Moyes and Benrahma – Arsenal game may tell us lots


Said Benrahma – beyond scoring a goal – looks a good player to me!.

But thus far there have been some odd and perhaps not entirely required public comments coming from the manager on the guy.

His latest was to tell him that he needed to shoot below the bar rather than over it. “Insulting” is too strong a word – a better one would be “unhelpful.”

Prior to that – if memory serves – he commented  that he had told him that he believed he had signed a goalscorer and on another that he needed time to sort out his game to Premier League level.

Moyes has a track record for making semi critical remarks about players as will be remembered when he had a pop at Declan following his performance away at Arsenal during his first spell.

Jesse Lingard will be back for sure against Arsenal and  if we assume Mark Noble and Ben Johnson on the bench that will mean one place remains available.

I, for one, will be very interested to see which way the manager goes if the choice is between Benrahma or Lanzini who looked pretty bright against Man U.

If that’s the choice Moyesie has to make it’s gonna tell us quite a lot perhaps.

My bet is his team will look like this: Fab; Coufal, Diop, Dawson, Cresswell; Bowen, Rice, Soucek, Lanzini, Lingard, Antonio

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  • Mojen says:

    I agree with Moyes shooting comment. Plenty of room for improvement there. To be honest little bit puzzled how he got all those goals for Brentford last year. However believe he is a good player but needs to play more regularly.. I’m sure he will come good.

    • Ian White says:

      I take it you didn’t watch much of Brentford last season then mate ? Your throw away comment on a little bit puzzled on how Benrahma scored so many goals last season is quite frankly laughable.
      He and Watkins were on fire playing in a very attack minded pure football team.
      I’m sure if Moyes played him regularly instead of how he’s handling him at the moment he would light up the Prem,the boy is a talent,a player who goes past players so easy, a player that West Ham fans love to see.
      Can you honestly say then that West Ham look a better attacking team when he’s not on the pitch ?
      Thought not.

      • No it was Moyes’ throwaway remark my friend. Good try

      • Mojen says:

        Mr White no funnily enough I didnt watch Brentford once last year. If you watched West Ham this year you cannot tell me he cant o improve in that area. And finally what did I say – play him regularly. Or didnt you notice that?

      • Totally agree with you m8, Moyes is using the same tactics that he used with Zaha at Man utd and I just hope that Benrahma will come out on top this time

    • Mechrin Noureddine says:

      That is called confidence from the manager not a manager that talks bad about his players in front of media.
      We all know that Benrahma wasn’t Moyes but he doesn’t have to break his career by playing him in a position that is not his to make him look like he is lost. The player lost confidence in a manager who is always criticizing him and doesn’t do the same to other players that don’t perform.

  • Greeno says:

    I think that he may play Fornals if he is back OK, along with Lingard (for Noble and Johnson). For me its then 1 from Bowen, Benrahma and Lanzini, who also looked sharp when he came on. Personally I’d go with Benrahma and Lingard supporting Antonio, but I don’t have issues with any of the others.

    Some good options, although we are stretched in other areas, as long as he avoids Noble starting (no offense, much like Nolan a few years ago).

    • Moss says:

      Benrahma is a good player , moyes has been critisising him but not other players when making mistakes , he needs some trust and support from.the manager not criticism , I am sure he will get better if he plays more then 10 mn 20 mn every game.

  • PB61 says:

    Can’t see him playing that team Hugh, too many forward thinking players and not enough defenders!

  • Sam lee says:

    Moyes doesn’t like flair players. Simple passing and a scrappy goal wil do for him Although westham are doing well this season but they actually quite Boring to watch. The proof, last game against united. Benrahma made a huge mistake moving to westham but the problem is not the club or fans because westham fans they love a skillful player its simply the Manager his tactics doesnt have room for a player like Benrahma so its better for him to go for a loan this summer or leave permanently.

  • Moss says:

    Benrahma is a good player , moyes has been critisising him but not other players when making mistakes , he needs some trust and support from.the manager not criticism , I am sure he will get better if he plays more then 10 mn 20 mn every game.

  • hamzal says:

    I think Benrahma is in the wrong team. He is not free to play like he wants to do. Unfortunately for the fans , they have not seen anything from his talent up to now.

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