Premier League rule changes

Premier League rules  for 2019/2020 season

New rules on handball

When the ball accidentally hits a player’s hand before crossing the line, a goal will be ruled out. Goals will also be void when a player accidentally handles to create an advantage, or subsequently scores.

New rules on free-kicks

The sight of an attacking player lining up in a defensive wall will be outlawed from next season, with attacking players banned from standing within a metre of a wall of three or more players.

New rules on penalties

Keepers will be prevented from giving themselves a split-second advantage, being ordered to keep at least part of one foot on or in line with the goal-line when a penalty is taken.

New rules on substitutions

The authorities seem to have become wise to this time-wasting tactic. Next season, rather than taking a leisurely stroll across the width of the pitch, players will have to leave the action at the nearest point of the action. No more dawdling, limping or slow handclaps when a member of a team who are a goal up heads to the bench with minutes to go.

New rules on yellow and red cards for managers

The new rule states that the senior coach in the technical area will receive the decided punishment when offending individuals cannot be identified, such as in mass disagreements between backroom staff. That could mean mild-mannered managers receive cards for failing to control their staff – even if they have been minding their own business during a fracas.

New rules on Drop Balls

The ball will now be returned to the team who last touched the ball before play stopped, with keepers receiving possession if play ended inside the penalty area.

Introduction of VAR

For the first time ever in the Premier League, fans will see VAR used in the competition next season.

The system, however, is only used in four game-changing scenarios: goals (and incidents leading to them), penalties, red cards and potential cases of mistaken identity.

Kick-off times

Eight Premier League matches will be shown in a new time slot of 7:45pm on a Saturday night.


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4 comments on “Premier League rule changes

  1. I totally agree with the NEW RULES and VAR coming to English premier league, it will arrest the issue of Referee’s costly mistakes that automatically decides the outcome of the game. KUDOS to English FA.

  2. Too many rules. Just leave the game alone and stop faffing. Most of the new rules only get enforced in August anyway.

    And to totally contradict myself, here’s a new rule. No time added on, just stop the clock when the ball goes out of play, blow on 90 minutes. Why let a ref guess how much time was wasted? Totally negates the advantage of feigning injury because no time will be wasted.

  3. New Fitness Rules for Officials:
    I would introduce improved fitness levels for Lino’s.. the reality is many Top level players have sprint speeds comparable to Athletes at the Olympics.. these days lino’s Just can’t keep up.. either improve their fitness or have ‘running cameras’ the length of each side of the pitch.

  4. I think the rules makes the game more even.. They don’t take away anything from the beautiful game. looking forward for next season already.

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