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Last minute Barca demand kills Gomes deal

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Exclusive by Hugh Southon

West Ham tonight missed out “at the death” on a deal that would have brought Barcelona’s Andre Gomes to the London Stadium.

The Spanish giants changed an agreed deal at the last moment to include a clause which was entirely from left field with next to no negotiating time left.

The Hammers believed they had a deal in the bag for the 24 year old after the deal for William Carvahlo failed to happen.

That left the Irons chasing Gomes but with the window closure just three hours away – and a loan fee agreed – Barca introduced a clause which has not been previously discussed or even mentioned in passing.

ClaretandHugh was told a few minutes ago: “It’s unlikely any new signings will be coming in tonight now. We had a Gomes deal in place but Barca changed it at the death.

“They demanded at the last moment that it should include a clause which said: “should the player make 60 per cent of starts then West Ham United must sign him permanently for £40 million.”

There was no way we could commit to such a clause at such a late stage.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “Last minute Barca demand kills Gomes deal

  1. So they were just trying to get him on a loan then? Typical.
    Bilic has been rubbish, yes. However, I don’t feel that anything has been done in the transfer market since the season started to make it any easier.

  2. The window started wellbut has descended into farce. My view 2/3 weeks ago was that the job was half done. A couple of decent signings but we needed another big signing plus several minor ones to give the squad some balance. So in my opinion the job is half done now.

    I cannot believe after all the LS based promises the owners have left the squad so exposed. I can only assume they are finding the financial burden too much. At the time they were making plans to move us out of UP the potential advantage of another 20-30th seats was massive. I did not anticipate (but they are the businessmen so perhaps they should have) the enormous growth of tv revenue, which has taken away much of the matchday revene

  3. They wanted Juve to have and obligation to buy clause and that’s why fail trhu for them . I thought we had not even opened negotiations w his camp.

    A lot of clubs got some good deals over today but for us looks like Carvalho or bust was Slavs plan and a dew loan deals denied
    A sporting director would be great signing

    • Sullivan would never let a sporting director happen. He is too arrogant for that and simply doesn’t realise he’s a dinosaur being mugged off by the other clubs in the league. It’s been a **** window. Only Hernandez has been a decent signing. Once again we’ve just signed a load of old gits, who are well past their best on massive wages, who will have zero resale value. It hurts so much so see Spurs so well run when we have to put up with this crap. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  4. They can say what they want.Make up whatever excuse they want.We cant disprove it.

  5. Funny how we keep saying other clubs are moving the goal post as it were when really its probably us not wanting to pay up ..pathetic… Other clubs have had no problems buying of sporting Lisbon or Barcelona.. More lies in my opinion

  6. Looks like they’ve set up Slav to fail, expected tactics from this lot

  7. Amazing how this always happens to us.Its obvious the owners have no confidence in Bilic so are shafting him but at the same time screwing the fans too.This lack of investment is going to hurt us badly mark my words.Shame on the board for letting it get so toxic.Carvalho would have made such a difference but this bunch of chisslers are not willing to invest in the team after all their promises its just like last season.

    • I’m not actually convinced it’s unwillingness to spend the cash. I think they’re just utterly inept and out of touch with the modern football business. They’ll happily write massive cheques for players like Ayew and Arnie when their olds clubs are laughing all the way to the bank as they know they’re past it or a liability. We clearly have no scouting network so just buy on the basis of reputations built years ago.

  8. Cut myself off there! ‘Taken away the significance of the match day revenue’. I am very disappointed. I will give the club my support for the rest of this season & after nearly 60 years it will always have a place in my heart. But if this season is a struggle after all this I will definitely take a big step back after that & put my money to better use. I feel I/we have been taken for suckers & are being badly let down. Sorry for the rant. It is only a game in the end – but it still matters to many of us.

    I will look pretty stupid if two,o r even one, major signing in next hour but all the sources suggest that won’t happen!

  9. Well he appears to be signing for Spurs because Pochettino has agreed to appearence clause.No mention of a 40 million must buy though!!!
    They must think we can be treated like mushrooms!!!

