Romanian TV to broadcast Europa match



Romanian TV channel Digisport will broadcast the second leg of the Europa League third  round qualifier between West Ham v FC Astra Giurgiu next Thursday.

Although no English commentary has been confirmed , the presence of the LIVE cameras increases the chances that a British broadcaster will take the coverage.

At the worst it will be available as a Internet stream with foreign commentary.

West Ham have been allocated just 500 tickets for the away leg in Romania priced at £11 each plus a £6.95 booking and special delivery postal fee. Priority Points applicants will hear today whether they have been successful in getting tickets for Romania.

Media in Romania claim around 3,000 Romanians attended last night’s sell out match at the Boleyn ground. Many mingled with home supporters in a match which finished 2-2.

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  • Hammers54 says:

    It would appear that many of the away support last night were in ‘home’ area and caused some unpleasantness when home fans around them had nerve to celebrate a goal!

  • yes, there were some songs about car washes being closed last night

  • Baz Brushe says:

    Yep there where lots in where i was.Hardly surprising though,half of Bucharest has moved to London hasnt it,lol

  • rugbyirons says:

    Unless the ticket office offers ‘uk’ based allocated seats by the visitors area i.e. away fans plus uk away fans next to each other , then away fans will buy home tickets. The ones near me didn’t cause any issues bar one chant and celebrating their goals. I was more disappointed by our boneheads and their verbals in front of kids

  • whitehp says:

    A little ironic we entered the competition via the fair play league, yet have 3 reds already, 4 including the gaffer.

  • hammerman69 says:

    It nearly all kicked off where I was especially when the game finished. Romanians were chanting something at WH supporters going down the stairs and spitting at them. A few years ago no WH fan would have let them get away with that, but we must remember we have to be PC to all our fellow European friends. Shame the same don’t go for them. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I was next to two Romanians who I had a chat with and were nice enough, they weren’t the same as these others that by the sounds of it should have been kicked out by security.

  • bubs says:

    There’s good and bad in all fans,at least the suds would have said the whole ground was full of pikeys home and away,
    But agree in the old days they would not have got away with it,but times have changed,in those days we would not have coward fans hoping we were going to be knocked out so we don’t get relegated,
    Just a different sort of coward,

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