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Noble’s: ‘We can’t dwell on this defeat’

Captain Mark Noble has told the fans they didn’t deserve the performance – if that’s what we can call it – put out by the Hammers in Wales this afternoon.

It’s becoming very tedious indeed to be told we need to put these displays behind us but for the record here’s what he had to say following the game.

Speaking to the official site he said: “Nothing seemed to go right and it was one of those games where if something could have gone wrong went wrong. It’s down to us now to pick ourselves up.

“We’ve spoken in the dressing room and we need to put this behind us as there is no point dwelling on it. It was a bad result and a bad performance, but we’ve got nine more games and we need to pick points up.

“I can’t believe how many fans turned up, to be honest. We drove through the snow on Friday and it took us just under seven hours to get here on a coach, but it was a poor performance from us.

“They know we appreciate them coming here, especially me, and that’s West Ham fans for you; they’re always going to be here in numbers cheering and they didn’t deserve what happened.”

He refused to accept the defeat would have a long term effect on confidence adding: “I wouldn’t say it’s damaging because this is the Premier League and these results can happen. We didn’t play well, it’s as simple as that.

“We need to get back to basics. We’ve got three home games coming up which are key to our season, I think, so we need to get some wins there.

“This leaves us in the same boat as everyone else, really. We’re all fighting to get out of that bottom three and I think it’s going to go down to the wire. We’ve just got to win games.”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

19 comments on “Noble’s: ‘We can’t dwell on this defeat’

  1. We were playing a team that had a cup game on Tuesday. At the very least we should have been able to get a point. If it had been us in that position we would have lost & the excuse would have been the cup game. Yet another poor performance against a bottom half side – Newcastle twice, Brighton twice, now Swansea. Not even narrow defeats in most cases. We can hardly say we don’t deserve to go down.

  2. Being Mr west ham just doesn’t cut anymore ? Many me included can see you’re one of a few who need telling you’re just not good enough !! Watching you in particular struggling week in week out is one of the main causes were in this relegation fight ! One thing is for sure Moyes and his backroom staff need to address and fix the problem for next season ! Its groundhog day every week it seems. The truth needs telling how it is , if the club can’t see the problems then I don’t hold much hope for next season ! Time to hang them boots up mate ! Its time !

    • Explain Groundhog Day ,,, never understood it … an explanation would be good !! . Maybe it’s an American expression that don’t work here . !!!
      Noble is doing his best , just as a lot of others , but constant badgering and critizing won’t improve there game . How about a bit of praise from time to time . Seen him play some some good stuff this season despite your criticism .
      Protest ( I know you support the movement ) is not the way to go . The only real way to go is giving support . Like it or lump it , support is what gets players playing . Protesting and criticizing only serves to lower moral . Maybe rise like a salmon , but only to be snatched up by a Grizzly . If you really want to see this Great Club of ours relegated just keep criticizing and protesting for the next nine games . And if the protests and criticizing continues League 1 is on the cards . Please wake up , Laz , I know you are better than that

      • 😂😂 you really want me to explain groundhog day 😂😂
        Give it a rest kev ! Stop talking out of you’re Puppa ffs ?
        I have to take 6 tramadol immediatly after reading you’re posts lately mate 😂

  3. Oh shut up mark ..it was a. Bad day at the office… Its just a blip….let’s stick together.. Ffs didn’t you say that last week …..that was an absolute disgrace loosing like that to a poor team especial after they played in the week …the club is a fuc!!!!!g shambles top to bottom and we got to listen to the same old crap when we loose …AGAIN…. With the run in we go will coulkd easily get relagated and tobe honest after today I think we will …that wasn’t just bad it was the kind of result that makes you think I couldn’t give a f!!! Anymore …I hope the march goes ahead because this club needs clearing out top to bottom …..pathetic!!!!…

    • The effing March is doing nothing apart from deviding supporters . If you can’t see that you shouldn’t be supporting West Ham . The team needs support regardless of whT you think .or what actions you may take . . Get a grip on reality for 5he next 10 or 9 games . If you want a Championship side you are going the right way to getting one .

