Planning permission for OS West Ham signs refused



Planning permission for four illuminated signs spelling out the words ‘West Ham United’ at the former Olympic Stadium have been refused by the planning authority. Planning documentation was submitted back in February to erect four large illuminated sign reading “West Ham United” with letters 3 metres high. Each new sign was planned to stretch over 47 metres in length.

They claimed the four signs would act as navigational aids to approaching spectators, announcing the stadium as the home of the football club. The signs would have been located on each ‘side’ of the stadium and consisted of 13 letters which would have be in the club’s brand font with a claret face.

A new planning permission application submitted on the 31st March in which the LLDC have amended the plans to reduce the number of West Ham signs from four down to one flanked by additional signs for the new naming rights partner.  The new planning documentation says: “It is proposed to install three internally illuminated signs to the compression truss on the eastern elevation, which will comprise a ‘West Ham United’ sign which will be located above the HD screen and flanked either side by two ‘The Sponsor’s Stadium’ signs. The signage will be fixed to the bottom of the compression truss using white continuous steel tubes. The proposals consolidate the compression truss signage to a single location from the recently refused application for four West Ham United signs (one each on the north, east, south and west elevations).”

However, it appears West Ham will get five permanent West Ham United crests located on the new fabric wrap.

The planning documentation states “The branding on the fabric panels has developed having regard to the 2012 Olympic Shard pattern and will include five West Ham United Crests and five Naming Rights Partners names. The fabric panels can be changed with relative ease and speed allowing flexibility for the Stadium to be branded having regard to the event being held.”

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  • johnboy says:

    They don’t belong to the referees guild do they !
    Another brain dead decision !Ffs what do they think the stadium is being used for , netball ?
    We’ve leased the bloody thing for 99 years, its the clubs base and it needs the words WEST HAM UNITED above the stadium !
    There must be a spud in there somewhere ?

  • markro says:

    CLATTENBURG only has eleven letters.

    Perhaps they’d allow that???

  • johnboy says:

    Battenburg , he’s clearly a fruit cake !

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Perhaps its because the OS is not West Ham’s and if there are permanent lights up there it will appear as though it is… They look tacky anyway with the wrap outside thestadium that should be more than enough to show on match days that is our stadium.

  • petebonds says:

    Usual nitpicking by some twit in an office who thinks they’re important lol !

  • COYI247 says:

    The signs are already pretty modest. Sure, they do make it look like we own it….which sadly, we don’t…which i think that is the problem….HOWEVER, considering the importance of football in the London /UK scene, permanent signs depicting the home of one of the v biggest clubs is actually very appropriate from a visitor point of view; geniune point of interest. So I hope WHU don’t give up without a hefty fight. Don’t want something so insignificant that would make them a joke.
    Afterall, Karren has always promised to make it look like home. Presumably, she must have based this on negotiated rights??

  • Vintage Claret says:

    The big promises are starting to fall away. The fantastic digital wrap turns out to be a set of old curtains with a Large telly tapped to the outside of the stadium. Now another piece of important identity is also being trashed. maybe we can have a few stickers put up around the place as longs as its not too many off course.

  • bubs says:

    Make them 2.5 meters instead,then Clantenburger will never find his way there with his eye sight,
    Some where there is a dull old man wetting himself feeling important after stopping us let’s hope Mr Dale does not ban him from the recipes
    Does that mean we are not having the big Ann Summers wrap a round ?

  • essexclarets says:

    48 metre screen is hardly just a large telly tapped to the side. The club have applied for permission for the signs so it is hardly the clubs fault it was refused.
    These signs would only have been lit during match days wouldn’t they?? Nothing that gets put up will take away the eye sore of that piece of scrap metal next to the stadium.

  • Billy the Hammer says:

    Really doesn’t bother me what’s on the outside.OK it is cosmetically nice but I will go to watch the team & what is on the outside of the stadium is well down my ‘must have’ list at the OS.

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