Sullivan: “That wasn’t good enough”


david-sullivan-west-ham-upton-park_3339474Disappointed David Sullivan admitted the performance against Chelsea “wasn’t good enough” after the team’s performances last season.

Speaking to the official site he declared: “We raised the bar with our performance levels last season and the players are capable of showing a lot more.

“We know that the performance was not good enough and Slaven was the first to admit that after the game.”

And he added: “We know the importance of bouncing straight back and we have the ideal opportunity to do that when we play Astra Giurgiu in the Europa League on Thursday night and then Bournemouth at home on Sunday.”

But he’s concerned with the injury position adding:Β They are hurting us badly and it is disappointing that Andre Ayew will now face a spell on the sidelines.

“We need to get Manuel Lanzini, Andre Ayew, Diafra Sakho and Sofiane Feghouli back in action as soon as possible.
The good thing to come out of the Chelsea game was the impressive debut by our new left back Arthur Masuaku and he will hopefully become a great signing for the club.”

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  • WakeTheWolf says:

    Yeah it wasn’t good enough…
    No attacking threat,
    3 central midfielders is too defensive.
    And Antonio at right back… Well… I think that’s been covered!
    I hope TΓΆre gets started on Thursday… Because I think he will need time to adapt and gel.
    So more minutes the better.
    I hope we play some youngsters… Burke at right back.
    Oxford centre back.
    Probably play Byram at left back.
    Fletcher up front.
    And I’d like to see Samuelsen and obiang get some minutes.

  • Prof says:

    Agree Mr Wolf!

  • johnham1 says:

    Team for Thurs should be along the following lines 4-4-2 for me :-
    Byran, Oxford, Ogbanna, Mausuka
    Antonio, Obiang, Tore Feghouli,
    Valencia Fletcher

    I would not risk Reid, Kouyate, Payet and I am hoping Sakho is close to a return.

    • Stan The Man says:

      Hows Masauku going to play,he ain’t even in the EL Qualifying squad πŸ˜‰

      • johnboy says:

        I think it goes in before the first leg Stan ? Not sure though , you might be right !

        • BrookingtoDevonshire says:

          Mausuka played in CL qualifications.
          Can’t play until the group stage.
          Byram or Ogbonna at left back.

  • whtid says:

    what worries me most is our reluctance to sign a rb and striker still, calleri needs to come good which is a risk. As good as carroll is in the air, he can ply play in a 4 4 2 where he has support, he cannot make runs in behind and play on the counter as we tried to yesterday.
    We look so disjointed yesterday and I can’t remember a spell around chelsea box other than the first 5 minutes. It’s not carrolls fault the bloke gives everything but we need to start using him as an impact sub to mix things up as he doesn’t suit our style at all in terms of link up play as he doesn’t have the quick feet or speed we need.

    Antonio at rb well lets not get started, and is there a time valencia actually retains possession I can’t quite work out how the bloke is a footballer. Sell valencia and sakho for 25m combined and get in an experienced rb and bacca who can work the channels, link up play and score goals!!!

  • kevin says:

    Me too , Wolf .
    But for Sullivan to say that’s not good enough , is in itself not good enough .
    Where are the signings that would change the face of West Ham ?.
    We all , to a man , appreciate what The David’s have done , but to be honest they have been rather slumberish so far this window . Going for the cheap loan player or out of contract players is not exactly sending the right message . And because of that ,basically , we are seeing players playing out of Thier natural positions .
    Apart from that one ( expensive , it must be said ) mistake Antonio had a very good game .
    Valencia was found wanting and there was no service to Carroll . Get a Striker and RB ffs .

  • johnboy says:

    I’ll tell you what wasn’t good enough sully ! The team selection and Disgracefull attitude shown to Antonio , what a way to bounce back ? ?? Ffs you blame the performance of the players ? Bottle job ??? Like Taylor ? Bad call .lol. and people tagged sakho for arrogance !
    Bilic needs to restore Antonio at r/w and give him a cuddle and play sakho up front to get his levels up , and play oxford alongside Oggy , byrum needs a half and give Burke a half ,
    I watched astra last week they were rubbish , but no mugs !!
    Put a weak side out at his peril !!

