax lol
    Apologies if I’ve left anyone out of the endless list of has been,past it,egotistical,no nothing pieces of dinosaur dung that for whatever reason don’t like our beloved club.
    Just remember all of these t@ssers are thankfully outsiders and we’ve got our club back and Slav to run it.

  23. Cr@p article. Total w@nker!

  24. Firstly, can any one deny that what happened with Avran Grant and Martin O’Neil as described by Keys actually happened that way? I thought not. Secondly, does not the hiring of Bilic as fifth choice bear certain similarities to those events. Time will tell if they will end the same way.

    I wish the new management team the best. But please do not twitter on about the West Ham way. I have been watching W H since 1953 and I saw the West Ham way under Ron Greenwood. Unfortunately for Mr Bilic he does not have the likes of Bobby Moore, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst and Budgie Byrne in his team. This explains our record since 1972. One trophy in 43 years plus several relegations. If we play the W H way with the players we have today we shall be relegated – simple as that.

    Sam’s problem was that he understood this and used the players at his disposal accordingly. The fans and the owners apparently do not. I hope that Bilic does not translate into English as Grant.

  25. And we finish with a samoid and wetpants,
    Why come on here and spout that bollox unless you are bitter for the removal of the fat one
    And any football fan especially a female who agrees with keys
    I give up

  26. Haha a win double a BFS and Richard Keys fan but yet somehow a West Ham fan. With all that experience maybe he’s right we should accept our fate and die of boredom but maybe he should just remember our blistering form under his chosen one since Xmas and end his delusion.

  27. Arghhhh,Sammerette Alert!!! Wheres the shotgun!! Boom!!! Keys is a bitter rant,nothing more than that Phil.What you flapping your gums for,wake up for ****s sake.He is still carrying bitterness about his Brady encounter.What the hell has this got to do with ‘The West Ham Way’.Take more multi-vitamins & viagra.Hush your gums & stay strong to fight another day Sammerette!!

  28. Silly little boy,s remarks has had the effects that he wanted! Judging by the remarks he has made,perhaps he *loves*,hippo and he,s disappointed that hippo might possibly be finished in the foot ball world ,oH dear BOO HOO********.

  29. Sorry but I thought I was old for posting but if you have been watching and understanding since 53 Philly you must be going on 75 since I was born in 56
    Congratulations on your knowledge I did not want to offend just found it strange for a lady to be agreeing with an areole like keys who since he was born never understood football or the WEST HAM WAY ,cant believe in all your years you don’t remember that try google

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