Sam still planning despite uncertain future

S ALLARDSam Allardyce claimed in his morning press conference that it’s business as usual at Upton Park despite the uncertainty surrounding his future.

The manager – answering some pretty straight questioning – made it clear he would continue to act professionally until the decision over his future was made.

The official website reported that he was asked: ‘With only seven games to go until the end of the season, are you able to plan ahead for next season when you don’t know if you’re going to be here or not?’

Allardyce responded: “We sat down yesterday and began to plan for next season, when we’re coming back for pre-season, where we’re going to go and who we’re going to play. It’s not fully evolved yet but the plans are in place.”

The follow-up question was: ‘People might be surprised to hear that because you don’t know if you’re going to be here, do you?’

The manager replied: “No I don’t. But when you’re contracted to a club you do the job that you’re paid to do, one of those roles is to plan for next season.”

Reminded that David Sullivan had said the last 12 games had been very disappointing he added: “The reality is there is a difference between the performances and the results. Having said that the bottom line is winning and getting results and we haven’t done enough of that recently.

“We’re all disappointed in the last few results and I accept that. I have to emphasise results because we’ve come close to winning some major games of football. We have to look at the season as whole, not just a few games and I think overall it’s been terrific, it’s been very exciting.”

And asked whether Sullivan’s desire for a European campaign was on, he added: “We need to win five out of the last seven games at least, if not more.

“We do have another alternative by qualifying through the fair play league. The most important thing is Stoke on Saturday and trying to get three points.”


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43 comments on “Sam still planning despite uncertain future

  1. should be planing his early retirement….

  2. ahahahahh… Dear Sam, the only thing you have to plan now is your destination for your very long summer holidays … I suggest you Sicily, you’ll find the last of your lovers…lol

  3. I cant see the owners going for a change ahead of the move to the OS. Potentail disaster if we were relegated pre move and Allradyce-like him or laothe him- will keep us up.

    Interesting piece on the Guradain site about Bielsa-di Canio might look a safer option! -and others such as Moyes and Benitez each come with baggage. Bielsa sounds ‘interesting’ but I cant see the pragmatists going for him though I am sure DS would be tempted.

    My money is on a one year rolling contract

  4. Westhamtidie in Sicily is a very good resort,
    They want us to stop talking about it but the Big Fat one brings it up a every chance,
    BFS it’s not just the results that mater if we played well the supporters would be backing you and calling for a extra year, but you are a crap manager playing vintage defensive football and show loyalty to a band of broken men,

  5. I’m not a BFS fan and would personally like to see the back of him – BUT it’s the two Dave’s who will make the decision and they are hard-headed businessmen who know that it is vital that West Ham go to the Olympic Stadium in the Premier Division.

    Moyes, Benitez, Bielsa or whoever it is, if you go with them you know that a large investment will be required and there is always an element of uncertainty – particularly with the ‘no speaka da Eengleesh’ guy!

    With BFS you know we’ll stay in the Division, and that’s the bottom line – like it or not!

    • Are we though ? Going on the form since Christmas we could well be a good bet for relegation with this side. The longer you go without winning the harder it is to get that confidence back. I can’t see us finishing higher than we are now, and carry this form into early next season, we will be fighting the drop from day one.

      • If you took the last two seasons,all of last season was relegation haunted till right near the end & half of this season has been relegation form.It has been Allardyce overseeing this,3/4 of the last two season has shown the type of form to go down with.All this we wont get relegated with Sam but might with a new manager is bs.It really is,lol 😉

  6. Just get him out at the end of the season,if for any reason so i can go to another site & see them lowering the flag to half mast & wearing black armbands,lol.Faith in a manager is great,blind faith isnt.I really dont know what they will do if the sun no longer rises & sets from sams backside in their world 😉

  7. You call yourself fans!, this is a manager that dropped down to the championship to manage us and convince others to join us there, he got us promoted first time of trying. Then has to rebuild the team to compete with others that have better squads, based on the facts they have been there longer and had more money…all the time when funds are restricted at WHU because egghead couldnt do his sums! so what if we have had to resort to parking the bus and play long ball from time to time, its a long term strategy. i would love us to go and spend a fortune on new players, but its a slow process not just financially but you have to convince them to join us! he’s the most consistent manager we have had since Redknapp, cos even Pardew couldnt get us up on the first time of trying! and thats taking into account the FA Cup Final. Now i do think Nolan doesnt command a starting place like he used to, but i cant think of any better leaders in the squad and pls remember he was our top scorer last season. So who you gonna replace SA with? Benitez is probably the best proven name about but how much is he really gonna want to spend?? and remember those better players will want CL football…then look at the squad now there is new young blood, with Sakho, Valencia, Cresswell, Hendrie, Henry all reducing the average age of the starting team by 5 years! while maintaining consistancy and a more entertaining style of play. plus you need to remember the results this half of the year have been impacted by having only 1 fit centre back for most of the games. just ignore the press spouting their rubbish and get behind your team!

    • I take most of your points on board, but answer me this.. if the chairmen of the club doesn’t trust him with buying players, how can you expect us to have faith in him.? The standard of our play has nosedived since xmas. Since then we have played relegation level, it is only our early season form that has saved us. You can’t blame all that on having one centre back. At the end of the day someone has been resposible for the shape & tactics of the team. Who would you say that person to be. I do respect him for dropping down to get us back in the premier league & for the players he brought in. I feel he has taken us as far as he can & we need someone to take us to the next level. Since we have been back in premier league we have finished 10th, 13th & prob 10th..ish again this season. When is the right time to change the manager?

