Revealed: The truth what was said in the Wigan car park


Lots has been said and reported what happened in the Wigan carpark when the West Ham Chairmen spoke with fans after the FA Cup defeat. West Ham season ticket holder Baz Cox has now published a covert video which reveals some of the dialogue between West Ham fans and David Gold post-match. It also dispels the myth that Gold was jostled by supporters although it does indicate he faced a barrage of questions from upset fans.

Gold to fans: ‘Guys, guys listen, listen you must listen, I am disappointed as much as you’

Fan: ‘I don’t believe you!’

Gold: ‘Then you are mistaken, look why are we here? we are here supporting our team’
Fan: ‘I spoke to David Moyes outside the Britannia Stadium on Boxing day, he told me we need a defensive midfielder. Its the 27th of January’
Gold: ‘Where do you get one from? We want to bring in a central defender, everyone is working their socks off to bring it in’   
Fan: ‘Do you know how much we paid to come here today? We didn’t have a shot at goal David.’ 
Gold: ‘I understand that I know we didn’t and I hate it as much as you do!’
Fan: ‘Why put on a defensive minded player when you got Mario ‘
Gold: ‘That’s not me, I up there in the stands feeling the same as you ‘
Fan: ‘Reece Oxford is leaving right? How the f*k does he get game time?”
Gold: ‘He’s the manager, we support the manager’
Fan: ‘You didn’t support Slaven Bilic’
Gold: ‘How can you say that! We brought in four players, which player would you have liked us not to have signed   
Fan: ‘Sakho is our best striker’
Gold: ‘Sakho wants to go’
Fan: ‘Because you treat him like s**t’ 
Gold: ‘Guys, Guys, One at a time, one at a time, come on’ 
Fan: ‘You promised us next level, that is f****g pathetic’  
Gold: ‘And we are trying to get to next level, the injuries are going wrong if we came here today with our full squad  

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  • blimeylimey says:

    I am not sure berating the co-chairman is a good way to go. He and Sullivan have spent a huge amount of time, effort and ultimately money to get West Ham Utd (Or whatever entity owns West Ham) into a position to compete with Premiership mediocracy but it may take a while…….. where is the patience and loyalty of the West Ham faithful…?

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      I think 8 years is s enough in the Patience stakes don’t you limey ? Unless a stand is organised they won’t change their spots ! Its a good thing the supporters are letting them know they’ve had enough of the crap ! Hopefully they will listen ! If not it will get messy ! And nobody can say they haven’t brought it on themselves ! The march is exactly for this purpose not to get them out ! If they don’t deliver then that will defiantly change !!!

  • Whufcfanfifty says:

    Just shows the intelligence of those clowns, Gold speaking like a gentleman, so called fans swearing like the halfwits that they are. Sad really.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    *####%&&###+###£#££%&%##@### wot, wot,, 😂

  • Innocuous Sparrow says:

    It’s pointless trying to have a sensible conversation with a rabble like that. They are complete tw*ts with no interest or capacity to listen, or engage in meaningful discourse. They are the epitome of empty vessels making a lot of noise.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Some people will believe what they want, Gold doesn’t have the final say on players in or out he always comes across as a decent guy, where DS and KB invite anger he may make the odd gaffe we all do but he seems a pretty level headed person, certainly not worthy of the abuse he gets.

  • Hammer64 says:

    This sounds like a guy trying to engage & be courteous, when he was probably feeling down about the game & probably feeling threatened. A lot of owners would not even have been at the game. Of those who go to the games most would make damn sure not to even come into contact with fans (not hard to do & especially after the same thing having happened several times before to G&S). They have made mistakes & they really do need to make some changes. I think they realise that & will be trying to make them. Until then to the guys doing the questioning/ bullying it is worth remembering the old saying- Good manners cost you nothing.

  • Stratford E20 says:

    That dialogue is typical of conversations that you hear at games and in the pub. Some of our fans are totally thick and embarrassing. Surprised there wasn’t a ‘where’s the money gone?’ or ‘does Karen take it….?’.

  • Clive says:

    i sincerely hope these self righteous abusive thickos dont think they are representing the views of the fanbase. bullying and intimidating an old man with a verbal lynch mob is just about the mark of people like this.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Well they’re representing 70+ % of C+H ain’t they ? If you feel that strongly about them you should attend the march and tell them that they’re all abusive rabble ,****s,clowns and halfwits ! Its obviously OK to abuse concerned fans but they are not entitled to have their say?
    Look forward to seeing you there ! 10 march !
    Just dotted down the abusive remarks which are obviously accepted by tippexman to use as and when needed in future lol 😂

  • zahama says:

    Firstly I should say that i am completely opposed to aggressive jostling of the club chairman – and share the perception (admittedly got from the media) that Gold is more reasonable than Sully. However it is somewhat ironic that this took place at Wigan – the scene of Sully’s boorish firing of Avram Grant immediately after we lost a match (as I remember Demba Ba gave us a 2-0 lead, Wigan levelled, then Carlton Cole missed an easy chance and Wigan went down the other end and scored the winner). Avram Grant was probably the worst manager that we have ever had, but what was achieved (apart from blowing off his own steam) by Sully firing him there and then? It meant that Kevin Keen got another defeat in his short lived caretaker manager career. Surely the way to have gone was to keep quiet and then tell Grant his tenure was over after the last match of the season. Also this thread coincided with Kieron Dyer remembering that Gold called him a massive waste of money

    While Dyer was not a fans’ favourite, we should remember that he was the victim of an agricultural lower league tackle in a Cup game – perhaps as fans we shoudl not blame the victim – I remember a lot of negative comments about Dean Ashton when he tried to make a comeback before being forced to retire

    So perhaps Gold will use this time to reflect on perhaps harsh comments about Kieron Dyer.

    It is quite simple messrs chairmen – just practice keeping the mouth shut – it will save you a lot of grief

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