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Sullivan offered two players to Bilic

davidsullivan_726David Sullivan has spoken to the official website to shed light on the transfer window, insisting Slaven is happy with the business that has been done over the summer. He also reveals he offered two players to the manager who turned them down.

“Overall Slaven is happy with the business we have done during the summer transfer window,” he told whufc.com. “We received the manager’s wish-list before the window opened and we have managed to get the top four players on it. It is no secret that we made a club record bid for Sporting Lisbon’s William Carvalho but unfortunately that offer was rejected a couple of weeks ago.

“Late last night Sporting Lisbon made contact to accept the original offer, but unfortunately it was just too late in the day, and we simply did not have enough time to put the player through a medical. We were not prepared, as a club, to buy a player for that amount of money without him having gone through adequate medical checks.

“Grzegorz Krychowiak and Renato Sanches were both offered to the manager before their switches elsewhere, but he told us that he is happy with the squad he has. As a Board we are behind Slaven, and he believes he has the tools to turn around our form and rectify our disappointing start to the season”

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18 comments on “Sullivan offered two players to Bilic

  1. So carvalho is running around like a spring chicken totally running the game for 90 mins scored a goal to boot ?? You said he was unfit and loads of other bullshyte then you hang bilic out to dry to sway the blame on him for a couple of players when that should be between you and the board only , loads of body’s short and he refused them ?? Bilic needs to confirm that one IMO but regardless of his refusal you should have purchased on loan just to be safe and overruled him cos as it stands its possible you are outing him anyway !!
    Not a clue and a sneak in the ally ?? Lovely bloke ehh 😈

    • If Sullivan forced players on Bilic that he didn’t want he would be criticised. Now he gets criticised for not overruling Bilic and just buying them. He can’t win.

      • Lol, you are either his family or friend. No one’s buying this anymore mate, do all the pr you want. The board are done.
        Even if we win the bond is broken permanently.
        If Billic truly said he did not want anyone else then we and the board would know he has not got a football brain and should not be able to manage any football teams (the board would sack him knowing he has issues and isn’t good enough for the club or the fans

        Board out!

      • Get off their defence sparrow ffs ! Look how short we are ?? Bilic is dead man walking
        And so are the Liar’s you are constantly defending !! If there was a poll they would be gone !!! Sneaks !!! Low life what he said there about bilic !!! But you can’t see it like a few more on here lately ,

        • I am not defending Sullivan. You criticised him for not overruling Bilic and forcing players on him. I pointed out that he would get criticism if he did do that. Isn’t that true?

          • But it’s not true. He’s trying to deflect blame by saying it.
            The board got no one and it was not due to the team being as good as it could be, it was so they could spend less money.
            We need to unite on this and stay focused on the board ripping us off, there will be a lot of pr to try and make them look like the good guys who made a mistake or who were fooled by Billic, in the next few months, it’s all lies and we must not let them get away with this or we will be division 1 in no time.
            Mike Ashley at Newcastle is a decent comparison. Had the Geordies had a poor season last time they could’ve faced forever being out of the prem

          • Let’s put it simple ! Would we be better off or not with a couple of body’s added to the squad , yes it wouldn’t have been a disaster , nobody would have criticised for strengthening the squad !! It would have been highlighting the fact we needed at least 4 or 5 to come in so 2 would have been a start!!
            An improvement in numbers , 1for1 where,s that bullshyte comment gone ?
            Oh yes , it was a lie ???

          • Ironsupport, the fact is we don’t know if it is true or not. Actually, I am no fan of the board although I appreciate that they saved us from possibly going to the wall when the only other potential buyer out there was Tony Fernandez. I respect your opinion BUT please read the point I made. Lazarus was critical of Sullivan for not forcing players on Bilic and my ONLY point was that he would get more criticism if he did force players on the manager. Surely that should be beyond dispute and demonstrates the usefulness of Lazarus’ suggestion. I am no great fan of Sullivan but I do try to be fair.

          • I support the fact that the extra numbers may well be useful but if the owners reach the point where they know we need more resources but the manager refuses to have them, then it is time for the manager to go.

