The Darren Randolph Poll


Darren-Randolph-Last-5-games-e1490030283309Darren Randolph hasn’t picked up a single clean sheet in the last five games, while he has conceded an average of 2.2 goals per game. With a record of two saves per game, it means that the stopper has made 0.91 saves per goal conceded over the course of the last five fixtures.

One stat that he does impress with is his 100% claim success in recent weeks, but Slaven Bilic will perhaps be less impressed with his 64% accuracy with his distribution.

Is it time for a change again in the same way Adrian was dropped when his form dipped?

We ask the simple question whether Randolph should be dropped ?

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  • Daboiflip says:

    Finally im not alone im sorry but randolph is one of the worst keepers we have ever had yes adrian had a dip in form but randolph has been utter dog time and time again we have lost matches due to him yes he may make an unbelievable save but you can guarente he will let in at least 2 easy saves. for a team that plays counter attacking football his distribution is poor and will almost every time wait for the oposing team to re group or dive to the floor and grin like a chesire cat adrian may not be the best but he is 100% better than randolph i for one would love to see this change more than anything i also reckon our defence would be alot better as well as they would be told where to be and wouldnt be panicking as they have some one competent behind them

    • John says:

      I have a theory about that Dog. I reckon Slav does read the blog sites. I never thought I’d say that but I honestly do!

      Lend us a grand Slav?

      • John says:

        Ok that should’ve went beneath Dogs comment lmao 😂😂

        • The Long Dog says:

          You mean to say that the owners and Bilic dont take any experts advice on board from blogs.Utter disgrace lmao

          • John says:

            lmao why else would the keyboard Kings dish out advise, everything from what to say to what to do? Please don’t tell me that Slaven (30 years in top football. 15 years a manager) or Gold and Sullivan (billionaire business men and owners of football clubs for 20 years) know better than Karlos Keyboard?

  • John says:

    It’s always been Adrian for me, I don’t think he should’ve been dropped for that flap against whom I can’t recall, but he is streets ahead of Randy, who is for me just a decent back-up keeper. Another Slaven cock up? Maybe.

    For me now it’s a no brainier, Adrian gets the shirt until season end so that he can make a case for No. 1 next season. If he can’t then we sell them both and get a top drawer keeper like Joe Hart.

    All that said I’m surprised to see 73% in favour of Adrian. Must me those Spud and Charlton supporters again 😂😂

  • The Long Dog says:

    John there was a mass clammer on sites for Adrian to be dropped in favour of Randy.
    Randolph came in to the team and was receiving good reviews from the media/ ex pros at the time.I hardly see it as another Bilic cock up so i think even your maybe is a tad harsh.

  • master says:

    Randolphs kicking is very poor and he stays on line too much at corners.

  • The Long Dog says:

    I expect this poll will been seen as out of order because it only on here.That seems to be the way it works.

    • The Long Dog says:

      Its alrigjt Mr.S i was just being fercious because others on other sites seem to have an obsession with rubbishing polls on here lmao

  • Hammer64 says:

    I reckon most goalies would look pretty rubbish with our defence in front of them. Neither goalie is top class which doesn’t help the defence either. Chickens? Eggs? I can’t tell…

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