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Moyes West Ham absence explained

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Earlier today Claret and Hugh posted a report suggesting that David Moyes had not conducted training at Rush Green and that a fitness coach was instead leading the West Ham players through their paces ahead of Saturday’s home game against Luton.

However, we have now learned that Moyes did, in fact, lead training today. The initial confusion arose because the usually punctual Moyes was running late and missed the beginning of the session.

This unfortunate coincidence was notable given the stories about Moyes working twelve-hour days starting at 7 am, which emerged over the weekend. Many of Moyes closest associates have been keen to point out how the hard working Scotsman is often first to arrive and last to leave the training ground.

It’s understood that one of the Hammers’ fitness staff had to step in and lead the training session today in Moyes’ absence. It’s unclear why Billy McKinlay, John Heitinga or Kevin Nolan couldn’t stand in for the session whilst Moyes was hurrying to work. Perhaps they were running late too?

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  • Pigmy says:

    It’s unclear why Billy McKinlay, John Heitinga or Kevin Nolan couldn’t stand in for the session whilst Moyes was hurrying to work.

    Probably down at the job centre signing on

  • Mark says:

    Suspicious to say the least maybe they all went to the same job interview, I hear MacDonald’s are looking for a new burger tosser

  • Mike Collier says:

    …which loosely translates as “our sources are ****e”. And for “sources” read “there’s this geezer down the pub who’s missus knows a woman who cuts one of the youth team coach’s hire – well er cousin does anyway – and EE says…” Nothing to see here – move along now.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    I was a bit worried when I first read the report I mean what would happen Saturday without our master tacticians input,

  • Iron_It_Out says:

    I have to agree wholeheartedly that David Moyes has conducted himself with respect and dignity, especially considering some of the mindless jibes and abuse he has been subjected to after all he has done for our club. Its just a shame that we cant say that he has been treated with the same respect and dignity. It really makes you wonder why anyone would want the job with all the baggage that goes with it, not to mention the public way in which the board have gone about their business. Its just painfully disgraceful and well short of what the man deserves for all he has done. This story is a prime example of the scrutiny and drivel that some consider to be news. Its exactly this kind of rubbish that helps to fracture our club and split the fan base – any chance or opportunity to stoke up some gossip or cast dispersions for no real reason at all what so ever. People with nothing better to do than speculate about something so irrelevant which has absolutely nothing to do with them!! Who in the real world really cares if David Moyes was stuck in traffic and late for work and someone else had to stand in for an hour or two. Maybe consider what it would be like if I turn up at your work and then decide to spout rubbish and tell the whole world that u were late and someone else had to do your job for a couple of hours. Its almost like if you aren’t spreading rumor’s or gossip that you don’t know what to do with your day. Maybe take a bit of a reality check and stop spiraling down the gossip worm hole that u continually find yourself in. Our club would be so much better off without this kind of clickbait rubbish being constantly trawled across the internet trying to disguise it as news!!!

  • Jaybs says:

    Perhaps he arrives early and leaves late, according to reports Moyes wife still lives in the North? and he is living on his own in a flat, eating ready meals? No wonder he has looked so grey and stressed for far too long, on the touchline.

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