Sam on the kids: Twitter responds


Poyet actionSam Allardyces reasoning for not giving the Hammers kids and younger squad players such as Gus Poyet (pictured right)  a first team chance has not gone down well on Twitter.

Allardyce had declared: ““It is always difficult for me. If we were in a better position with our results it would have been a good thing to look at the odd player.

“But the pressure with us at the moment to get results means it would be difficult for me to do.

“If you put a youngster in and lose you get criticised, the youngster might get criticised, so it is difficult.

“Or play all your youngsters in the FA Cup and get slaughtered for it. You say ‘we don’t give youngsters a chance’ but you give them a chance, lose, and get slaughtered for it.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it.”

Here are the responses received within the first half an hour of the story appearing:

@MikeWalters You get nowhere throwing young talent on big stage. Look what happened to Villa with Jack Grealish at Wembley…

@LeeClayton: Playing a young talent would ease the pressure. I couldn’t disagree more. It is one of his blind spots.

@Phillsouthwell: He seems happy to put the odd donkey out.

Rorke’sDrift@johnnyshares: Absolute baloney, giving a few promising kids a run out would lift the place and earn him some favour for a change

Tiddy@NeilTidd: he’d not play kids if we were 30 pts clear on top of league. Feeble excuses yet again

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  • essexclarets says:

    You dont put them all in the team at once you plank, how about giving some a chance as a 70/75 minute sub? No point keep sending them out on loan until their contracts are up & then let them leave for nothing or have them sit on the bench week after week & never get a look in.
    Instead of putting them on, you send your best buddy Nolan, cole & jarvis to give the team no advantage whatsoever. What can you lose? The team you do put out week after week play with little or no passion. We have been dire these last few months. How on earth can blooding the youngters make the team any worse? If you lose with what you put out now & lose with a couple of youngters in the team, you still bloody lose.

  • Sarith says:

    how in the **** has poyet not be given more play time?

  • hammer4life says:

    If we were challenging for Europe he’d be saying we can’t play the kids because there’s too much at stake. If we were fighting relegation the same argument would be put forward. We are currently mid table playing for nothing and he comes out with this. So my question is when will he play them? There’s no end to the rubbish that comes out of this guys mouth.

  • BoleynForever says:

    Please Sullivan, just get this clown away from our football club as soon as possible. We deserve so much better than Sam Bloody Allardyce.

  • HamburgHammer says:

    If Allardyce by a twist of fate had stumbled upon a young Messi he would have sent him out on loan to Crawley probably because he wasn’t match fit, not ready for English football, too shirt, too light, couldn’t speak English, whatever ?
    He also maybe would have tried to convert him into a defensive midfielder or left back.
    I sometimes think the man is his own worst enemy.
    If he doesn’t know how to integrate young players into a team and if he doesn’t want to integrate creative players into his team then his options will forever remain limited and he’ll always remain far too predictable with his formations and gameplan.

  • HammerJeff says:

    My initial reaction was, as above – you don’t play them all at once you clown… the fa cup was farsical and if none of those kids had their confidence in tatters after that I would be amazed…. Previous managers have managed to introduce one or two without major headaches… I despair, more excuses and more party lines being toed by the players etc

    Roll on end of season, put me out of this misery!

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    He has a very limited shelf life remaining.His boring predictable tactics & style of play can get him so far as a manager but never to a higher level.His style of play is becoming antiquated,fans dont want to watch it & any sensible chairmen who have a desire to achieve more than just survival wont touch him.He will go down in football history as one of the most well paid & wealthy managers never to have managed a top team or win a trophy 😉

  • rugbyirons says:

    I have to move my anger away from Allardyce to stop me blowing up and frankly I’m starting to get hugely disappointed by the owners.if you must run his contract down please shut him up.it may be free speech in his own column so grow a pair and challenge his claims about YOUR Academy and its players. You are turning this into a laughing stock.

  • bubs says:

    I agree 100% rugby every time the board let him speak in these terms and say nothing they loose my respect also,
    He is mocking the fans intellect by saying these stupid things and I am sure he has one finger in the air under the desk,
    No one can make these remarks with any brains or football knowledge,he is sitting in his castle smiling knowing he has got one over us again and you DG and DS

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