Moyes makes striker pledge

Moyes makes striker pledge but does he know why Ings worked this time?

David Moyes believes Danny Ings has deserves more minutes and intends to use the striker more frequently. Whether the manager will follow through on his promise remains to be seen. But I do have my doubts whether Moyes can get the best out of someone who has been a wasted talent for West Ham.

The 31-year-old saved the Hammers from a loss against Vincent Kompany’s team yesterday with his late goal at The London Stadium. So after Sunday’s frustrating 2-2 draw with Burnley, the Irons boss addressed the media.

“It’s the type of game when we’re on top and creating chances, then Danny has been fantastic throughout his career. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been quite as clinical this season, but today he was. He had one goal disallowed for offside, scored another, and hit the bar,” said Moyes.

“Hopefully, that will give him a lot of confidence and give us confidence as well because we want to utilise Danny. We want to use him for his goal-scoring ability and what he brings to the team,” he added.

Moyes makes striker pledge but does he know why Ings worked this time?

Moyes makes striker pledge but does he know how to get the best from Ings?

Moyes must surround Ings with good players

Personally, I wonder how Moyes will opt to use Ings if he follows through on his words. The former Southampton and Aston Villa striker has typically been deployed among the backup players in a solitary role during his Hammers career.

What evidently aided Ings against his former club was being on the field alongside West Ham’s top attacking talents. When paired with Antonio, Bowen, Kudus, and Paqueta, Ings had the support he has lacked during his 14-month tenure at West Ham.

Therefore, if Moyes does decide to field him, I hope for Ings and West Ham’s sake that it’s alongside our elite attackers and as part of an offensive strategy.


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2 comments on “Moyes makes striker pledge

  1. Exactly right, Gonzo. Danny Ings is not a stand alone, one up front type of striker. And if David Moyes had any nous he would know that. Yet he has continued to play Ings and several other players in the wrong position or within a formation they are not suited to. Danny was excellent for us during his minutes against Burnley because he had supporting players around him. He looked like he could have scored again if the game went longer.

    But questions remain on why Moyes seems to be incompetent when it comes to team formations, player positions, tactical nous, substitute timing, squad rotation, etc. He seems to be good at talking the talk but it’s all smoke and mirrors with him. And what are they putting in the team’s pre-game drinks to make them sleepy for the first 45 minutes of nearly every match? Wake up West Ham!

  2. Really hit the nail on the head Gonzo, does Moyes even know what made the difference? I say no on evidence, Moyes first instinct is always to double up on DCM cover, then try to make it happen up front solo, with players notoriously out of position literally left, right and centre to accommodate his chosen few. Then when he subs, 70 minutes, swap one for one, change nothing. Amsteur.

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