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Memo to Keane after Rice outburst – GROW UP!

I shouldn’t be writing this but I’m sick to death of former somethings having a go at present players.

Roy Keane just can’t help himself and he really is old enough to know a lot better but he’s made his name on abrasive outbursts so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it I guess as far as he’s concerned.

From the moment the camera beams in on him when on punditry duty, the frown and glare is fixed firmly in place in order to ensure we expect nothing less than his “look at me I’m gonna be utterly brutal so stuff yer” approach to the job.

Last night was no different as he focused his attention of utter contempt on Declan and Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson during the defeat against the Czech Republic.

I didn’t watch as international football really isn’t my thing but reports of his remarks left me seething.

I  have no problem with constructive criticism being directed at a 20 year but when he is brutally dismissed as Keane did last night that, in my view, is simply shameful behaviour from a so called adult and former player.

He should surely know how such stuff can affect a young player who admits he has much to learn at the start of his international career.

Discussing the performance he blurted: “Henderson and Rice – they might as well sit with us in the studio.

Yeah mate and you may need to keep your head down for a bit and grow up!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

10 comments on “Memo to Keane after Rice outburst – GROW UP!

  1. Keen has a point though. The team looked set up to bypass the holding midfielders and get the ball out wide….. on a bad night for England, I didn’t particularly hold any individual player responsible, but Gareth will know he got it wrong/?

  2. We looked lethargic when they were really up for it. That 4231 system has the habit of creating large spaces between which the czechs exploited well. I personally thought Southgate would change the shape at half time, even reverting to 442 if necessary. It wasn’t one of Decs best games, but he cannot be great all the time.

  3. Let’s not forget Declan Rice is just 20. He’ll hit his prime in 7-8 years, or even later. At the moment he’s having to cover left, right and centre for two poor England centre halves and the rest of the England midfield which is slow to get back. That’s why he looks a bit tired at times playing for England (but certainly not for West Ham). I still think he’ll in the long run be a great central defender. But he’ll be learning more every with every international match as he scampers around covering for the rest. He’s had the good sense to stay at West Ham, where he’ll grow into an even finer player. And Southgate can see what’s there (even if Keane, himself a mediocre manager, can’t)….

  4. A man that spent his football career trying to end others is now just using his tongue rather than his studs.

  5. Pot, kettle, black. The only difference is Keane actually played professional football and his agenda is his own. Also, for the record I can’t stand the man.

  6. i like Rice for us and his forward playmaking but it didn’t work last night, and he was at fault for giving the ball away that lead to the corner and missed a tackle at the corner that lead to the goal, in essence he had a shocker, so i agree with Keane, but the set up for England is Southgate’s weakness, if he picks the like of Henderson and Trippier also Deli Ali in the squad is like playing with 10 men. so i would be aiming criticism at Gareth firstly.

  7. To be fair to Keane his comment was made at half time when as said above we were set up to bypass Rice and Henderson. 2nd half we changed formation and both players looked a lot more comfortable in their roles.
    I didn’t wait for the aftermatch comments as i was bored out of my tiny little head!

  8. Got to a world cup semi playing 3 at the back, has been ditched ever since. Anyone explain that?

  9. It’s the same for rice at West Ham he is too up and down

  10. Personally thought Keane was an average one footed cowardly thug -never forget him punching Repka from behind at OT or running in front of us after he’d scored in the Forest S/F at Villa Park

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