London stadium caterers to look at cheaper beer


London Stadium caters Delaware North has promised to look into bringing in a cheaper beer for West Ham match days after receiving feedback from fans that the current beer offering are expensive.

Senior management from the American caterers were at the West Ham United Official Supporters’ board last Tuesday when there were asked by members why the cost of Amstel had risen to £5.30 per pint with Heineken which they class as a premium beer reaching £6 per pint at the London Stadium.

The caters blamed a rise in wholesale rises from the brewery insisting the prices were still comparable with other London football clubs of Arsenal and Chelsea.  They claimed Spurs are offering promotional prices at their new stadium which are subsidised and the cheaper beer was only available at thirty per cent of their bars.

Delaware North did make a promise that there will be no further price rises for beer this season and they would look at the feasibility of selling a cheaper beer like Fosters at the stadium as a trial to auage demand.

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  • Brendan says:

    Please dont allow Fostsrs beer into the LS. Its the Aussies revenge for sending our convicts there. As for prices, I cant believe wholesale costs are the reason for beer prices. Its a rip off.

  • Mojen says:

    Agree with Brendan comment. Price is a disgrace.

  • Chris Bowen says:

    Paid £11.30 for a plastic cup of Amstel, and one of Heineken, last Sat, from a beer trailer . Really need to look after their beer if going to charge those sort of prices.Both smelt and tasted like they were the first pints poured in two weeks.Need to be cleaning the pipes more often. and running a few off first,before serving.

  • Paul says:

    Not to mention the half time serving method is criminal. Why each bar can’t pre-pour 100-200 pints in the build up to half time for rapid service is beyond me. No beer or one with a minute to the match resumes is normally my experience. More sales, reduce prices and more profit.

    • Blimey! says:

      Maddening isn’t it?!
      Take a trip to Twickenham for Rugby, they have it sorted. Quick service, bottled (Plastic) beer, never half suds and half froth….
      The price is a P1$$ take, but when you are dropping £100 on a day out, a £ here or there isn’t much and worrying about it takes something away from the experience?

  • Roy says:

    Season ticket holder, but never purchase anything in that dreadfully ran stadium. The prices are a royal Micky take, blaming wholesale prices when we all know they are making 500% plus on the mark ups is insulting to our intelligence.
    Even after work in the evening when I haven’t eaten I would rather go without than pay them a penny.
    The only real way to get change would be for everyone to boycott food and drink for one game and see them crumble.

  • Alan says:


  • Andy says:

    As a family we will no longer pay the greedy caters beer prices. So we now drink away from the stadium. There loss!

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