Man City want £85M Lucas Paqueta


£85M Lucas Paqueta by Gonzo

Reports this morning are suggesting that Manchester City hold a serious interest in Lucas Paqueta. No firm bid has yet to be made, however an offer does seem to be on immanent. It is also understood that Paqueta would be open to a move to the treble winners.

A tentative exploration has been made by City, which West Ham have deemed unacceptable. Sky Sports are currently reporting that the Hammers would do business at £85M.

£85M Lucas Paqueta is being chased by Manchester City

The player himself is believed to be interested in the move, which is unsurprising.

The news is a bitter blow to West Ham, and quite frankly the last thing we need. Whilst Paqueta started his Hammers career slowly, he finished the season with a flourish. The Brazilan cost £50 million from French side Olympic Lyonais.

The Irons already lost Declan Rice and Gianluca Scamacca, and have £135m to spend.

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  • Hammers in the blood 1 says:

    Why has this storey gone to the media , we should not sell our best players this season we need to add quality not loose it . Do not sell at any price this late we could not replace him .

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    West Ham, European Champions a team and club in crisis.

    It is obvious from the outside there is a problem, there are players not wanting to join, players not willing to extend contracts and many leaving or wanting to leave not too mention highly respected coaches that have left.

    The manager is one part of that but does it go deeper?

  • johnham1 says:

    If he leaves there will be an outcry from the fans that the club will never have seen before. Under no circumstances should the club tolerate or consider or encourage any bids for Paqueta. He is a far better player than Rice and for me would command a fee of 100m plus but not this summer. Imagine losing Rice and Paqueta and replacing them with mctominnay and ward prowse !!!!. There will be no fans left. Moyes needs to be sacked as I called it the proof will be clear when we see how many players want out because of him. Sad day for club if they sell Paqueta.

  • Martin61 says:

    We will be ‘happy’ to do business at £85m?!
    The fact we are willing to do business at all is unbelievable. Losing our best two players and seemingly replacing them with Alvarez and JWP just further underlines how unprepared we were and are for this transfer window.

    I wouldn’t swap my memories of Prague for anything, even relegation tbh but it is so disappointing that our list of players we are looking at is so inspirational. All reasonable players, but nothing out of the ordinary. I blame Sullivan and Moyse equally, probably Sullivan a bit more as he is ultimately the leader.

    I get we will lose players of Dec’s ability, even Paqueta but why haven’t we a ready list of quality/promising players who can replace them OR to strengthen other areas of the team that need it. Everyone mentioned are middle of the table, experienced, going nowhere players. ( I may be being harsh on Alvarez).

    It’s already obvious we will not qualify for Europe next season, even more so if we lose Paqueta. That’ll lead Bowen and potentially Aguerd to look elsewhere. We can’t expect to match the wealthier clubs but challenging for 7th every season should be the minimum we expect.

    Disappointed in our leadership team.

  • West Aussie Hammer 1 says:

    Surely it’s a wind up? If we lose Paq we are finished. I’m still sweating because of the Maguire and Ward Ponce chase, as it feels like 2008 all over again. It’s a clear No on these 3 comings and goings. Moyes can be added to for goings.

  • Chunk says:

    Don’t want him to go but then not my choice. If he does then my replacement pick would be Eze from C.Palace. also wouldn’t mind their left back Tyrick Mitchell

  • johnham1 says:

    Moyes needs to be sacked now, every day he stays he is damaging the club and we are losing good players and signing very average players to replace them. If the club had sacked Moyes and replaced him with a top manager then we would not be in the mess we are. It is only going to escalate quickly the longer he stays. 30m for WP and 30m for Maguire what an absolute waste of money and terrible investments.

  • Hammeroo says:

    Are there ANY players wanting to stay at West Ham to be part of David Moyes 10 man defence this season?

  • Eug says:

    How can City spend so much money with no FFP repercussions? They currently have 113 breaches against them. They have been found guilty of braking UAFA FFP in the past only to appeal and although the decision was upheld were let off due to a technicality. How are they allowed to get away with it? Chelsea have been found guilty of breaking FFP by the tune of £100M. Was only fined £10M. How is this fair? Shouldn’t the trophy’s they won during this period be taken away along with points deductions. They are blatantly breaking every FFP rules with NO consequences. Hugh you must start a campaign for fairness. I think the time is right for every other team in the Prem to get together and finally do something.

  • Limey says:

    I’d be interested in the £85mil. for Paqueta IF the income is spent wisely on say:
    Connor Gallagher £45mil.
    £40mil. on Balagun

  • hammerpete6 says:

    If you love the Moyes template then this news on top of the relentless pursuit of Maguire is right up your alley. For me it’s all bad news.

  • Cherry59 says:

    I agree with Limey, but I would get Connor and a striker in Adama T from Wolves, David made Mickey a striker, so Mickey and David should have no problem in making Adama one.

  • Cherry59 says:

    I agree with Limey,but I would go for Adam T from Wolves. David made Mickey a striker, so he can do the same with Adama, also Mickey to help, and at a quarter the price.

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