Man United man’s anger at “lazy” Hammers


By Simon Leyland

Roy Keane is angry again, this time with West Ham United’s forwards.

We had more than a few chances to take the lead in the opening half and one of our best was when Emerson Palmieri got himself in a good position on the left wing and fired in a dangerous cross across the box.


However, Emerson’s cross whistled harmlessly across the box, mainly because West Ham’s Said Benrahma, Lucas Paqueta and Pablo Fornals didn’t bother attacking the ball.

All three were shown by ITV footage to be standing near the edge of the penalty area looking on admiringly, instead of flying into the six-yard box to take advantage of Emerson’s cross.

The surly one then said: “They’ve certainly got in some good areas and good pockets but what I would say, I think the players can be lazy sometimes.
“When they get in a good positions they’ve been flashing it across the goal and getting good little opportunities like this.
“But you’ve got to get players in the box.”

ITV then showed the replay of Emerson’s cross going into a good area but nobody bothered to attack the ball.

To me, that’s just laziness,” Keane continued.
“Players are watching. You’ve got to get in and get yourself a goal.
“That’s not what good players do. They have a desire and a hunger to get in the box.
“It’s a great opportunity, lovely ball. They’re not going to get too many opportunities like that.
“Get in the box!”

An opportunity spurned methinks, the game was ours for the taking

But let us not get too down – our place in the sun beckons! – first Brighton then Cyprus!

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