Poll: Who should be West Ham’s next captain?


marknoble_726Hammers skipper Mark Noble was missing on Monday night after he suffered a ligament injury in training on Friday but reports suggest he was due for the drop to the bench before his injury.

Most of us would accept he will need to fight for his place this season and a starting place is far from guaranteed for Barking-born lad.

Winston Reid took the captain’s armband on Monday night against Huddersfield but today we ask who should be West Ham’s new captain if Noble is regularly absent?

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  • jaybs says:

    What a complete Joke, once again! How about who should be Our Club’s next Owner’s! it is simple proof how social media can create witch hunts, sad day!

  • Frenkie 1-2 says:

    That was a major battle to vote on this with a pop up constantly covering the screen.
    So reid is winning which is all well and good but how often is he injured.An issue i would say.
    Carroll votes..same applies…it must be his family voting for him
    Personal preference..Zabaleta.

  • Noble Warrior says:

    Theres no witch-hunt but Noble may well not be playing in as many matches this season so who will be captain.Do we keep a captain who doesnt play as much.
    How many other teams have a captain who isnt a regular feature in the starting eleven.
    If its a poll its a witch-hunt.No its simply asking fans their view on it.

  • bubs says:

    Only player for me who is not English but plays with his heart and head who will be first choice every time is
    Loves our club
    Never let’s the fans down
    Would thrive with the arm band
    Zabaleta will have enough to do to stop Byram being first choice
    If it’s English we need then Antonio for all the same reasons

    • JRS says:

      Agree think Antonio’s attitude, character, work rate every game. Way came up thru non league and isn’t the mist Skilled player but works hard. Wasn’t good at headers so at the Owls he put in extra couple hours working on just headers everyday now at 5’11 one of the most dangerous w his head. Just on and off the Pitch massive dedication to the club.
      Reid just not sure will be fit enough tho he is prob most likely to get it & Zab can be a leader but I wouldn’t pick as Captain. I can see Antonio being here and giving 110% like is always does for years to come. So the believe he would be best for the band

  • Noble Warrior says:

    Zabaleta if he stays fit will be a constant in the team and so he should be.Ten times the player Byram will ever be and i do like Byram.

  • Hammer-Ash says:

    Where is obiang’s name?

  • Radai Lama says:


  • Noble Warrior says:

    Antonio.Give me break its not a popularity contest

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    IMO it will be offered to Reid. ! Eventually !!
    Noble ain’t gone yet and don’t see him being dumped just yet , I would but bilic won’t ?
    Kouyate for me and later on the boy rice will take charge like he does the U 23,s ? He’s bossy and vocal !! Got captain written all over him IMO 😉

  • bubs says:

    Not a popularity contest
    That’s how Noble got it in the first place
    Last year just when he was going slow enough to be tipped for England
    If Slav wants to keep his job then Noble should not even be on the bench unless we get half a dozen midfielder injuries
    Last year when I said Reid I was informed he was no leader
    1 player for 2 years has gone to the crowd at the end of every game played anywhere the club needed him and only put in a few bad games
    Kouyate claret and blue through and through
    Look no further

  • CondorHammer says:

    Oh, how we do love a poll on here😄
    I think the only 2 matters we haven’t been invited to vote on have been the brand of tea drunk at half time, and our board.
    As I’m not a tea man myself, how about a poll on our beloved leaders-simply stay or sell?
    In answer to THIS poll, Kouyate for me⚒⚒

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