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Moyes: “We didn’t match Brighton”

David Moyes admitted West Ham never reached the level of the game at Brighton but declared: “There was no way we would have got through to the end of the season without defeat.”

He explained: “We hadn’t lost for five and six games but we really didn’t match Brighton this afternoon and we need to get right back on it.

“I don’t know what went wrong and if we did we would put it right immediately. We had our chances but it’s all part of football and we just have to press on.

“We have lifted ourselves away from the bottom of the table but it’s tightening up again and we have to make sure we start winning games again.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

25 comments on “Moyes: “We didn’t match Brighton”

  1. A terrible performance. I said a few weeks ago, Moyes has done nothing yet and I am afraid to say it showed today. He has supervised a desperate transfer window, the young lad that came on looks completely out of his depth. Mario was also very poor but to be fair to him he had not much support. Moyes is in big trouble and so are my beloved west ham. I could not believe his decision to go to 4-4-2, a terrible decision. IMO the two worse players on the pitch were Noble and Byran. I would say that was the worst performance I have ever seen from Noble. Should have been taken off. As for Byran I said when he signed he was not PL class and he is or will never be, he was terrible. Rice is a better right back.

    • Don’t start knocking Noble again, and the new lad had 10 mins coming on when the game was lost. How can you say he’s out of his depth in that time. We are short of quality having to play too many defenders.

  2. Come on the writing has been on the wall since Arnoutovic and Lanzini were injured.No creativity against a team that has not won since b4 christmas.Its all right filling the team with defenders but when you concede 3 goals with 6 defenders there is not a hope in hell you are going to score 3 in response.Board did not back him in the transfer window when the problems were there for all to see and as a result we have 2 points out of 9 against our rivals in the last 3 matches.Put on top of that getting knocked out of the FA cup,Sacking 2 racist members of staff and fans demanding the board sell up and get out.If we do not beat Watford at home that awful toxic atmosphere will return and i lay the blame at the feet of the owners and Brady (still cannot fathom what she does) much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

  3. No point in moaning ? Just repeating the obvious problems over and over is pointless ?
    Sugo and waynetta must go ! All problems stem from them ? It seems 30% of supporters on c+h can’t see that !!! Get em out !!!😤😤

    • Its far more than 30% who can’t see that. It is always the noisy minority who get heard. I’m with the board for now because I haven’t seen any evidence to convince me otherwise. I haven’t voted and I’m sure many others haven’t. Moyes said at the beginning of the window that he wanted three players – he got two of them. The other transfer fell through on Tuesday. I believe Moyes rather than the non attenders on ****ter all winding each other up into a frenzy. We are a small premiership club in a relegation battle. I believe that getting players in must be very difficult.

      • Yeah we needed 3 players your right obviously without any outgoings of course..but then what happened ??? We sold ayew and sak …and let 7 out on loan ..mmmmm that doisnt seem to work when we have 13 out injured.. Av a word …

  4. And so the downfall begins… I dont want it believe me but the so called good run has gone even though we had a few draws and now they can’t say that any more ..but now all the trouble we have had due to the owners will seep in to the team and now we are back in a relegation fight … And we haven’t herd a word from our owners ..probably adding up the few million they earned from ayew and co …anyone know what ever happened to the 20 million we didn’t spend on za za which was sposed to be re in vested..😂😂😂

    • Lets be brutally honest, none of the loanees are very likely or good enough to make the first team, Sahko was a disruptive influence and from day one Ayew didn’t impress or command a starting birth when the squad is fully fit.
      Moyse and his back room staff have obviously come to that conclusion.
      Today’s result is a big blow to our present situation and confidence. However, hopefully Arnie, Antonio, and Lanzini will keep us up.

      • David Moye’s official nick-name is “Moishe”- a hybrid of Scottish and ***dish! Moishe is equivalent to Maurie or Maurice.
        Max Willow
        Depresed Australian Advocate for West Ham

  5. Oh dear hear we go again the depression is killing me. It’s the same old doomers writing the same old c..p that soon if I keep reading it will have me sectioned over slit my wrists.
    Yes I was angry with that idiot who gone now I don’t want to write his name because it sickens me to think what he wrote. But we don’t know what has happened behind closed doors what’s being done or said we can only guess.
    Back to Football yes we lost today yes we have a lot of injuries yes we have players coming back but I see the light at theenh of the tunnel we will be safe and finish mid table but safe and remain in the PL
    COY Irons from a true born and bred East Ender

    • Thank you very much for a true and positive post. Like you i too am getting sick of the doubters. Worry about what we can affect, getting behind the team and giving them the support of the 12th man and leave all the off field c##p to those in the know.

