Palace set to snap up Hammer for free

Palace set to snap up Hammer Ben Johnson for nothing

It seems Crystal Palace is the front-runner to snag West Ham United defender Ben Johnson this summer, with the Eagles promising full support to their new head coach, Oliver Glasner.

Glasner, who boasts experience from securing a Europa League trophy with Eintracht Frankfurt, brings a wealth of coaching know-how to the table. Having taken over the reins from Roy Hodgson just last month, his arrival has stirred up quite a buzz, and Palace is ready to invest financially in the upcoming transfer window.

As for West Ham’s defender, Ben Johnson, he finds himself without a contract come summer, and word has it that Crystal Palace is deep in talks to secure his signature on a Bosman deal. Reports suggest that negotiations are in an “advanced” stage.

Palace set to snap up Hammer Ben Johnson for nothing

Palace set to snap up Hammer Ben Johnson

According to Ex WHU Employee on the West Ham Way podcast: “He’s been linked to an exit, and Crystal Palace seems to be leading the way. However, Ledley King, who is related to Johnson, is trying to work out a move to Spurs.

“At this point, it seems like there’s a pretty advanced agreement between the player and the south London club, which could unfortunately see Johnson heading south of the river this summer after 17 years at West Ham.”

It’s a disappointing move from West Ham, who could have easily locked Johnson into a long-term contract. Reportedly, the player asked for wages of £50,000 per week, which would have placed him at the lower end of the Hammers’ pay scale.

With West Ham bracing to lose several homegrown players next season, retaining Academy graduate Johnson would have been a wise move. It’s hard not to wonder if West Ham will come to regret this decision.



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4 comments on “Palace set to snap up Hammer for free

  1. I find it hard to believe that those in charge at West Ham can be so stupid, spiteful and perhaps totally incompetent when it comes to looking after their Academy talent. Our loss will be certainly be another club’s gain with Ben leaving the club after so many years. What is wrong with our management? It just beggars belief!

  2. Agree with Hammeroo on this, a no sense decision which will send a massive negative signal to our U21 squad, along with Moyes reluctance to play any of them. Blundering West Ham.

  3. I’m probably going to buck the trend of opinion here, but I’m going to trust the club on this one. £50,000 a week is a lot of money for a fringe player, and that’s all he will ever be for us. I’m not sure he’s good enough if we’re aiming to be a regular top 8 side. For Palace? Sure, but not for us.

    And as romantic as length of service is, really, what does it matter how long someone has been at the club? He’s either good enough today, or he’s not.

    What it shows our academy players, is that they need to be better than that to succeed at West Ham. They should be looking at Declan Rice for inspiration, not at Ben. He seems like a good lad, but he’s a 6/10 for us at best. You forget earlier this season, when he would’ve struggled to earn a 3/10…

    I’d rather take a punt on a £25k per week exciting talent from the Championship, or challenge our academy players (like Ollie Scarles) to step up.

  4. Maybe we have an alternative player lined up. Have faith, people

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