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Night out was my idea says Slav

bilic-gloomSlaven Bilic has given his usual pre-match conference ahead of Saturday’s home game against Boro.

“The team bonding was completely my idea. I told Mark Noble to take the guys out and go for a meal. Spend some time together. I am totally concentrated on the game on Saturday. It is good for us all to stick together and good for team building.

Training yesterday was really good and without the team bonding, the training has been good. We now need to produce in games.I am concerned and it has been a bad start. But with one win we can build everything back with a win over Boro  over Saturday. I am asking myself a lot of questions even when it was good last season. You think about how you can change things. You can’t sit still”

“I am focused on the things I can have a big influence on and putting out the best possible team. Putting my energy into the team. Mark Noble said we broke down after we conceded the first goal. These words are heavy words but I know what he means. As captain he feels responsible but he knows the quality we have got in the squad and we need to show that on a matchday.

One good result can change the whole season. We cannot think it is just going to happen. We need to earn it.I followed what has happened with England this week. It is very sad for English football. It has happened in Italy and France and it is not good for any country. For England it is the most popular league. I am sorry for Sam. We all love our jobs and I am so happy with my job. I don’t remember seeing someone who was so happy to get it.

He has not lost his position from results on the pitch and I feel very sorry for him.Almost the same squad we had last week. Both left backs are still out and it was never about days for the two of them. Cresswell starts training on Monday and should be back after the international break. Havard Nordtveit is also doubtful.

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15 comments on “Night out was my idea says Slav

  1. That’s more positive Slav. The right way to go. COYI !

  2. Shock/ Horror the manager organised it after all? It wasn’t the French posse or the Italian posse or the English posse does that mean that all the conspiracy theories and the squad not listening could be wrong? Guess it’s better to have the truth than some made up ******** circulating across the web but eh oh there no doubt be a few who still like to spread there pathetic rumours 🙂

    • My fav comment was that it shouldnt have happened because we have non drinking muslim players lmao.Yeah like none of them hit the nightspots because they are muslim.What a dumb comment.

  3. Going out for meal as a Team is a positive thing, noone would deny that, it’s obvious!

    But then some of these guys being seen in Central London the worse for wear the next lunchtime is unbelievable!

    What can be going on in these guy’s heads, not much you’d think – we’ve had the papers full this week about BFS behaving like an idiot in public – he’s paid the ultimate price but what can you do about these players behaving like idiots in public.

    My natural reaction would be to sack them but that would be shooting yourself in the foot – slap them with huge fines and make them publicly apologise, remind them that this is not acceptable behaviour and that they are Professionals and they have to act like professionals not chavs!

  4. Its almost like they’re not human not allowed to do anything not football related, young blokes on a sanctioned night out.Nothing like the midweek drinking clubs of the 60s-70s. COYI

    • Get real – these guys are Professional players, there supposed to be Athletes not a bunch of chavs out on a bender.

      It’s not the ’60’s or ’70’s the times have changed – Bobby Moore wearing a bin-bag and running round Upton Park on a Sunday morning to sweat out the lager of the night before is ancient history!

      A modern players Football life is short, they’ve got to look after themselves, it’s all too soon come and gone – getting wasted is not professional, getting wasted in public is unbelievably stupid!

  5. Im still waiting to see a pic or clip of Carroll & Randolph looking w* nkered.Maybe i missed it,but in this day & age of mobile phone footage where are all of the clips of them off their faces? lol

    • They are photoshopping the pictures right now Rads don’t be surprised to see weetabix ankles and Randy holding hands while drinking a punch bowl cocktail and sharing a steak dinner 🙂

      • I need evidence,i am a seeker of the truth along with Hippos solicitor on Wet Pants lol 😀

        • All will be ok Rads AC will soon return motivated by his imminent call up for the national squad under the messiah.Ah hold on maybe that’s why he was on the **** in the first place? 🙂

  6. I do agree with Michael above. There IS enough evidence out there to show AC and Randolph did not know when to call it a night. No Doctor would that that this is good for his recuperation. They should be fined.

    • When it comes to AC it doesn’t matter what he does to some as his 15m signing and those 8m worth of wages for sitting on his ass for 80 weeks doing nothing is absolutely fine it’s never poor old Andy’s fault that he needs 30 weeks to get his match sharpness back after another injury that was caused by the way any manager asks him to play 🙂

  7. Im sorry but this is all circumstantial evidence.I need more than this.I must seek the truth,you lot are like a load of feral cats attacking the poor lads lol 🙂

  8. New WHU regulation:

    – talking to strangers is strictly prohibited.
    – only plain water, no sparkling water.
    – laughing around a table is strictly prohibited.
    – looking at other women is strictly prohibited.
    – reading dirty magazines is strictly prohibited.
    – cell phone usage is strictly prohibited.
    – be sure to give thanks to Sam before going to sleep. He is our savior, don’t you ever forget it.

    Lol 😉

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