Sound of Sullivan silence – apologies to Paul and Art!


JackThere’s a noticeable club change of strategy in this summer transfer window with co chairman David Sullivan and his son Jack remaining  remarkably quiet this summer.

DS has shunned his normal media interviews this summer. He has made no grand promises of marquee signings or the amount of money we will  spend either on the official website or elsewhere.

His son Jack has also remained quiet on social media by not giving away targets or providing commentary on the transfer window.

The closest we have had to managing fan expectations this summer in terms of transfers was an official interview by Head of Recruitment Tony Henry who said “We need two or three, maximum. If we can get the ones that we want, I think we’ll be a really good team next year.”

Gold2In recent days David Gold has broken cover in a live Talksport interview saying:

“It’s clear to most fans that we are desperate for centre-forwards. We need strikers. Andy Carroll is injury-prone as we know, we have had an injury problem with Sakho and we have just got to bring in centre-forwards. We have got to find the money. You have to bring in and spend your money wisely but it must be on strikers, particularly strikers that have had experience with Premier League football – the very best we can afford.”

“That’s the problem and the difficulty and we have to find a way over that to ensure we bring in the very best that we can afford. We have tried the route of going overseas to bring in players – that hasn’t worked.

“David Sullivan is working day and night in an effort to solve this problem.”

The Sullivan silence however has failed to halt the speculation with agents still keen to get their clients’ names into the media whilst there will always be a leak at every club if you know where to look.

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  • markro says:

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    For me DS is choosing the right option.

  • markro says:

    And I can’t help but notice that S&G applies both ways!

  • kevin says:

    Hope the silence is saying something loud and clear and positive .

  • danielson79 says:

    Funny how some fans are asking “whats going on, we’re too quiet” then as soon as any of the board do an interview or tweet its “oh please keep your mouth shut”.

    I prefer the silence tbf then the noise is media noise and nothing stemmed from the owners.

    • sleepswithdafishes says:

      lol I couldn’t have put it better.
      Still some supporters are crying their eyes out, but now it’s because nobody is telling them the news they want to hear.
      I also like the silence better.

  • John says:

    But still the moaners moan. Silence is taken as doing nothing and bringing no one in and one single interview by DG is taken as saying the wrong things and talking too much despite all he said was the blindingly obvious that we need a couple of strikers

    I despair that we have to listen to The Doom Brothers for the next 2 months only for them to say in August “oh I love the taste of humble pie” whilst they totally dismiss all their lies and hate and move onto something new to slag the board off for. Fans just need to wait and judge in 8 weeks time. Gold & Sullivan have had one poor preseason window in the last 4 and this one will be good. IMO of course.

  • Michael Miller says:

    DS still working ‘night and day’ – don’t worry he’s got Carlton Cole and Callieri on speed-dial if things don’t work out!

  • Radai Lama says:

    Whos Paul & Art?? Am i missing something here.
    Its funny though aint it.The drama queens moan when they speak and have a meltdown when they hear nothing 😂

  • James says:

    Radai…sound of silence was a song by paul simon and art garfunkel.You may not be old enough to remember them.It is a song from many moons ago.

    • Radai Lama says:

      Oh right,yeah i have heard of them,cant say i know any of their songs though.Must be a headline for the oldies 😂😂

      • sleepswithdafishes says:

        Rads I garantee you will know their songs when you hear them, without knowing they are their songs.

        • Radai Lama says:

          Yeah youre right Fishy,for once 😁
          I youtubed them & recognised loads of their songs.Just me having a half asleep moment earlier 😀

  • James says:

    I agree that the silence is the way forward.There was without doubt too much talking last summer…however…the fans who soo wanted this silence then have to chill out because they hear nothing,not make up their own stories about owner incompetemce in the transfer window or take every news article at face value to start some fake news of their own.
    Im not sure some fans can do that though,they enjoy the drama too much…

  • Stan The Man says:

    It was amusing reading the responses to golds appearance on Talksport.The first time he reared his head in two months and he was accused of seeking the limelight lol
    This from a fella who spends all day on a certain fan site seeking the limelight giving the world his opinions on everything west ham lol Oh the irony.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Like many of us I am more than happy with the silence, it looks like DS has taken on board what we imho pretty much all asked for, stay silent until the deal is done, that is right isn’t it ? We might not be happy that we haven’t got to the stage of a medical or contract talks with any of our targets but we finished 11th in the PL, we have no European football to offer and to be brutally honest lost the momentum we built so attracting targets will be a lot tougher than the last two seasons hence Everton possibly paying more but getting their targets and everyone else that are going for names losing out.

  • mooro66uk says:

    Feck me! you should read it over there today. Why none of them has applied for the managers job, Idon’t know. Can’t help but admit how easy it is to win the league when someone puts it that simply. JUST go and buy 2 top strikers, Sigurdsson, a top defender who can cover all positions across the back and a ball playing attack minded centre back. If there’s any dough left a top keeper would come in handy.

    • Stan The Man says:

      They never let up do they.Absolutely relentless.I blame HH lol

      • Ben says:

        One amongst many clowns on that site whos sole aim is to ***** like teenage girlies at a school disco.

  • Ben says:

    I think i preferred when the Sullivans spoke too much.The fans discontent was then founded on factual content that came from their all we have left are fans *****ing about media content and things they make up themselves.

    No disrespect guys but the west ham blogs where surely formed because they would attract the gossips and drama queens.Im not saying all fans but i would hazard a guess that 8 out of 10 users are highly strung girlies with hormone imbalances.

    • sleepswithdafishes says:

      except on this blog of course.

      • Stan The Man says:

        Im too old to have any form of hormones,just ask my missus Ben lol

        • Ben says:

          Ok fellas i hold my hands up that it might have come across as harsh but i was talking west ham sites as a whole entity.Come on you must admit that they do attract a lot of knit one pearl one girlies who absorb fake news so they can go in to one.

          • markro says:

            I tend to look at Newsnow West Ham all sources, c&h and Thewesthamway.
            Others I avoid because of the tantrum queens.

  • markro says:

    Hmm, West Ham fans and the transfer window = troubled waters.

    Perhaps we need Wayne back to help us out!

  • markro says:

    Interestingly, for those who remember, Art Garfunkel did once sing:

    “I’d rather be a hammer…”

    It must be a sign.

  • Stan The Man says:

    Are young to sing it for Rads so he knows who they are Markro lol

  • markro says:

    🎸🎼 I’d rather be a hammer than a nail……Yes, I would, if I only could, I surely would🎸🎼

  • markro says:

    Why thank you Stanley (in my best Oliver Hardy voice), you are clearly a man of impeccable taste.

  • No Nonsense says:

    Sullivan stated during an interview on the Farewell to UP video , that moving to OS will provide around £20m extra income and that should buy a decent player each season. Well thats a grand gesture and of course the reason behind the WHU transfer fiasco each season. Decent players in todays market cost £25m and good players start at £30m

    We may window shop at John Lewis but we only have a Poundland budget, and guess what a £1 buys…..answers on a postcard please.

    • Stan The Man says:

      Well i may tend to agree once the window shuts but until the proof is in the pudding you are being a bit premature are you not no nonsense.The start of september will be more apt for your post.Thats assuming it is still relative to the discussion fella.

  • markro says:

    We bid major money for both Lacazette and Bacca last summer and ended up not spending on either.

    The world knows we need a reliable goal-scorer, so the prices keep rising.

    Anyone actually guess what our budget is?

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