Sorry Sam – Fletcher is not a top player



By Sean Whetstone

At the beginning of the transfer window Sam Allardyce insisted he would not sign any other than a top player!

Sorry but I don’t think such a statement would include Darren Fletcher. I’m really not convinced at all!

His injury record is appalling and recent game time hardly convinces he can return to the level he reached before his illness.

Here’s what Allardyce said:

“So I’d say one top player, if he became available, would be something we’d pursue – but someone may have to leave to fund that.

“There’s no point in bringing in anybody less than a top player because what we’ve got now is top drawer. We’ve got 22 players all fighting for places in the team and playing really, really well.  

“Everybody has to understand we are well into the second year of FFP so we are all in a much more difficult position when every window comes, with the limit on spending power, not just transfer fees but wages. And that’s across the board now.”

I don’t understand what has changed! For me Darren Fletcher is not that top player we need to sign during this transfer window.


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  • HammerForLife says:

    Who would he replace? Cannot for the life of me understand this one.

  • sparrow says:

    He is not a top player.
    He is not under 27.
    He is not an improvement on what we already have.
    He has an appalling injury record.
    He has no recent form to recommend him.
    He has shown no sign of earlier standards since his illness.

    So the question is, why are we after him??

    Is it so that Sam can demonstrate that regardless of policies, guidelines and directives he will do what HE wants?

  • pabloonechop says:

    So whats the motive?

    Btw who is his agent?!

  • Dicksyland says:

    Just don’t get it.

  • IronsOhio says:

    I actually think this could turn out to be an inspired signing if he stays healthy. Fletcher will provide cover for the preferred 3 defensive minded CMs. I also think his experience in winning sides and his touch of class could give us that little shift towards stability in the top 7.

  • bubs says:

    Depends who the 3 defensive midfielders ironsOhio means Noble ,Song Kouyte,Poyet , sorry that’s 4 or did you mean Nolan,Nolan and Nolan ?

  • FLHammer says:

    Did we get bought our by an Icelandic banker? Reminds me of the bad old days – whilst he has experience he is injury prone / past his best – not a good option pushing for a top 6 finish

  • bubs says:

    FLHammer even banks don’t make those sort of mistakes,how can you give Vaz Te and Morrinson away and receive Fletcher and what does that tell our development squad ?

  • Ian G says:

    NO NO NO NO NO…………..DEFO NOT a Top player, our mentality should be that he ain’t good enough for Man U, he ain’t good enough for us…………….even for 6 months we don’t need an older injury prone player trying to get he career up and running while being paid a fortune by us NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

  • Ohiord says:

    Sam moves another step closer to the door.

    • Roman says:

      Spot on Ohiord.The chasm between manager and owners is growing especially when the manager keeps making and trying to implement daft decisions.

  • conkerpot says:

    Captain of scotland and man united not top quality? or just not good enough for west ham? id say he was an upgrade on noble/nolan but i wouldnt buy him personally

  • Fair point conkerpot but he isn’t captain of Scotland and can’t get into the Manchester United team now. He can’t trade on his past achievements. Would love to understand the different agents involved in this deal beyond the Elite Sports group which Jason Ferguson was once a director.

  • Sir Trev for FIFA says:

    I sense the hand of Fergie here. We know he’s good pals with Sam and is also a mentor to Fletcher. I admire the player but it’s not a progressive move and I cannot believe DG would endorse it. If it happens, my big concern is that it means Alex Song is on his way sooner rather than later. Subbing him after 55 mins at Bristol when Nolan and Noble were just as bad won’t have helped – he did not look happy

  • pabloonechop says:

    Sean and Sir Trev, a motive may be getting clearer?. If there is something murky surely Board aware and wont sanction?. Looking at the FA cup over the week end there look to be some cracking younger players around in lower leagues rather than investing in someone with a dodgy injury record. Keeping what we have is ok in my view providing we play the right formation. Dont get me started on that…..

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