          • What do you think the supporters have been saying as well as the board,s 4game ultimatum ! No trust , buck passing ,and more bullshyte, ,
            So yes just bring em in , it doesn’t matter a hoot at the end of the day , Im dead on this one sparrow you got you’re opinion I and some others have ours 😉

  2. No one’s buying it, the board try to treat the fans like their smarter, but they are not, they are just richer.
    What kind of weasel, snide, chairman gives a statement to try and make the manager look bad to save face, while the manager is still in charge!
    How could it possibly help to turn the fans on Billic?
    No doubt they’ll pretend they were just being honest and think the fans will swallow it
    The board are committing daylight robbery and pocketing the sky and tax free stadium money. If Billic does not counter this then I believe the board have paid him a fat sum to buy his silence and be treated as a scapegoat
    That to me makes more sense than a manger not wanting anymore players for a paper thin squad that sits bottom of the premier league because he thinks they are good enough (complete lies, even Mourinho or Chelsea want more players because they think they aren’t good enough).
    Board out and we need to let them know for every match and every opportunity until they do one.
    Time for us to use the only power we have, for OUR CLUB

  3. Have I got this right, or is this transfer lark just all too complicated for us simple people to grasp? He was Bilic’s No 1 choice, but we just let it go because Sporting agreed our initial offer too late for a medical? Could we not have phoned them just before it became ‘too late’ saying we are still keen but he has to have a medical in the next 6hours or whatever? And in any case why did we not offer an extra couple of million a day or two before Thursday? What do I know eh?

    And why did Bilic turn down the other two? Have just heard on the radio praise for Swans & WBA for taking them..all very strange.

    • You’ve got it right, the board are lying and keeping the sky and stadium money. Even if it all added up (which as per your comments point out, it doesn’t), it would still be lies.
      How come all these other clubs don’t have similar issues lol?
      Our board are so embarrassing they can’t even come up with clever lies
      All we want is a fair crack like the rest of the premiership (we don’t have to win the league), just decent to watch football and maybe a chance of winning a cup. Instead we just get lies, controversy and embarrassment

  4. Let’s get this right here , the board can stay , personally I don’t give a toss who is in charge , but take us to the next level , if you can’t ,/ won’t then walk !!!!
    Jan window , big big spend or get out ! Were being left behind in quality buys , cast offs are not good enough , experienced oldies / freebies and pay day buys does not compete with pace or take you up a level , get it sorted or let someone else take us forward like promised 😤
    If noble starts v Huddersfield its a farce , let’s see some change ffs!!!

  5. So, couldn’t the sale have been agreed subject to Carvahlo passing his medical?
    That sounds like Sully covering his own arse!


    “As a Board we are behind Slaven, and he believes he has the tools to turn around our form and rectify our disappointing start to the season.”

    …sounds like Sully throwing Slav under a bus (notice the 2 ‘he’ comments)

    Not really been a board-basher. I’ve sort of tolerated them.
    Also, much as I like him, I don’t think Slav is up to the task (if for nothing else than tactically, imo).
    Gotta say now though, the sooner that devious (ladies front bottom) of a man and his partners in crime feck off the better!!

  6. Sorry but as much as I dislike the Board’s inability to match action to their statements I do not see Sullivan making a public statement that was a lie. I believe Bilic wanted Carvahlo and him alone and his stubborness prevented considering anyone else. They all look stupid and pathetic and not fit to be at the club graced by Bobby Moore. Bilic has hung himself by his own pittard for me and they are buying time to identify his replacement and get him in. I do not see us being in a positive mental place to win a game bin the next 4.

  7. So the board get wind of fans fury and their response is to hang the manager out to dry. Really it doesn’t matter if the stories are true or not, and personally I think the Sanches and WBA pole bit is true, Bilic may have vetoed them, which is a clear reflection on his ineptitude, and the Carvilho one is probably more board BS. But we now find ourselves in a position where we have owners prepared to hang out their manager and drip feed Shyte to their shareholders which is us. So how anyone can believe for one moment they want people like this running their club or managing their team is beyond me.

  8. I don’t jimbo, they are not fit to be mentioned in the same breath as Bobby Moore. For me I was hoping the move to the LS was a prelude to them selling to more money that is needed to take usvto the next level.

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