Poll: Is West Ham a big club?

caveman-lowres-mancavesite-org4According to the latest dubious rumours coming our of Nigeria, West Ham had a bid rejected by Eupen for Nigerian striker Henry Onyekuru.

Reports claim Hammers have had a £7m bid turned down for the 20-year-old because the Belgium club want to sell Onyekuru to a “more prestigious club” and the Hammers are not a big enough club.

The boyhood Arsenal fan allegedly turned down the Gooners last week, at the time it was claimed as he was because wanted more chance of playing first-team football. While all these reports have the hallmark of agents wanting to push up the price and play one club against another we ask a very simple question whether West Ham are a big club or not.



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19 comments on “Poll: Is West Ham a big club?

  1. Big club, don’t make me laugh.

    • 55% of supporters disagree with you Nigel. Are you suggesting they are deluded?

      • you bet i am.
        is this the record of a big club with 117 years of History
        top 5 finishes, 2
        trophies, 4
        no trophy in last 37 years.
        Having the biggest screen in Europe and 50,000 fans don’t make you a big club.
        The quicker fans realise this, the quicker the disappointment for them when we don’t achieve anything will subside

  2. compared to the vast majority of clubs in the world we are of course a big club. Compared to the very small group of elite clubs in the world, we are less than big.

  3. When did big clubs start promoting 2nd rate movies on the official website ?😂

  4. Must admit to being ever so slightly frustrated at the number of good (not amazing) players who want to go to a “big” club. I’m all for ambition but realism too.
    If that is his attitude (rather than rumour), stay where you are until a “big” club comes in for you. Chances are you’ll still be there ’cause they’ve not come knocking on the door just yet have they?

  5. Couldnt really give a shyte whether we are considered a big club or not.We are what we are & i can live with that even if we dont win anything for another 30 years.
    Its all relative,of course we are a big club in the grand scheme of things in the football pyramid,but in the Prem then we aint.
    Anyway it gave Nige something to moan about so its all good 😂😂

  6. There are so many different criteria as to what a big club is in my book.Are Newcastle and Leeds big clubs because of their history and support.Are Villa and Forest big clubs because of their european success back in the day.Man City never won much for decades but they were still considered a big club i would say.
    I understand what young Nigel is saying but i certainly dont think that considering us a big club is laughable.There are too many things to take in to account for me and too many parameters which can be taken in to account.
    But if Nigel says we are not a big club then we cant be.Who are we to argue with West Hams godfather.Even if i was going to watch us when he was still being burped on his mums shoulder lol

  7. For me this survey is lacking the option “I don’t give fck what Eupen FC think”

  8. If this recent report saying that we are the 15th richest club in the world who’s to say that we aren’t a big club,…

  9. In media and support terms we are not a big club, we are one of the largest of the rest of the clubs but the big clubs are those that win trophies every season (in the media’s and probably most neutral supporters eyes) are in the European Elite and are able to attract the best players and managers just because they have a certain history modern or historical. I agree with Nigel on that much but I would say we have an infrastructure that is being pretty well managed and have the potential as do Everton to break into the elite provided we can qualify and do well in Europe as well as domestically over a sustained period, it wasn’t long ago that Tottenham were in that bracket so it can be done but it needs investment on and off the field to achieve. I hope we do make it into that top 6 and shake things up a little, for al of us as so many at other clubs we have been starved of silverware or glory for most of our times supporting the club.

  10. Sam, from the Nigerian end of this, we have a very small population of Hammers bound by the common Interest that a few of our country men had worn the Iron shirt (Moses and Emenike). The report we have here is that Henry has signed for West Ham and we have been very happy about it. Personally, I sent an instagram message to Kelechi a few days ago and asked him to toe Henry’s line because I strongly believe West ham is a big clubs and it’s the place to be.
    Some of us are trying to see how we can all hangout to watch West Ham games this coming season to make our presence felt in the Nigerian soccer scene. So, for me, West Ham is a big club and there is so much to achieve in the next season. Look closely, Sam, there are bubbles in the air!!

  11. I don’t think we are but also that the poll assumes that being “big” is something positive .

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