    • Well said ‘96. Moyes was right, sometimes that’s football and with such a depleted squad I didn’t expect much tbh. Glad Sakho has gone – unprofessional imho. Ayew scored a couple of useful goals but was hardly a grafter, so not to bothered about his departure either. Makes me wonder whether there was some sort of divide in the squad with those two at the centre, given the unpalatable ‘African’ comments this week. COYI

  6. Thank you Mr Moyes for this erudite coaching insight – “I don’t know what went wrong…” .

    If Mr Moyes doesn’t know what went wrong today, who is meant to? Who has the UEFA coaching badge then? Mr Henry? Or did Diafra take that with him when he left for Rennes to open the scoring against PSG? Yes, it must be those ‘Africans’!

    What happened to that infamous statement that we won’t be selling anybody in the transfer window? We needed two centre backs, two midfielders, and two strikers. We got a midfielder on loan and an unknown from Preston, about as far away from Africa as you can get, to remind Mr Moyes of his ‘good old days’.

    What worries me is how Mr Moyes was like a rat up a drainpipe in condemning Masuaku for his ‘spitting’ offence. But flobbing in the direction of an opponent, not even hitting the person, dims into significance when compared with the despicable, lacklustre and woeful performance on the pitch today.; plus the failure of the coach to both prepare the team tactically as well as inspire individual players to perform. Mr Moyes is about as inspirational as an Arbroath smokie. What is not despicable about that? The best he can say is ‘ I don’t know what went wrong…’ There, there Mr Moyes…how about asking the S&G to stump up for a UEFA coaching revision course…..

    Hopefully, Mr Moyes now knows the deeper meaning of his chosen word despicable. And in the event he still has some doubt, let me be of help: firstly, Mr Moyes failure in the transfer window coupled with the reported failures (plural) of the director of player recruitment, topped off by the lack of strategic vision and ambition of the club’s owners. For starters that’s pretty despicable for a club whose owners conned us out of the Boleyn with their hyped up vision of the promised land. Trouble is we got Moyes to deliver us, Moses wasn’t available…or maybe the fee was more than £4.4 million.

    Until we have Anronio, Lanzini and Arnautovic playing again, and on song, we will continue to struggle and slide towards relegation.

    This has been a truly forgettable, even despicable, week for the club. COYI

    Ps: ….and before anybody asks, no, I’m not a fan of Mr Moyes. He’s an old school British manager without anything progressive to offer other than the ‘dig deep’ and punish mentality. I do not like the way he was quick to publicly condemn Masuaku, one of his own – others can do that kind of assassination – while showing no equivalent turn of pace in condemning the reported/alleged remark made by a senior club employee about ‘African players causing mayhem’, which is patently racist and therefore ‘despicable’.

  7. …..As for the owners selling up, and losing the toxic Lady Brady as well, that’s a must. There must be some ‘good money’ out there that can see potential ‘brand collateral’ in the name WHU. Nothing will improve until they go. I don’t like Mr Moyes but to be fair he’s been stitched up by the Owners. Mind you, Mr Moyes had Hobson’s…he had to take the poisoned chalice to stand a chance of resurrecting his career and he was desperate.

  8. Moyes you haven’t a clue I’m afraid. How you can you not start Antonio and Hughill ????? Starts with 6 natural defenders and 2 holding midfielders, this is why the man will never win anything as a manager, just keep us up and clear off you negative boring championship manager. Need Arnie,Antonio and lanzini on the pitch to keep us up.

    • Hi Danbee,
      Antonio looked terribly short of ‘match fitness’-perhaps that was the reasoning behind “Moishe” not starting him; I expect he will be back to speed in the next week or two.

