Moyes would scoff at sideways move


Moyes sideways move a non-starter

The idea that David Moyes might be moved to a different role ‘upstairs’ at West Ham seems quite absurd. I’m not entirely certain if the suggestion is about him taking on a position like a non-executive director or something else, but it’s something he would definitely turn down.

Just a few months ago, Moyes won a trophy, so he’d probably see any change as a step down. At 60 years old, he’ll believe he still has a lot to contribute to the world of football.

I’m sure he’ll be seething that his future at West Ham has been revealed through a national radio station. Whilst I’d like to think that Moyes would have been informed of the clubs decision to not renew his contract at the end of the season. There’s a part of me that wonders whether he found out via talkSPORT like the rest of us.

David Moyes-Director of football-West Ham

sideways move for Moyes

I’m pretty sure he’d see any attempt to placate him with a lesser role as a PR move, knowing well that he would decline such an offer. Moyes would take it as an affront, and the club will be aware of that. West Ham presenting David Moyes with a newly invented role would be viewed as a demotion by the Scotsman. I suspect any such offer would be rejected out of hand by the manger, and the club know it.

Moreover, Moyes lacks experience in a directorial role for a football club. It’s also important to note that West Ham already has a sporting director in Mark Noble and a director of football in Tim Steidten. The last thing on David Moyes’ mind would be to stay and collaborate with the person he blames for jeopardising his beloved job.

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