Last night makes you wonder why


Ogbonna-West Ham

Last night makes you wonder why

Last night makes you wonder why

Last night makes you wonder why football insist on coaches having to have a UEFA pro-license to manage a Premier League club writes CandH follower Hammer MK.

Angelo Ogbonna should never be selected to play against a team with that pace & movement, same goes for Johnson and Fornals who have had barely any min insistence?s this season – to expect them to perform to their best against a team like Liverpool away from home is totally unrealistic.

Last night makes you wonder why

The one thing you have got to do when you play away, against a high pressing intense side, who keep the ball well, is when you do get the ball, you absolutely have to try and keep it. So bearing that in mind, the only consistent thing I know Benrahma does is to lose the ball regularly. In what world did it seem like a good idea to start him at Anfield?

Lastly, you have to feel for players like Mubama who sit on the sidelines and watch the team fall apart but still don’t get a look in. I can’t say it was a bad thing for any of them last night not to play, as I don’t think playing in that side would have given him any chance to shine, but it must feel hugely demoralising seeing Ings come on instead of you.

Last night makes you wonder why

I don’t want to round on Moyes, but I’d actually like to hear him admit this was a tactical disaster rather than just provide excuses about the volume of games.

Maybe if you had bled some of the youngsters in over the many games we’d had (like Liverpool have done over the years – ala Elliot, Jones etc) we would have had some different options to the sorry show we got yesterday.

Time to start taking responsibility Moyes that football is about being agile and adapting, or like many things in life, you get left behind for someone with fresher ideas and more energy.

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  • Budgie says:

    For me it shows the difference between Liverpool squad and ours. They rested same numbers as us but have real superior quality in their overall squad.
    It shows just how much has to happen in next 2 transfer windows to shift out the dross and bring in better players. Moyes is right you cannot just keep playing same 11 week in week out. For me I’d rather have our best team out on Saturday as our league position in key to playing in at least Europa League next season. League Cup gets you Conference league only and been there done that!!

  • Pav says:

    The game was lost before a ball was kicked with a terrible team selection. I’m dumbfounded by Moyes comments basically saying well I was criticised for not rotating the squad and that’s what happens when I do. His mismanagement of so many players is staggering. He has so much disdain for our fans and that was made clear when he had 6000 fans have to go all the way to Liverpool and watch that for 90 minutes. He must have been watching a different game to everyone else to send the same team out 2nd half. He then flogged Bowen another 90 minutes when we had effectively given up. His mate Soucek plays another 90 minutes being well off the pace as usual, reminds me of Allardyce with Nolan. If we lose Saturday, the bizarre team selection was for nothing. I will be there cheering on my team as usual but how long before the board realise he can’t get the best out of this squad?

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