  10. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d simply rather not know.

    The club policy should be “no comment” on transfers, no matter what is reported/speculated by the media.

    Tell me when someone has signed, or someone has left. That’s it.

  11. I do not understood how WH operate they have been talking to S Lisbon for weeks surely they should have had a second choice player this whole fiasco shows the board & manager in a very bad light & the fans cannot now trust anything they say, I am glad I did not renew my ST it seems this season will be as bad as the last one, no effort & no entertainment on the pitch relegation is now a odds on bet

  12. All these “sources” feeding us club lies because they think we are thick as pig ****.

  13. They made it sound like they were interested in making a deal for 40 mill if they had time bullshyte ! They don’t stop do they ! I think sully can only count up to 30 ,after which he goes into meltdown ! What do you expect with only 30 beads on the abacus ( second hand. )
    Gomes ! He’s crap anyway ? Another sissoko , spuds tried to push us into making rash move maybe , why didn’t they buy him ? Not in carvalho league lol. 👏👏👏 bravo west ham , all you’re supporters are a laughing stock 😤

  14. No signings today = Board out and we need to let them know next home game

    If we don’t let them know they’ll keep keeping the vast sums of cash they’re getting from the stadium and sky and keep taking the p*** out of us fans

    Sick of their excuses and the sympathisers, I was until this window. I’ve swallowed their excuses and given them the benefit of the doubt but this time they’ve got no excuse.

    Don’t tell me it’s because the deals are tough either. West Brom etc have out spent us without fuss

    I await the melt comments from those who are just taking this/relatives and friends of the board

  15. Same old same old, big names linked Gomes isn’t as good as Carvalho anyway although I am happy with signings we made the club should have pushed the boat out and made the step needed to buy another big name Carvalho in a position we needed to fill. I am sure Sean will provide us with the info on the clubs net spend across the three windows since we have been in the LS and that will probably contradict the statements made by our directors when the move was announced. They want us to be big time I am sure of that but until they start operating like they mean business and that means making marquee signings having a manager that is at the top of the market and changing the culture in training so that we are competitive every match. For a season of such optimism there seems to be quite a dark cloud looming and we are only 3 league games in.

    • I don’t know about you 32 , but I’m even more piissed of about leaving the old girl now !!
      Should have pulled her down and rebuilt her ! We’ve been conned and its evident , in you’re face !! Carvalho was awesome last night and there’s no excuse for not getting him!! Board have run and keeping shtum at the moment , but it ain’t going away anytime soon 😈
      Got a message this morning urging me to purchase bolten ticket before being farmed out to other ticket holders etc? Seems business as usual !! Poke it up you’re jacksy 😤😤

  16. I’m not sure how Carvahlo is apparently not fit enough to play for us yet he just played 90 mins for the European champions in a WC qualifier and scored a goal! This board is treating the fans like idiots. They seem to treat quality players like used cars

  17. Well thats it for me.Unless i see a great improvement this will be my last year as a season ticket holder.Its a big spend when you take into account a round trip from Yorkshire,and i will put as much conviction into my investment as the owners do into theirs.As mentioned above by other supporters they have wasted money on players like Ayew,Snodgrass etc,anyway the list goes on and when you think what we could of had.Arnoutovic is another i have grave doubts over.There you have it 50mill just on those 3 mentioned.

  18. I agree with Iron Support we should make our protest to the Board next Home match, but I think it would make maximum impact if we turn up protest and then leave in very large numbers, then maybe they will start to get the message. Come to think of it my late Dad used to say the only thing West Ham Boards ever understood, was fewer people at games and when it hit their pocket, they tended to do something. Sadly, it seems it is still the same.

  19. You’re dad was old school and was spot on 👍
    West ham fans have always turned out in numbers and that has been used and abused by every board that has been here ?
    I said numerous times once they lose the confidence of the supporters they will go for the jugular !! That ball could be rolling as we speak !!!
    Best supporters in the land !!

  20. In the old days we would never know such details so I am not sure whether ignorance was bliss? in this case I imagine if he would have made that many appearances he would be successful and worth considering the clause?

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