Moyes ready to walk away from West Ham

Unloved Moyes ready to walk away

It seems like the end of an era is looming for West Ham United as manager David Moyes appears to be on the brink of departure. Not before the end of the season of course because the Hammers gaffer is clearly intending on finishing his Irons career on a high.

However, recent reports suggest that Moyes has grown frustrated and feels undervalued by the club’s hierarchy and fans. Despite being offered a new contract by chairman David Sullivan, Moyes is reluctant to sign due to concerns over a reduction in his authority.

Football director Tim Steidten is reportedly poised to take on a more prominent role in the club’s transfer dealings, further diminishing Moyes’ influence. This shift in power dynamics has left Moyes feeling disillusioned and disheartened.

Prominent football journalists, including Henry Winter, Charlie Wyett, and Jason Burt, have all reported on Moyes’ dissatisfaction within the last few days. It’s evident that the manager’s frustrations are reaching a boiling point. It’s difficult to believe that three esteemed journalist all saying the same thing at the same some is just a coincidence.

Unloved Moyes ready to walk away_West Ham

Unloved Moyes ready to walk away

Adding insult to injury, Moyes also feels unappreciated by West Ham fans, many of us have been critical of his cautious style of play. Despite guiding the team to three consecutive European qualifications, Moyes has faced constant scrutiny and criticism from a large section the supporters.

As the summer approaches, it appears increasingly likely that Moyes will part ways with West Ham United. His departure would mark the end of a significant chapter for the club and a period of stability. However, the constant jibes from the mainstream media telling Hammers fans to be careful what they wish for are as predictable as they are unnecessary.


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21 comments on “Moyes ready to walk away from West Ham

  1. He doesn’t need to walk – I’ll happily pay for a taxi.

  2. Best news I’ve heard in ages.

  3. please!!!

  4. If true that would be a brilliant end to a meh season for me 😀

  5. Moyes knows what he needs to do to win the fans trust he always seems to have the backing of the owners and he has done a lot of good things for the team and club but the style of play he adheres to can put the crowd asleep and gives the upper hand to the opposition just look at what happened against Newcastle instead of allowing the team to finish off Newcastle he gave them the chance to get back in to the game and we ended up losing the game a game where we could have finished Newcastle off and staying well ahead of them in the league now we are on the ropes regarding qualifying for Europe next season

    • The news is good.
      However we must stop saying that it is Moyes style of play that is the problem.
      His ability to read the game well, resulting in bad team selection, and weak subs also is a serious factor.
      And bigger still is his waste of millions of pounds on “dud signings” … and his bad treatment of players that dont fit his philosophy.
      Also his total disregard of our prominent youngsters and fans are also serious factors.
      So in essence arrogant Moyes has done enough damage which need urgent repairing.
      As well as a more vibrant and knowledgeable manager that can inject enthusiasm and discipline into the club.
      So yes, we need a change asap.

      • I agree with most of the comments made but “Simon” just about covers all the important issues, which would be enough for most PL clubs to have ditched Moist last Christmas.
        His tactical brilliance was demonstrated recently, when the Geordies went a goal up and we answered with 3 goals and looked totally in control and likely to expand on that.
        Cue Moist, time to make a substitution and completely destroy the format.
        65,000 people are shocked and baffled by another Moist master stroke.
        The Geordie fans cant believe their luck and immediately,the Manager subs on attackers to take control of the game. The rest is History!

  6. Hooray, all he will harp on about is that he won a trophy 🏆

  7. He has brought the situation on himself and can be a hypocrite and he must go my worry is Sullivan since when does he do the right thing the money the club are loosing on players is ridiculous. Over the last 74 years I get so frustrated with club decisions in some cases I have sent letters, Brown Gold Lyall and the bald guy all replied but not Sullivan.
    Not renewing to the cut off date I know why its because I am a fan of the club and always will be will the generation who knows I hope so.

  8. The end of the season is probably the right time for a parting of the ways with Moyes

    My wishes are two:

    1. The separation is done with some class (i.e. not like firing Avram Grant in the tunnel at Wigan) – a “by mutual agreement” would be good
    2. Tim Steidten helps us to choose an attacking manager to really take us to the next level – can you imagine parting ways with Moyes and then getting someone like Rafa?

    • Totally agree. Moysie deserves a good send off.
      Yes, the style of play has far too often disappointed, frustrated etc but:
      – he has given the club a real sense of stability, arguably the first time since Redknapp
      – the squad to a degree and the first team unarguably has improved in his tenure
      – and whilst often repeated, we have qualified for Europe 3x running, we have won our first trophy in 43 years, we have become a top 10-7 club which in reality we have rarely been based upon performances.

      All of this deserves our thanks and respect. He may never be a Greenwood or Lyall, nor even a Redknapp but he is miles ahead of Macari, Zola, Grant and and Allardyce, better than Curbs and whilst not producing the football of Bilic and Pellegrini has ensured we have become a top 10 team where we expect to be challenging for Europe.
      Acknowledge the benefits and forget the spectacle once he has left.

  9. McKenna at Ipswich is a good outside bet to replace Moyes

  10. The west ham way will be for him to finally leave on his own accord, then we beg him to return again when everyone else turns us down based on paltry terms and budget

  11. Marco Silva from Fulham would be worth the £8m fee.We need a young ambitious manager who wants to play progressive attacking football.Get him in and tell him to bring adebayo and Muniz with him !!!

  12. Thanks for what you have done Mr Moyes, and imho you were wrongly treated after saving us from the dreaded drop,HOWEVER is painfully obvious you have run out of ideas and the style is a furious watch with the attacking talent we have..Jog on!!

  13. Save your money Cowhead …. I just ordered a limo ..

  14. Don’t be afraid to proof read your own writing for spelling and grammar mistakes!

  15. if Moyes wants respect then he should show MORE !!
    and not treat players like disposable objects. I am delighted that this last discard are fairing so much better in other good teams. Even enjoying their FOOTBALL!!
    Apparently a good young talented crop are to be discarded this summer. I really hope 🙏 it’s not before MOYES..

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