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Slav puts Hammers record straight on Lampard

Frank-Lampard-1-COSSlaven Bilic has handed out massive praise to Frank Lampard on the former Hammer’s retirement and called him “a top gentleman, a top player, a top… basically everything.”

The club was reported as being the only one of those Frank has represented not to have tweeted their good wishes to our former player but Bilic put that right with a massive testimony to the West Ham academy product.

The manager said: “People talk about legends and it’s a very common word, but Frank is one of the ambassadors, one of the biggest legends in the Premier League.

“I know him well of course, as he started his career here, him and Rio Ferdinand, when I was playing for West Ham in 1996/97.

“I use his example many, many times in my spell in Croatia as a national-team manager and in Russia, in Turkey and even here, because what he achieved is purely unbelievable.”

“He stayed with his feet on the ground and he’s a top gentleman, a top player, a top… basically everything.

“He didn’t rely only on his talent. I remember him staying after every session, not once, twice or three times a week, but after every session to have shooting practice or do little doggies to try to improve his sharpness.

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“He is the biggest and greatest example to young players to show what they have to do to be in position to achieve something in football.”

Bilic said he would welcome the return of the Romford-born player to his hometown, where the Hammers now train at their new Rush Green base.

“Frank is always very welcome in our Club and I am sure he’s gonna be, like he was serious in his football career, very, very serious in his management career.”


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16 comments on “Slav puts Hammers record straight on Lampard

  1. That Tom on WHTID just cant help himself can he the spinless keyboard warrior..

    “the fact Codswallaop and Hugh are running a poll shows just how chav corner they are … effing classless site who should be removed from Newsnow …”

    Big mouthed merchant.Absolutely pathetic!

  2. Lol forget it mate.Whats to wory about.If some of them cant see that everytime they slag this site they are slagging a guy who does articles for them as well then its them who are dumb & lack class.Its simple as that,let them make fools of themselves.Its funny😂 😂

  3. Spot on rad

  4. Well said young Rad.The best thing to do is ignore fellas like that.They are wanting a reaction so when you dont bite they are lost after a while of getting no takers.
    Maybe he never got over his mum swapping his Kelloggs Coco Pops for Lidl ones.
    I will leave it there.

  5. It just cracks me up that they called us illiterate,ignorant morons but some of them are too dense to work out they are slagging off a geezer that runs articles for them as well.Whats not to find funny about that.It takes a pretty empty head to not work it out 🙌🙌😂

  6. I must admit to being a tad surprised they have time to comment on this site.What with them fitting it in with telling Bilic what he is doing wrong,picking the team,the transfers & giving analysis 24/7 on each and every player.Then throw in the seven days a week of popping at the club & board.Where do they find the time *sigh*
    See now they have got me *****ing.Still the truth never hurt anyone.
    I would be a multi milionaire if i had a pound for everytime the same bores had said not buying a right back was inexcusable,unforgiveable,yadda,yadda,yadda.£1,201,223 & counting

  7. Evening all

  8. Lol here he is,West Hams equivalent to Donald Trump when it comes to diplomacy & tact 😂
    Sorry no questions for you because i dont give a sh*t youre on the whuisa comittee.You will have to bait Billy out of hiding,whoever he was or wherever he is 😉

    • only others put labels on me, Radai.
      Im not here to bait anyone or criticise the posters on here or add fuel to WHTID C&H arguments. I have no problems with posters on here in general.
      I read stuff about me that is incorrect here, so naturally i want to have the opportunity to reply,
      Ive promised to behave and that i will.

  9. I dont give a f*ck whether you behave yourself or not.Makes no difference to me.Aint as if youre the big bad wolf 😀

  10. Nigel you will know I campaign long and tirelessly to get you allowed to post here again lol. I don’t believe I said anything untrue about you. You were against Stratford, if you could you’d move back to UP, you would demolish LS. You would like to drive the owners out of the club and will happily give them a hard time and you’d like to burn the Baroness on a stake. All true?

    • Thank You John
      Still am against Stratford, nothing so far has shown me to be wrong in my eyes.
      If i could would i move us back, yes, but, i know that will never happen, The OS will be home of West Ham for the rest of my life and nothing will change that.
      I have no wish to drive the owners out the club, and has said in the past i would take them anyday over any oligarch, American consortiums or Arab sheiks or royalty.
      I do give them a hard time, yes, but because in my eyes they are not the perfect owners they try to portray themselves as,
      As for the Baroness, No comment

  11. I was looking forward to chatting to you Nigel but I’m going out so will check in later. I’ve said that your views are just about as polar to mine as you can get and therefore I’d not want you to represent me in any way shape or form. I also said I thought the WHUISA were just set on a confrontation course with the owners. I’ve seen nothing from the articles on their website and posted here to suggest otherwise. I’d like to convince me otherwise.

    I respect that you stand up for your beliefs and don’t change directions every month like some.

    • WHUISA will only survive if it can work with the club not against it, it should represent all fans , all views.It should confront the club in certain instances, but also work with the club as and when needed.
      WHUISA is run by committee, which will have to be elected in May by its members, it has a constitution that has to be abided by.
      I dont want WHUISA to be a fans protest group, if it was, i wouldnt be involved.
      While many judge me, and it seems WHUISA, on what i publish, that is my personal beliefs, not WHUISAs, there is a difference.
      Proof is in the pudding though, and only time will tell what the outcome is for WHUISA but i can only see it, if run correctly, being good for fans.
      Personally John, id urge you to join, get involved and see for yourself, you may just be surprised

  12. Fair play to you Nigel for replying. I’m glad I never stayed in as your other detractors have not joined the party.

    I’ve seen you saying much stronger words on driving the owners out of the club and I note your views on Brady. For this reason I just really struggle to see how the board will want you in the same room as them.

    As to the WHUISA I actually hope you are right but I’ll give it time before I join because I think it has set off as very confrontational and somewhat full of its own self importance. Perhaps I understand that as it needs to be heard and noticed but that will only attract the rabble rousers and not the moderates, of whom there are many, who acknowledge things need to improve but recognise the need to support the club and the owners.

    Good luck with it Nigel. I hope you post here more now you have been neutered.

  13. Onserving the weekly bullying of Zaman and subsequent meltdown on Ron & Johns site. Usual suspects involved and Zaman fighting his corner rather well. Iain Dale then being told how Twitter works by an expert. Lmao you couldn’t make it. The best laugh tho reserved by the Aussie poster dishing out cards funny guy lmao. Tragic and funny all in one.

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