    • Poor Sam dropped down to the Champiohship to earn 3m & convinced others like Nolan to drop down to earn 50k a week.Damn,my heart bleeds for them having to sacrifice so much.They dropped down a division for the dough.Not because they suddenly developed this great passion for West Ham Football Club & were willing to be in the Championship for the thrill of it!!

    • Wtf? He did us no favours dropping down into the Champ,the guy was out of work.It isnt like he left Liverpool or Chelsea to join us.He was on the rock & roll so to speak.As for Nolan his time was over at Newcastle anyway,he had lost the backing of many of the fans there in his last season.Neither did us a huge favour.We payed them damn well to drop to the Championship.They i suspect earned more down there than if they had got jobs at another prem club that summer!

    • Just found this ‘real’ fan’s comment repeated on another site, word for word. Tw#t

      • Ahahaha… maybe he’s the clone of clone of the clone..lol

      • Lol,sounds about right.He should go back to the Sam Lovers site.Where their toungues are so far up Sams A*se you would need to call Cave Rescue to get them out 😉

        • ahahaah… I have tears in my eyes from laughing so much…good night, I hope dreaming of Sam…

  8. Oh here we go again,dont like the manager so you cant support the team dross.I think you should email your rant to the chairmen,it appears they could be the ones that wont offer Allardyce a new contract.Air your grievances with them.Tell them they are the ones making a huge error if they dont keep him.Btw,i dont judge my opinions on the press.I see with my own two eyes at every match where many of the problems lie! As for the reaults being affected by only having one fit cb,that is the biggest load of pony i have ever heard.

  9. Why does everybody keep saying that we will get relagated if BFS goes? Are we meant to keep him until he drops dead of old age? Clubs change their managers without going down. Is BFS the only manager that can keep us in the premier league?

    • Its because they cant see past the fact that Sam is a messiah,only him & him alone can save us from the dark side that is called The Championship.Benitez,Bielsa,Bilic,Moyes,any other manager will surely get us relegated,lol,what a load of crap 😉

  10. NJhammer are you a rapper because you talk a load of crap,
    BFS IS LUCKY Nolan and Carroll were injured early on and the newbies brought fresh air and a new style to the club not BFS,
    If we were playing this football all season we would already be down or BFS would have been sacked and a new manager would have saved us,
    WE ARE TRUE HAMMER FANS not people that come on here write a novel to wind us up and sit at home content with his claret and blue teddy hoping his hero BFS ( I bet that’s teds name )
    BFS OUT and take your rappers with U

  11. Ahahahaha… Thanks for your pearl of wisdom NJ… I suggest you to visit this site http://www.westhamtillidie.com... I’m sure that’s your right place, they have an impregnable faith in Mighty Sam like you…

  12. Matter do you think Westamtillidie is run from a old people’s home ?
    Because they definitely have dementia there, they forgot the end of last season,they forgot we only got back in the premier through the back door,they obviously like watching boring,
    Defensive,vintage football and are attracted to large people that can’t do anything without chewing,
    He would properly reply to us but has already forgotten what he has written and what site ha was on.

  13. Ahahah bubs, I agree…

  14. But remember guys,our drop down the table & 2 prem wins in 3 months is only because we had centre backs injured.It would have been so different if not for this.We would still be in the top four im sure 😀

  15. Very quite in the old peoples site must be bed wash time, hope it’s BFS,S turn to do the rounds but then it might be Kevin’s turn ?
    Never mind they wake up early,
    Ear to the ground out here in Spain and Madrid are interested but don’t think they can out bid Man Utd and no that’s where his heart is,it’s because this season they have tried playing the BFS way I have seen the paper work on the long ball stuff,
    BFS OUT ( sorry oldies )

  16. Ahahah… Remember bubs: Sam is not chosen, he chooses… If he wants Man utd he just need a call…


  17. Hope you are going to watch him tonight Mattee,
    Clair will be seen as opposition to Mrs B for the great chooser attention,
    I could be so lucky soon Moyes and BFS plying there trade in Spain when they have just got over Franco,should devalue the euro very quick,
    Slightly over weight Sam Out but not Spain Pleez

  18. I saw today in his article he does that he is now trying the performance approach to make people believe he is doing a superb job.He said if you judge games on performances not results then no one should have been disappointed by the Leicester game though we lost it 2-1.Performances have been excellant all season if not the results.

  19. Ahahah… Sorry but that site is becoming a drug… Lol I noticed if you write an argument based on common sense against the Genius and then you ask sam lovers “please explain to me where I’m wrong” they answer ” you are negative and quite repetitive”… Ahahah you, not them with flexibility, stability, respect the point, before xmas we where fourth, bla bla bla… Ahaha I’m beginning to think they are lobotomized…

    • Hahaha,youre a bad man Matte,you got me visiting it now to read the Sam loving,lol.I must stop before i get brainwashed into believing Sam is actually a genius 😀

  20. Ahahahah… Yes I must stop too, before that site turns me in a Sam lover… If it happens, please kill me.. Lol

  21. Ahahah… It would be a great honor if my killer is crackpot… loool

  22. Haha,some brave man just entered the lions den & called them a load of sammerettes,haha,i dont think he will come out alive,lol 😀

  23. Ahahahahahahah!

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