Leroy: “No secrets in football – Sam will know”

LEROY (1)Ok the time has come to speak out!

This managerial situation at West Ham is doing nobody any good and hasn’t been well handled at all.

Football is a tiny village where it’s impossible to keep a secret and the idea that Sam Allardyce won’t have heard if someone else is approached over his job is crazy. He will know.

sam-allardyce_1712364cBet your life away that were a boss to be approached via an agent he would have got in touch with Sam to let him know the score. It goes with the territory.

Sam’s agent will have been on the case with other clubs. I’m certain of that and he will never be out of work.I would reckon he is at the top or close to the top of the wanted list at several clubs.

My own view is that given a contract hasn’t been handed to him by now – regardless of this stuff about only doing the deed at the end of each season – means that the owners are on the case trying to find a new manager.

We hear the names Moyes and Bielsa. No doubt there are others but David Sullivan and David Gold won’t appoint until they are 100 per cent sure they have the right man.

Only if they don’t find him can we expect them to turn back and offer Sam another deal but it may well be by then that he has another job anyway and tells them ‘thanks but no thanks.’

He could of course tell them to shove it even if he hasn’t got another position lined up but if it were me I wouldn’t.

It’s a bit of a blow to the ego to only be offered a contract because they can’t find anyone else but West Ham United is a great club with fabulous young players coming through like Cressie, Sak and Cheik Kouyate.

Nobody would walk away from that in a hurry but of course he may not get that chance because it seems to me that the circumstances show conclusively they are gonna get themselves a new man.

That’s their call but like I say it’s all been badly handled with leaden feet. The story has been running for months and has become a distraction to everything else that’s been going on and has possibly finally affected the performances.

It’s all too late now to do anything about that but it’s not been great to watch.



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  1. Good article,interesting.Its nice to be able to read the thoughts of an ex-pro & pundit on a site.Far better than endless threads from would be managers on other sites.Oops,dont believe i just said that 😀

  2. Agree Leroy, but BFS has not to be and he can’t be a lifeline, he’s just dead weight.


  3. I suggest Davids visit http://www.illdostatstillidie.com if they just don’t know how to pull themselves out of this… there they can find a statistic for everything…lol

  4. Mr Sullivan should have kept his nerve at the end of last season, Sam should have gone then!

    Sam has to go at the end of this season, no way should he be given the satisfaction of being paid off at this stage, he like two of his players have already been paid far too much!

  5. i like this fella great ex-footballer talks the most sense.

  6. Ok thats it guys,cancel your season tickets for next year.I just saw a thread on Wetpantswhenidie where a guy states that some of use are not renewing our season tickets because he has seen it on here & we are Prima Donuts.The guy clearly knows something we dont,lol.Thank god i stopped commenting on there months ago,when i go back i realize how many arrogant planks are on there 😉

    • ChickenRunner, I think that site is the only place for the bellends to go now, it’s one big cringe fest when you read, someone states a comment in disregard to Sam and they’ll be hounded. The way they go about to justify Sams decisions is amazing, to justify Sam bringing on Nolan for Song and playing Carlton in any format and find any stat that makes Sam look like he knows what he’s on about. I’ve read comments that if you don’t like Sam you’re not a real fan, to me anyone who supports a man for that football ethos and disregard to our history is not a REAL West Ham fan. Give them that site they need somewhere to go, you don’t see them in abundance any more on other West Ham sites.

  7. Lol,you are 100% correct Slater,i used to go there regularly but gave it a swerve because if you didnt say something the alleged big cheeses agreed with they jumped on you mob style.Its not like there is any news there,just continual threads all basically saying exactly the same thing,lol,i aint going to name & shame but there are a few total w*nkers on there 😉

  8. Only made 1 venture and got banned within the hour bellends is being kind,
    I agree with Leroy this has been handled very badly and is not fair to season ticket holders,
    As for WHUuntili? can’t wait ti see how many say they are giving up there tickets when the Fat Man goes and he does not deserve to be treated any better he has been drawing his wages under false pretences for years,

    • Haha,yeah i couldnt imagine you lasting long on wetpantswhenidie Bubs.My venture there a few weeks ago was brief,lol,some real prize *****s on there.One of them is a complete & utter w*nker.Btw Hugh,i think you should do an article on here thanking your readers for making this the 2nd most read site behind the official one.Just a thought 😀

  9. @Tyson: I don’t think the site is the right place for that sort of ARTICLE mate but I’ve done so many times on the Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ and I truly am very very grateful to all of you. GLAD YOU LIKE THE SITE. FB is the best place to keep up with all that stuff

  10. Yeah i know Hugh,i dont have fb.Just thought it would be nice for the dissenting voices in other places to have a reality check,lol,just my devious mind at work 😀

  11. I don’t have fb too… But that is fakebook the last version of the the original one…

  12. Are we bovvered Ty…. We are on the up and u boys always make me smile

  13. *that site

  14. Lol,i just used my bros-in-laws fb account to have a look at the site.Its good Hugh.Funny to see you had a good indepth discussion with one of the wetpantswhenidie stalwarts.No surprise it would be one of them who went on to disagree with your article,one Mr.Coker Cola 😀

  15. Lol ty… Are you about the name? I think he is CoNker Cola 😉

  16. *sure… Sorry, I’m driving… Ahahah

  17. Same as don’t have FB and never will,
    Let WHETyourpantsuntil carry on in there little world and watch it crumble as each week BFS results get worse
    They will turn because that’s what unbelievers do and they will turn on each other,
    Then watch how many creep on to this site looking for new friends,
    Carry on the good work Hugh
    BFS R.I.P

  18. Haha,you would get arrested over here for driving & texting,lol,but you italians are all psycho drivers,hahaha 😀

  19. Haha,they will never come here Bubs,we are their nemesis.They are the intellectuals,the thinkers,west ham fans answer to a squadron of Platos,lol 😉

  20. Ahahaha… I’m like Hamilton… Anyway… c&htillidie (driving)…

  21. Ahah… If it happens ty, remember… You are my heir… Lol

  22. You are not lucky Hugh… 😉

    • So now Klopp is leaving Dortumd on July 1st Matte are you going to give him a call & sort him out to come to The Irons? I know he is high on your list of favourites for the job,i think the stats have indicated that 😀

  23. ahahahah… remember Ty, my stats never fail…

    ahaha… Two pearls of wisdom:

    about Nolan “I still see him as an impact sub or even starting first half up top with Carroll”

    about Klopp “tenth in Germany to tenth in England is a big step up… (ironic)”


  24. Hahaha,dont tell me Matte,you got those quotes from wetpantswhenidie.Good to know the Irons Fans Think Tank are busy looking after the club 😀

  25. ahahahhaahah 😉

  26. You know what Matte, Confucius once said-‘The superior man is modest in his speech,but exceeds in his actions.Sack Sam Allardyce’ 😀

  27. ahahahhahahahah…. loooool…. wonderful Ty 🙂

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