Puzzled Moyes unable to switch tactics


David Moyes found himself at a puzzled loss when facing Everton. The West Ham manager has faced criticism for his team’s defensive style of play, with our lack of attacking prowess often reflected in low possession stats.

In yesterdays match against Everton at The London Stadium, Moyes’ team had a dominating 64% of the total possession but managed to produce only two shots on target. Observing Moyes’s frantic attempts at making attacking substitutions, it was evident that he struggled to influence the game from an offensive standpoint.

Everton’s manager, Sean Dyche, posed a tactical challenge, and Moyes seemed unsure of how to respond. Towards the end of the game, West Ham had a line-up tailored for attacking, but we failed to play like one.

West Ham-David Moyes

Puzzled Moyes: The West Ham manager had no answer despite having the lions share of possession against Everton.

Attacking the opposition appeared entirely foreign to the players, we lacked the necessary intensity to break down Everton.

The match finished with Danny Ings, Mohammed Kudus, Lucas Paqueta, Jarrod Bowen, and Said Benrahma on the pitch, but they seemed devoid of a cohesive structure or clear instructions. Instead of working together as a collective, the attack was a hasty collection of individuals.

West Ham’s attack lacked shape and purpose

The fundamental issue stemmed from falling behind in the game. Once we found ourselves trailing 1-0, we lacked the necessary expertise to mount a comeback.

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  • Hammer_Rite says:

    I was there yesterday and your comments are spot on Gonzo.
    We are looking and playing like last season when we just avoided relegation.
    David Moyes only kept his job because of our european success but i really think it’s time for him to go because there doesn’t seem to be any motivation in this team.

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Yes it’s quite clear that Moyes only has one mode, the old Everton Fellani one where it was all about defense, a big midfielder and one up top. His midfield sub swap was the same too. He flogs the same few every game, starves the rest, then throws them in unmatch-fit. He has no tactical nous and cannot change. It was even noticeable that he had no young players on the bench, whilst Everton, in dire problems themselves, has a young striker on the bench and brought him on. He’s a spent force at our club.

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