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No nonsense Sullivan has Arsenal dancing to his Declan Rice tune


It’s fair to say that I’ve not been David Sullivan’s biggest fan over the years. However his handling of the Declan Rice to Arsenal transfer has been faultless. And if that were not enough, ‘No Nonsense Sullivan’ is standing his ground on Lucas Paqueta too.

If reports are to be believed, the West Ham chairman has managed to negotiate an outstanding deal with Arsenal. As a result the Hammers can expect to harvest £100m spread over two years in three payments.

To put the deal into context, most transfer fees are paid over the duration of a players contract. In this instance, were Declan to sign a 5 year deal at the Emirates, it would be standard to pay £20m per season. There are exceptions to the rule (Haller from Frankurt to West Ham), but spreading the cost is pretty standard stuff.

Not only has Sully resolutely refused to budge on his demand for a £100m plus fee, but he’s got it paid sharpish. This is very good news for West Ham who are on the UEFA financial fair play naughty step.

West Ham's dithering in appointing a director of football may give them a disadvantage signing players.

No nonsense Sullivan

There are also reports suggesting that he’s issued a hands-off waring to PSG regarding Lucas Paqueta. A price has been leaked of £80m, but at least Sullivan has built a reputation by not moving on the Rice deal.

Ideally we’d not sell Paqueta, but if we did I’m far more confident that Sully would get the price demanded. For years Tottenham’s Daniel Levy has gained a reputation as a tough negotiator. As a result other clubs know not to take liberties. . . . it’s a very useful reputation to have.

For too long West Ham have been seen as a soft touch. Let’s just hope that we can buy as shrewdly as we can evidently sell.

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