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Poll: Slav blows Mancini out of the water

Hopefully this will be Slav at the final whistle

Irons fans have sent an overwhelming “We want Slav” message to the board for the third time this season.

The Mirror this morning reported that Roberto Mancini was inside the London Stadium, sparking-suggestions that he could be on the Hammers shortlist to replace the Hammers ever popular Irons boss.

The national newspaper ran its own poll among Hammers, and non Hammers, which showed a majority believing Mancini would be a better bet than the Croatian.

But ClaretandHugh ran a poll of it’s own among the only fans that matter on a 100 per cent Hammers audience knowing the outcome would probably be a lot different.

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There was of course the expected and predictable  Twitter criiticism  from some  who believed we were stirring up trouble when the opposite was intended as the case – to calm down such criticism of a boss who has more than his share of problems this term.

The poll – the biggest in CandH  history – produced a landslide “keep Slav” result as we had hoped and anticipated.

With just over three thousand votes cast Slaven had collected 2,098 (69.08 per cent) with Mancini limping  in a long way behind with 939 votes or 30.92

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “Poll: Slav blows Mancini out of the water

  1. Super Slav’s a class act – and the summer signings will determine how well things go in the future – so message to the board 1. Keep Slav in place, 2. Slav make sure you have a solid run of form and results to the summer break, 3. Messrs Sullivan/Gold/Henry/Billic this time get some quality signings over the summer break and then 4. watch us go. (If only it were this simple but thats the way forward) In Super Slav we trust

  2. A note to oneself Slaven.Never say that another team having an extra day before the match is not ideal.You will be branded pathetic and an excuse maker by the keyboard warriors who infest our club.
    God only knows how long the late great Ron Greenwood and Johnny Lyall would have lasted in this day & age of thoughtless comment making at the drop of a hat.
    I quit blogs for about three months.Now i am remembering why after a couple of days of reading mindless dross.

  3. Fans say loads of irrational dopey comments about the manager who is at the club Stan.I should know i said enough irrational things about Hippo Head.I still do actually,the w*nker 😀
    What does my scone in is fans who tell managers how to set up the team & play.Not the ones who offer an opinion but the ones who sit there making what they say a statement of fact as if they could step out at any Premier League ground & walk away with the three points.Im telling you they would be like rabbits in the headlights if they ever actually did it.If it was that easy we would all be applying to manage in the Prem.There are so few top class,elite football managers for a reason,because it aint easy.No matter what keyboard managers think 😀

    • Not all of them are managers.Some are fitness experts as well it would appear.Funny that fitness isnt an issue when we win five in seven but when we lose its the reason,or maybe the other teams we beat are fitter but we have more quality..no that cant be the reason because we are sh1t.So we are a sh1t,unfit side with nine teams below us & we had won five of our seven before the Citeh game.Ok i better leave it to the conspiracy theorists im getting a headache.

  4. City would have smashed anyone that night they were perfect as a team and it just unfortunately happened to be a night when we were far from it. So what, look at their squad, on paper they should be doing that to every team every night of the week.

  5. I do remember slav years ago saying it doesn’t matter what formation you set up as because there is no difference as it’s only a meter of 10 yards difference in any case, now I see a comment earlier about people not being able to come in and win a match if they were the manager but after watching football of all levels for over 45 years you do get an understanding, yes I agree city were awesome the other night an they press but goals come from breaks, they have 4 fast forwards an it worked, in my opinion slav plays a counter attack style but we do not have the pace up front and on wings to do this well week in week out, love slav love west ham have since 1971, winning an losing is the west ham way always will be always has been, just enjoy the fact we are trying to play entertaining football instead of that rubbish we were playing under the hippo

    • We wouldnt win a match as fans managing a PL. team.The other manager would chew us up & spit us out no matter how long we have been watching football me ol china.Even many managers no2s cant make the step up to manager.What makes you think we could.
      Im only joking with you of course not having a dig.

  6. Conspiracy theories are for those with too much time on their hands Hammer and P.
    This old duffer must go get some shut eye.Im really looking forward to going to the game tomorrow.Never fear young Slaven we shall be singing your name loud & proud.We are not all so easily turrned & fickle my son.

  7. I would love to set up a west ham team if all players were fit in a 3 5 2 set up, Randolph Fonte Reid Oggy byram antonio obiang kouyate cressy Martinez sakho, energy of Antonio an kouyate to break from midfield with byram an cressy an obiang as cover, if cressy an byram get down the flanks cover on their side from either Antonio or kouyate, Martinez an sakho running the channels that team would have pace, tackling, support for forwards and backs when required and I would put that up against any current prem league team

    • As sarcasm goes thats pretty weak & im not joking with you this time.But of course it wasnt sarcasm aimed at Lama was it!
      Some of you just love to try to get smart arse with each other.Kids will be kids.

  8. Metz(second from bottom) 1Marseilles (including the man with no name) 0. Well, you got your move to the big club with loads of money (sorry forgot it was nothing to do with money). Obviously you have spent so long this season not bothering you found it a bit hard to get out of the habit. Came on at start of second half but it would have been easy to miss him.

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