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Moyes backing: It’s gone way too far

By Gonzo


West Ham manager David Moyes has received an immense amount to backing from the Hammers board this season. Whilst other poorly performing Premier League clubs have hired and fired managers, our own hierarchy have steadfastly supported their manager irrespective of results.

Personally I’d have approached the threat of relegation somewhat differently, but I can at least comprehend the thinking and rationale behind retaining David Moyes. The reasoning for keeping Moyesie at the helm is a simple one  . . . . He’s been there and done it before.

The noises emanating from the club has very much been of the opinion, that David Moyes is a specialist at rescuing teams from relegation. He’s done it once with Everton and twice with West Ham (we’ll ignore Sunderland for now), so as far as the club are concerned there’s nobody better suited to the rescue mission.

Whilst I begrudgingly comprehend the logic of retaining Moyes, I find myself completely baffled at the prospect of retaining him in the event of relegation.

On Thursday of this week Talk Sports Jim White announced, “A West Ham source at the club has said, David Moyes will carry on next season even if the club are relegated”.  The former Sky Sports man has the ear of West Ham owner David Sullivan so it’s fair to assume this quote has come directly from the man himself.

I must admit that I laughed when I first heard the comment, it seemed so bizarre and preposterous that I had to check my calendar to see if it was April Fools Day. I’m not laughing now.

I find it incredibly difficult to believe that such a thing could be true, however Moyes does seem to enjoy the safest job in English football so perhaps it is.

But what precisely is the reasoning for Moyes retaining his station in the even of the dreaded drop? Is he the man for the job, the very chap needed when a club falls down into the Championship?

The simple answer is NO! He guided Preston North End to promotion from League One but has never coached a team into the Premier League. In terms of getting West Ham promoted from the Championship Moyes is unqualified. There is not a solitary piece of evidence to suggest that he would be the man to get the Hammers promoted.

I find it completely preposterous then he’d even be considered for the position never mind guaranteed the role.

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7 comments on “Moyes backing: It’s gone way too far

  1. He will be sacked as soon as the season is over if not sooner no matter what the board is saying at the moment. The players body language over the last few games tells u everything you need to know, they no longer want to play for him. The fans no longer want to watch the dire football we have endured for the best part of 14 months. The board are the stewards of the club they represent all of us so he will be sacked it’s just whether he goes now or when the season ends.

  2. You are right. Save Dyche would have been the perfect candidate, if all you needed was someone who could save the club from relegation.

    Time for a bit of Fan Power. Hold on buying that Season Ticket,, hold on going to games. My Father a devoted West Ham fan, always said the only thing West Ham Ltd ever understood was something that hit them in the pocket, his view was always remember they are a limited company, not there for the entertainment, but to make money for it’s shareholders. Well he has been gone for years and I am pushing 64 years old now, but nothing has changed.
    If we want a good Manager and a better set up, we need to protest, where the Board has to listen, in all things that bring money to the Club.

  3. Look Moyes is too defensive it’s a not loose mentality which is not working. The players also need to work hard to get. Is our of this . Moyes needs to let the players play and attack teams ⚒

  4. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 30 years but will not renew if they keep him on. Match days are hard enough getting to the ground as it is and to have to endure his style of football has just tipped me over the edge.

  5. If Moyes wins the European cup then there’s every reason to keep him on. I don’t worry about relegation as I’m confident we’d come straight back up and at the same time we might lose the glory hunters and the toxic part of the crowd and replace them with genuine supporters. What a great season it would be winning the championship at the same time as the Europa league. Would I keep Moyes in the championship? Yes absolutely.

  6. Clive you’ve mentioned glory hunters . We’ve won nothing since 1980 some glory hunters they are .

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