Soucek raises more worries


Soucek worried

Following the CandH article yesterday on Fabianski’s discontent another player has added his thoughts to the growing tensions within the club.

In an interview with The Evening Standard, Tomas Soucek has expressed his concerns about the Iron’s inability to keep the ball for any length of time.

He was quoted as saying: “It worried me a lot that Bournemouth had a lot more possession than we had,”

“They crossed into our box every two minutes, so that was bad.

“It was our mistake, and we have to learn: even if we’ve scored, we need to play forward, play high, and keep the ball.”

He makes a valid point as we seem not to have heeded our mistakes of last season when we had the second worst possession stats in the Premier League last season.

The game against Bournemouth saw the Irons once again concede the majority of possession (63% vs 37%). And rather worryingly only completed 304 passes as opposed to the Cherries 517.

Let us hope that our new signings will add some well needed impetus to our game

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  • Pessimist says:

    Trouble is people like Soucek himself disappear in the game, or half heartedly tackle, or receive a ball. Antonio is another, he seems to have a major problem lately receiving a pass and keeping the ball, he tends to get it stuck under his feet, catch it and let it trickle over the line or into the path of the opposition.

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