The return of Defoe? What you say

Jermain Defoe is very much back on West Ham ‘s radar with the possibility of him being on a free transfer should Sunderland go down.

ClaretandHugh had it confirmed by the club today that they will be taking a keen look at the 34 year old when the team travel to the Stadium of Light next month.

Here’s how members of the site’s Facebook forum @https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ responded to the news.



O Yet another one coming to the end of their career is it turning into a nursing home.
O Still would score 15 goals
O So, are we having Redknapp as the chief scout? Given the ancient freebies and overpriced has-beens we are being linked with…
O Defoe is hardly a has been.. the Hammers have been awful this season ..love him or hate him he would bring much needed quality to the team good injury record as well
O Agree 100%… Defoe is a true goal threat all the time he’s on the pitch, regardless of age! I’d certainly have back tomorrow (if not sooner)
O Would be good to see him come back.
O What are we trying to do, create a team to play in a seniors competition.?
O Still a top striker for me,,,Ibrahimovic?
O Been down this road before buying players when we think they have a couple of years left in them and it doesn’t really work.
O No problem with Defoe on a free for another couple of years and 15 goals a season.
O I’ve got this weird image in my head! A Defoe and (a fit) Sakho combination running riot…
O Defoe and a fit Andy Carroll would be a good combo
O A yes from me ⚒⚒⚒
O We need to build a team with a mixture of youth and experience. We won’t attract top class players without European football. Don’t care how old someone is as long as they are playing well, they can help us get into Europe next season and our younger players can learn from them
O Defoe on a free would be a good signing as he’s a natural goal scorer. We also need someone in their mid twenties who knows where the net is too. Players who can be relied on to stay fit hopefully!

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9 comments on “The return of Defoe? What you say

  1. Worth a two year deal

  2. Would have been better if he was 24! But he is better than Zaza, Fletcher, Callieri put together & fitter than Carroll & Sakho. Ideally he would be great value as backup, but I can’t see us getting anybody better. If we keep AC & Sakho then Defoe would probably end up playing most games.

  3. Back up? Madness!! He would stroll into our squad and stay fitter than Carroll and Sakho put together. He does so much extra training and fitness to keep himself younger than his age. He is still lightening quick and will easily bang in 15 a season. Imagine what Toni Martinez could learn from him in those 2 years!!

  4. Yeah I agree with that. In fact I think I said much the same! What I was trying to say is that in an ideal world you would not want a 34 year old as your main striker. You would want somebody who is that good and that fit but who is 24-27. We won’t have a striker like that so if we get Defoe he will end up as the main striker. That would be OK, but it will only be a short term fix. That’s what I was saying.

  5. He would be a mug if he came to West Ham. The fans will turn on him the moment he has a few bad games and Defoe will get it twice as bad as our skipper.

  6. Sorry John , can’t agree with you . Defoe admits he made a mistake and wants a chance to redeem himself . Noble has nothing to offer and although I apparently don’t understand football I know that goals win matches and make heroes.

  7. My goal is to bed Pamela Anderson Bubbles and my mates reckon that would make me a hero!

    I’m sure you know plenty about football Bubbles but fans do turn too quickly and with confidence being king it’s hard to see how that helps. And I include the stuff with Kev Nolan in that where this site got a bit out of hand! I suppose it’s a sign of the times, there’s no growing slow gracefully no more is there? Even Sir Trev and Billy grew slow you know lol.

  8. The guy is still only late 20s isn’t he? He may come through this poor patch. Let us at least give him a chance to do that for crying out loud.

  9. His age is ideal but on a free it’s a bargain.If he scores so often for Sunderland he should do better for us and , as others have said, he has a much better injury and fitness record than our main two.Ideally it would be him and someone younger with Carroll sold to China if he is willing to go

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