  • whtid says:

    The set up was as dodgy as Hodgeson’s selection a the euros, didn’t play the strongest side, playing players out of position and most of the players looked lost. I understand we have players injured but there seemed to be no organisation in anything we did, it’s as if there was no communication from the manager to players in what he expected and that he just sent them out there hoping for the best. As good as bilic has been, that performance was in shambles, even noble didn’t look like he knew where he playing and he’s our most reliable player.

    good points – makasu collins and byram looked impressive.
    learning points
    – reid doesn’t partner as well as ogbonna and collins
    – valencia has got to go
    – kouyate and noble looked solid last year and its all changed
    – tore and hardveit looked lost but needs time
    – carroll always looks so disjointed in our system

    go back to what worked last season – antonio to wide, ginger and ogbonna, noble and kouyate.
    I can’t workout why we’ve signed ayes when were not going to ply him up front. when slav realises he’s messed up he’s got 6 wingers to choose for 3 positions – payer, lanzini, antonio, tore, ayew, feghouli and thats excluding valencia. Boy we need some balance!!

  • GW says:

    What’s disappointing DS is you spouting your mouth off about a marquee striker and not delivering one, moving into a 60k stadium for more revenue and still moaning about FFP restrictions and saying we’ve done all our business, Slav got it wrong last night but why don’t you admit that all your statements have been nothing but utter bolkocks?

    • oldgit says:

      I disagree with you. He tried to sign a striker but no-one wanted to join us as we’re still too small and it will be that way for years. He had the right intentions but has to learn, like some fans, that it won’t happen overnight. We pay top salaries to attract and keep players at our ‘small’ club – far more than other small clubs. Of course FFP is going to be a restriction. Slav didn’t just get it wrong last night…. its been going on for a while. Player out of their best position, not giving enough games to the youngsters, making Andy the preferred striker. In fact, Slav is continually doing the things that Sam did wrong. Chelsea had 80% possession for a 20 minute spell – appalling.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    I agree with the wolf. Play Burke at right back. He’s done it before, he is fast and loves to get forward even at CB.

  • johnboy says:

    And 3 games in seven days ??
    Can’t play everyone 3 times !
    Ideal time to stick sakho and fletcher up top rest carol ?

    Randolph ,Arthur , Oggy , oxford , Burke obiang , ,tore Valencia , Antonio , sakho , fletcher,
    Subs , quina , Martinez , byrum , page , payet, ginge , carol , feghouli.adrian

  • johnboy says:

    Is Arthur cup tied ????
    Anyone know ?

  • essexclarets says:

    How about blaming the players who played utter sh!te last night, Bilic picked the team but I’m pretty sure the game plan wasn’t to go out and play like that.
    I thought that sully said he will not sign a big name just because the fans want a ‘marquee’ signing. If you believe what is reported in the media we have tried to buy a top name but none of the top rung wants to come. When we then go for a lesser name people start moaning and hitting on the board again for not spending the money etc etc.
    Antonio is not a rb, time and time again he proves that like he did last night. Bilic pulls him off after the penalty and seeing his confidence shot (a move that 99% of fans wanted) he still gets mullard over it. Does he wait until full time and risk more mistakes?
    Imo the reaction after last nights gme has been OTT, following a game tread last night on a well known site and WOW you would have thought we had been relegated already, not lost in the 88th minute with a goal by someone who shouldn’t have been on the pitch. We were crap but still nearly took a point off a bad chelski performance.