  9. Ruffellite, why keep banging on about those “Africans”? That has no place in this thread. “We got a midfielder on loan and an unknown from Preston, about as far away from Africa as you can get”, What does that comment even mean? Why was Mr. Moyes like a “rat up a drain pipe” when he condemned Masuaku for spitting at a fellow human being? We all condemned him and rightly so. You say he should leave that to others. Why? Is he not allowed to to be disgusted by such an act and express it? As for the next part of your rant, being uninspiring is not despicable as you claim, spitting at someone is. I feel you have some of your priorities wrong. Your extreme dislike for Mr. Moyes is now bordering on the irrational and is beginning to taint your posts. Get a grip man! COYI.

    • To Ruffellite and others.
      I am a doctor (not the doctor!!) and neuro-scientist, but because of experience in coaching women’s and boy’s soccer, I’ve had a ton of experience and study the ins and outs of the game constantly-closest thing to a professional coach.
      It was disturbing to hear “Moishe” state that he had no idea what went wrong at Brighton!
      We have been struggling along quite well with a 3-5-2 formation (or 3-5-1-1) and making that small adjustment to a 3-4-3 was the villain IMHO. Why? By adding the extra player to the midfield, it would have made it more difficult for our opponents to run riot through the middle. An advanced attacking midfielder sitting behind 2 strikers would have provided sufficient fire-power against a nervous Brighton defense.
      “Moishe” should stick to tactics and strategies which are working-this is not the time to start experimenting. I do wonder why Martinez was allowed out on loan; also, time for Haksabanovic to start playing as well,

      • Max – What you are (or claim to be), and what you are fast being considered to be are two very different things buddy. Smart arse self-promotional posts only serve to alienate. my son has a masters and he has no common sense either!

  10. Despite all the doom and gloom that surrounds our club, the return of Antonio, Lanzini, and Arnautovic (plus some others like Fonte), will be instrumental in determining our fortunes..
    Part of the problem is that in addition to returning to general fitness, the boys need match fitness as well. This showed today when Antonio looked so flat. Our last 7 games will be a real test of our guts and determination.
    Not sure that the 4-4-2 suited us today.. It left us with only 2 central midfielders, and 2 wing-backs; it was easy for Brighton to penetrate through the middle of the park. IMHO, we would be stronger and more solid resorting to a 3-5-2′ 2 wing-backs and 3 central midfielders, one of them (Joao Mario) being the more advanced attacking. We will be stronger when Chicharito, Arnautovic, and Antonio are all available for striking duty.
    Hopefully “Moishe” will keep his cool and encourage the boys to push on!

  11. It has certainly been a bad week for the club – and one wonders about the long term future. Moyes needed to come to us to restore his reputation – perhaps a bit like BFS going to Crystal Palace after being stitched up by the journos

    The 6 month contract goes both ways – if Moyes keeps us up he might feel that his reputation is restored and opt for another job with different owners

    I think that one of the biggest Sully myths is that “we back our owners” – not even talking to Zola but sending Brady, firing Grant at the DW stadium instead of letting him preside over the last game trying to be sure that they were the first to say they were not renewing BFS contract before he could say so himself and then saying that they should have fired Bilic at the end of last season a couple of weeks after telling everyone that he should have a chance of seeing out his contract

    So if Moyes keeps us up will he want to stay – and if he leaves who would then want to join us?

  12. Max Willow…
    Keep the faith mate. Moishe is very close to Moshe, the traditional spelling of Moses in the Hebrew language. Maybe he is the chosen one to lead us to the promised land, that being a top 6 position. But let’s not forget Moshe/Moses spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness. Patience is definitely a virtue at West Ham!

  13. Anyone else had enough of this 442 or 451 fan shyte? Just look at the names Moyes put out yesterday – 6 defenders in the starting 11. So whatever way you cut it, our formation started with a 6 ffs! And then Moyes has the cheek to say we didn’t match them. No we didn’t, because you picked 6 defenders in your starting 11 against a team with the lowest average goals per game ratio in the PL (unless they are playing us of course, in which case they’re in seventh heaven). 21 attempts Vs our 4 ffs!
    Moyes put out a bunch of stiffs and we got what we deserved. And Antonio needs to lay off the pies.

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