      • You have had a go at everyone who wants the march ..just look at the list above ..the club is a mess because of the owners not the march if youy really think the march is the problem then you are just kidding urself and to be honest ur not worth the time as you only dig people out because they want too march and don’t agree with you …I havnt got the time for people like you so plse don’t reply to my Post’s as you are incapable of a debate

  4. Just goes to show throwing away the Cup for Premiership survival don’t work . Mark .
    It’s all about momentum and we didn’t have any . A lesson learnt the hard way … hope it doesn’t see us looking up at 20 clubs next season . Protests have definitely effected the team mentality,, no doubt about it … get the lads to try and ignore those numbskulls .
    Get Behind the Manager and go for it . Nine games to go and nine possible wins is the only way to think going forward . It’s a real true fight now and support is so important .
    Try to make us proud Old Chap ,,, routing for you as always . Give it your all and put today benind you . The bad amongst the fans is an on going thing and to be expected , but remember there a are a lot more ( many more ) that support the Team . And the Manager .

  5. The time for players to make comments like these has long gone. What is needed is for all the players to roll up their sleeves & get stuck in. This performance & result was totally unacceptable. I am totally ****ed off with such performances & then reading the crass remarks from the players involved. I don’t want to hear words. I want to see performances. Shut up & concentrate on delivering the performance !

    • So , kcockayne you Are saying the players need to roll up Thier sleeves and get on with playing ; very good and couldn’t agree more … but there is an outside influence preventing them from rolling up those sleeves ,,,, namely unjustified protest which are effecting Thier game .. we are all human at the end of the day and need support in our endeavors . Without that all important support we are nothing , alone and left in the wilderness . Unsure what to do or how to do it . Protesting against your job and how you are doing it doesn’t exactly inspire a good performance . Some fans need to get behind Thier team and Club or move on to greener grass . Where , I might add the grass is always shorter and little of it .
      Get behind the Club for what remains of the season …start moaning if we are relegated if you dare .

  6. Luckily because we had a string of away games at the start of the season we now have 6 left at home and only 3 away and that will be what keeps us up this season ready for a huge overhaul in the Summer.Agree with Kevin that we need to get behind the team as we have 3 very winnable home games next against Burnley,Southampton and Stoke which should be enough and we do not need the negative vibe for those games.Same performance as against Watford hopefully.Still say that win was more important than these last 2 away games.

  7. So it’s the march eh Kev? Nothing to do with the fact the players are mugging off a living? Nothing to do with having a gaffer who took his last club down? Nothing to do with owners who don’t spend a bleeding penny other than wasting a fortune on a 36 year old French has been left back or some poor geezer who ain’t never kicked a ball in the PL? It’s all those nasty marchers fault ,there the reason for all the problems and the reason we can’t get a result or don’t play well? Glad you cleared that up mate 😆

  8. Oh My God …. Noble ,you are the main cause of our problem . You have been awful for last two years . We have no midfield . Lanzini is lightweight , Hernandez is lightweight, Mario is lightweight and Kouyate is way out of form . No closing down , no tackles made , no covering back by any of them led HAHAHAHA by the truely awful Noble .

    • Bubbles you should know by now that criticism of Captain Slow or the Poppodom ain’t allowed they bleed claret and blue and always give 100% when on the pitch! Anyway it’s all down to the protest or the marchers anyway nothing to do with anything else 😂

  9. That cake was defiantly too strong GW 😂 Kev’s a reincarnated syd barret on steroids mate!
    Anybody with any insight to football knows noble is finished bubbles ! Has been ever since his injury a few seasons back IMO ! He’s gradually got worse the past 2 seasons and for the life of me can’t see why he’s still playing ! Loyalty doesn’t get results , not anywhere ! Its a mess ! Nobles part of it 😎

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