    • Stan The Man says:

      This place ain’t much better today.It must be a Wet Pants day out lol.F@ck the match thread,they are a load of d1ckheads on there lol

    • Radai Lama says:

      I can only imagine what that matchthread must have been like Essex.They do put the Jerk into knee jerk though πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • essexclarets says:

        Couldn’t help but laugh at it all, at one point I had to ask for the rope.. Every single player, new signings, Bilic, the board & of course the ref were slaughtered and written off. It’s go

        • Radai Lama says:

          You are a glutton for punishment Essex.I wouldn’t read one of those match threads if you paid me.They will be crying for Hippohead to come back soon πŸ™‚

      • GW says:

        Well I was ****ed off going to the bridge and seeing a smug **** scoring a winner, celebrating with there plastic supporting ****ers when he shouldn’t have been on the pitch.

  • canchaz says:

    Can’t even remember how long and how often I have been saying Carroll’s value is as an impact sub.
    And isn’t it typical of us that we once again cough up a record fee for a player only for him to immediately go on the sick list.
    As for Valencia, I admit he’s playing better but he was another player we bought to score goals and that’s the one thing he can’t do.
    I wrote during the game we’d do better with Fletcher or even a crippled Sakho up front

  • Radai Lama says:

    Well we have Calleri for Thursday now as well,i wonder if he will get a run out.Before anyone says is he in the squad,yeah he is according to the UEFA qualifying squad we submitted πŸ™‚

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Completely agree Canchaz but Slav hasn’t seen that yet. The team play differently when Carroll is up top, they just hoof the ball up to him and he is isolated and then the opponents win the second ball or he loses it, when they try to use him for link up play he is so ponderous on the ball it takes any momentum from us. I like him and he gives 100% but he is not suitable to playing in a fast passing attack and doesn’t have the speed of thought or technical ability to link the play up, if they are going to hoof the ball upto him you need at least two runners in and around him which means we need to be better passing the ball about in midfield to provide the platform for him to be utilised.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      I am now of the mind that if Slav wants to persist with this type of football Benteke or Bony would offer us at least more in the way of speed and goals, I never thought I would say that and would definitely prefer we play like we do without Carroll being fit.

  • eddie 666 says:

    too many people still feeling a bit angry/frustrated today and tempers are not being kept in check… i’ve been looking in on most WHU forums today and some of the usually calm people are even having a pop at the owners, Manager and the players.. seems to me that we were more upset with the performance than the result, well i was anyway

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      I know Eddie I thought that this was the WHTID forum when I read some of the reaction, its not the owners fault if the team are outplayed, we have a stronger set of players than last year quite a few of which are new and will need time to adjust to the prem, last night was as good as I have seen Chelski play much as I hate to admit it, I think we looked worse because we were never given the space to play and that is down to the opposition just as much as it is down to our performance, first game of the season is rarely that important it is how we perform across the whole season and a good kick in the pants first up might prove to be a real boost in the long term, I genuinely doubt we will have a harder match all season than that one, we might play worse but our opponents won’t play better imho not that its worth diddly squat

      • Radai Lama says:

        I think the WHTID lot came over here for a day trip 32 lol πŸ™‚

        • RickHammer says:

          It’s that pigging app I tell ya.Last season we lost two of our first three,first two at home & the only one going ballistic was our Kevin.This season after one match we have a mob of Kevins.Blame Hammerschat & their poxy app lol

  • bubs says:

    Johnboy and Johnham I can’t believe you want Valencia in our side now or ever again,
    Am I watching a different player then everyone else
    In the last 3 matches he has not,
    Had a shot on target
    Not passed the ball to his own team mates once
    Not made one run with any thing coming of it,
    Made some really bad tackles giving away free kicks
    In fact I can’t find one positive thing he has done,
    Samulsun deserves his place so does,Feggolui,Antonio,Tore,
    Fletcher,Martinez and any other play who has the ability to do one positive thing for the team,
    Can’t knock the rest of your team selection
    I once liked Valencia but the that was 2 years ago when he had 10 games up front under Hippo since the zilch,
    Enough is Enough get all the money we can and buy Bony for club and club

  • Heavyset Hammer says:

    We need a quality striker.
    I dunno about this Calleri, but I think we should put our name in the hat for Bony.
    He is a proven goal scorer, something we don’t have.

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