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Man City In The Dock Again.

Blind Hammer looks at an inadvertent confession from a city player.

Regular readers know that I am constantly on the warpath about Liverpool and Man City’s use of cynical tactical fouling.

I make no apologies for banging on about this. Both Liverpool and Man City have enormous resources behind them, in Man City’s case the resources of an entire oil rich nation. The fact then that they have to resort to “dark arts” despite this advantage really sticks in my gullet.

Both Liverpool’s and Manchester City’s extreme pressing game is predicated on the insurance of their players being coached to foul as soon as possible when they lose possession, especially in their opponents half. This allows their players to retreat and protects against any goal threat from a breakaway.

Over 50% of Manchester City’s numerous fouls against West Ham in the opening game were in the West Ham’s half, committed only seconds after West Ham won possession. This was the foul tactic which underpinned their 5-0 win, owing much to their ability to dominate high pitch possession.

City’s use of this tactic is well known in football but Guardiola persists in denying his players are coached in this cynical tactic, despite “fly on the wall” documentary TV evidence of his coaches doing precisely that.

Now the fiction that is Guardiola’s protest has been inadvertently exposed by one of is own players.

The worst offender in cynical fouling against West Ham was Rodri, who signed for Man City in the summer for £63million. Heed his own words whilst speaking to ESPN

“I didn’t have this exact role in the team [at Atletico Madrid]. “I am learning new things, how to go, when to stay, when I have to do a tactical foul, when I have to jump.”

So straight from the horse’s mouth we hear that Rodri is confessing he has had to learn “tactical” fouling since joining City.

The only way to abate Guardiola’s coached cynical priorities is to introduce a sin bin as soon as possible to hit these teams where it hurts and force them to rely more on their purchased array of global talent rather than their coach dirty play.


David Griffith

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About David Griffith

My Father, born in 1891 was brought up in the shadows of the Thames Ironworks Memorial Ground. I remember as a child jumping over the settee when Alan Sealy scored in our 1965 European Cup Winners triumph. My first game was against Leicester in 1968, when Martin Peters scored what was adjudged by ITV’s Big Match as the Goal of the Season. I became a season ticket holder in 1970. I was registered blind in 1986 and thought my West Ham supporting days were over. However in 2010 I learnt about the fantastic support West Ham offer to Blind and other Disabled Supporters. I now use the Insightful Irons in-stadium commentary service and West Ham provide space for my Guide Dog Nyle. I sit on the West Ham Disabled Supporters Board and the LLDC Built Environment Access Panel. David Griffith aka Blind Hammer

10 comments on “Man City In The Dock Again.

  1. No now David, coming from a club that lauded Julian Dicks and “The man who kicks them silly, Super Billy is his name”, the inimitable Billy Bonds, you are being more than a little precious!

  2. They have still not cheated rival fans as relegated Sheffield fans now all about or Leyton Orient who`s crowd has fallen dramatically, funny how you have avoided relegation because the FA have too many cowards linked to your club, and do not forget the british public paid for the your ground anyway.
    We will keep beating you no matter how we play.

  3. How would you feel if your centre defensive midfielder allowed players to ghost past him resulting in goals for the opposition? Get real, you hypocrite. Every team in the country does it, including yours. Gary Neville spouts it on Sky aka MUTV and you all jump on the bandwagon knowing your own team probably does it more times than City. I guess you are still smarting from yet another drubbing.

    • Lucky for us we have one of the best in the country, not a worry.

    • Its idiots like you that contribute to tjis nation to remain clean and trophyless. Had we not been so clean a certain Maradona would have not run the whole pitch beating all the so called clean players and score against England. Had it been Italy they would still be looking for his body parts. Thats why they have 5 world cups to expose.
      If you want honours you somrtimes have to turn to technical fouls

  4. Difference is Mr Bonds did not commit cynical fouls. Hard yes but 90 per cent of the time a fair challenge. A cynical foul just says im not good enough.

  5. You should check the data for fouls.

    Here is an example: http://www.footcharts.co.uk/index.cfm?task=basics_fouls

  6. I dont always agree with BH but in this case the Oilers are the new Leeds. Dirty, uncompromising and sadly a bloody good team.
    Oh liver liver, liver liver liver liver sausage and chips ain’t much better either.

  7. Is this be ll end for real? All teams foul if they’re being broke on and they can stop it simple ton! Even yours w t f are you on about clutching at ne-vile’s attempt to get ref to look for it in City alone. What an as wipe you are!

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