Moyes out of touch with Modern game

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While West Ham manager David Moyes criticised his players for lacking mental fortitude, the real reason for the Hammers’ thrashing against Chelsea might be closer to home.

David Moyes carefully scouts all his transfers, so one would assume that the character of the players is well-vetted. There was an element of the West Ham team seemingly downing tools and giving up at Stamford Bridge. However, even when the team is fit and firing on all cylinders, they still have the capacity to capitulate.

The truth is, David Moyes has lost the ability to outmanoeuvre most modern coaches, who find his tactics and systems easy to counter. Even when Moyes initially surprises opposition coaches with his starting line-up and tactics at kick-off, the situation often changes dramatically after halftime when the opposition adjusts to counteract the Scotsman’s tactical plan.

It’s not unusual to see David Moyes and his assistant looking bewildered as they consult their iPads and small screens for tactical answers. In most instances, the West Ham bench appears utterly lost as their opponents weave increasingly complex patterns of play against them.

Football evolves, but unfortunately, David Moyes has been unable to keep pace.

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  • Jonathan says:

    I think you may also be out of touch in the real world.

    Look at his record and what West Ham have done in the last 3 years. Do you really think anyone will come in now and make us a top 6 side.
    With our budgets we should be thrilled at top 10 next year.

    Its so easy to be critical and I have seen this for years at West Ham and how we ‘ should be’ top ten and are bigger than other clubs… we are not and should understand the game and business better

    • K Donoghue says:

      So what your saying is let’s have more of the same. Moyes is a legend in his own mind , every interview he rolls out his record about what a great manager he is . For someone who’s managed 20 odd years he doesn’t hold many titles . Ok we won the conference league and finished in the top ten a few times but look where we’re at now a shambles. Ask the Sunderland & Manu support how they feel about him

    • Kip says:

      ****ing behave …yes he gave us stability and a weak cup …but fk me and you not seeing the results and the way we are losing and the no desire or work rate…ffs wake up you tit..this bloke can’t tske us any further…Jesus

    • Dave says:

      Let’s face it the new man they have appointed is NOT most people’s choice. He wouldn’t be mine but I’m prepared to give him a chance. But if you actually think DM would bring us any more mediocre success then you are Deluded. He prides himself in being a defensive tactical genius that is going to lead us to our worst defensive performance ever. If City need to win against us on the last game I fear for the result. Moyes is wrong on so many levels I,e. Squad size, player rotation and rest, bringing youth through, transfer policy, tactically only plan one plan and above all the most turgid football we have seen since Big Fat Sam. If the new man can at least address a few of these issue it may be a start.

    • Bill says:

      I absolutely agree we can not compete with the teams above us for any length of time the odds are stacked in favour of the big teams. Thank you David Moyes for the last few years especially as I am away a lot of the time so don’t have to rush to see what the team will be every week. Whoever comes in we need to support him and the club.

  • Paz says:

    3 seasons in eirope and a european trophy, sounds to me like he knows how to deal with the modern football just fine. no way they be be higher playing better football

  • Anon says:

    This divisive website blames Moyes it is the equivalent of Sullivan Lord Haw Haw

  • Andy ⚒ says:

    Agree with the other comments. Poor journalism

  • Jeff Pikey says:

    Whether you’re pro or anti Moyes, the results since the turn of the year have been bad enough to get most managers the sack. It’s relegation form. 70 goals conceded in 36 games is embarrassing for a “defensive” manager.

    • Bill says:

      The one constant thing this club is big for is its fans as ever turn up in numbers to support but in every other area we are top 10 at best.

  • Peter says:

    I have posted this on a different thread, but here it is again.

    Lopetegui is familiar with modern tactics and the need for flexibility. He plays a modified 4-3-3 often but can change to a 4-1-4-1 or a double pivot depending on the opponent and what is happening on the field.

    We have constantly complained about Moyes not having a Plan B. This man will play a possession game with a high press, or change it if it is not working. He is not afraid to use subs and is not committed to the same 13 players game after game.

    Let’s give him a chance and time to see how it works out.

  • "david moyes news" says:

    The club announced the news on Monday evening amid reports former Spain, Real Madrid and Wolves boss Julen Lopetegui has agreed a deal to take over in the summer. For full blogs click on link…

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