The Slaven Bilic Poll

bilic-gloomMany will accuse us of being reactionary running a poll directly after the latest disappointing Premier League defeat this afternoon but the truth is that Slaven Bilic has only managed five wins in twenty-four games. We ask the question on the minds of most Hammers tonight:

Should Slaven Bilic go?

Slaven Bilic is Β fourth favourite for the boot at 4/1 after Frank De Boer, Rafa Benitez 3/1 and Antonio Conte at 7/2.

David Gold and David Sullivan have a history of being patient with managers but there must be a breaking point for everyone but where is it?

We value your opinion on the emotive subject. Should Bilic stay or go?


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29 comments on “The Slaven Bilic Poll

  1. Week in week out we are slow, facing our own goal and missing a degree of urgency. We are never in command of a game setting up to counter attack and then playing slowly from the back.
    Other teams press and we fold. No wingers and a midfield that is far from creative and technical.
    I regularly find myself signing super Slav but I can’t support him anymore. Tuchel for me as his replacement, great stats in Germany and available. Hard working teams similar to Conte. Brings youth through and has a clear philosophy based on attack.
    Some might say panicked decision I say relegation bound.

  2. Are the bookies ‘avin a larf’ or what. Bilic less likely to go than Rafa or Conte? Less likely? Really?

    The point made above is the clincher. 5 wins in 24. That is on track for about 7 or 8 in a season. I am sure if he is sacked we will get all the usual guff from the pundits ‘Can we believe it? Sacked three games into the season. Managers are given no time these days ‘. But this is now the third time Ina year that he has presided over a dreadful run, all featuring heavy defeats & all showing similar failings- inability to defend a lead/ hold on to a draw, intercepted passes leading to goals, generally chatioc defending. When these things keep being repeated it is not down to an injury crisis or some other excuse.

    Let’s introduce a bit of culture to the issue- ‘Ask not for whom the bell tolls Mr Bilic’- it tolls for thee mate, so why not put us all out of our misery & show a real bit of class by admitting you are failing. Resign & save the owners the difficult job of making up their minds to sack you.

  3. Not only should he go he should offer his resignation.

  4. He deserves to go. He picks the team and the so called tactics. Look at Ogbonna ‘s defending for the 3 goals today. If he’s not stood static hes falling over or skipping round the box , it’s actually laughable it’s that bad !! Yet bilic continues to pick him and farm off good young prospects off on loan wh are better. For that reason amongst many others it’s time to go.

  5. Look to get Benitez in.Back to the negotiating table for Carvalho and Smalling to partner Reid at centre half.

    • Smalling would be great 64 carvalho too for me definetly dont want fat boy beni though jokanovic for me young hungry and successful in his cv. Older fat boys living in the past can join the one in north korea maybe can do well there.

  6. If he hasn’t gone by next week, he will surely go if we get beat by Huddersfield.

    • Huddersfield won’t be easy. Wagner has had one of the smartest Windows. With some smart shrewd signings and loans. He can make 10-12 players gel very quick has done it when he took over and now when promoted. I would have Jim in a second but he won’t leave. There are a lot of good #2s out there especially Germany that’s where is was Nagelsmann a scout hot Hoffenheim at 28 manager and got them into CL qualifying top 4 finish.
      Klinsmann is more likely than Tuchel.

  7. I would love Tuchel but doubt he will come he turned down Southampton Leverkusen few other Bundesliga clubs, Palace, and a number of Serie A jobs.
    If the Twins could presaude him be brilliant but think he is holding out for club w Director resources etc.
    More fans Don’t Know then yes. Has to be Yes or No.
    He will finish the Window he thinks Carvalho is his answer but 1 player won’t fix this. 2-3 and a new manager and Sporting Director.
    I’d like to try and get Jokanovic from Fulham but not sure he would come either.
    I would give Tony Westley the Job on Interim basis as don’t great job in PL2 promotion and managing the lads.

  8. Definete slav fan from day one but something really is wrong now for awhile with either coaching staff or slav not getting across to the players and selections of players are not working even allowing injurys to vital players we should have enough to roll over a fat boy coach and a team that isnt that good. Think its time now to part and get in someone young and ambitious that with the players we have now plus a strong centre back and a powerful mid defensive player can turn things around. Definetely wont be on the floor for long with what we have and for me jokanovic would be perfect if we can get him from fulham after seeing the dreadful fonte dropped ginge in and trying mostly changes needed from a injury position of whats left we still cant bench noble who clearly isnt a starter any more and as nice as slav is maybe too nice for being a success at our club.

  9. Hey lads……it’s three games! Even Alan Shearer said last night that the situation shouldn’t be considered until ten games were played!

    • Unfortunately, Alan Shearer is not looking at the mess that Bilic got us into last year.
      Call me old-fashioned, but attacking football (initiated from mid-field) is great to watch, leads to more goals; the more goals scored, the greater the probability of winning silverware and a place in Europe.
      The 4-2-3-1 can work well if you have a mean lone-wolf striker and strong defensive holding mid-fielders. A sensible examination of the players within our present squad, would suggest that the use of a 3-5-2, a 4-4-2, or even a 3-4-3, would strengthen and solidify the midfield, and enhance the chances of goal-scoring for Chicharito and other attacking-minded players- fairly simple, but Bilic seems to be missing the point, as he did last year!

    • “Even” Alan Shearer?? He is not exactly the Oracle, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what he says.

    • If somebody can’t do something after 2 years you don’t give them 10 chances! And it’s not about results it’s about performance West Ham fans don’t expect wins but expect to have ago. We are so dull to watch it’s painful.

  10. 10 games is to many and we could be already doomed
    I want him to stay but he must now draw a line under people’s names who hold us back
    No more Noble,Fonte,Ayew,
    1 more chance many more
    Back to fast counter attacking 2 up top so we get most benifit from Chico
    Give youth a chance Rice CH not Nobles servant
    Byram needs to be part of the new set up
    Samulsun instead of Ayew when needed
    What we need is team spirit more then anything
    Make Antonio captain if nothing else for his heart and spirit
    Go get Gibson or Kone
    Pay the Β£40 mil for Cav
    Give Sak another chance he is good enough
    But no more boring old tactics
    No more playing players out of position
    This club has the best fans in the world who will get behind what ever 11 players get picked but we are not mugs
    So stop taking the pisx give us some hope
    Last chance Slav
    Get it right NOW

  11. Its time for the Davids to realize enough is enough . Our ambitions of a top eight finish are in tatters and even a top half of the table looks doubtful . Bilic is just too stubborn to change his one up front formation . It’s a continuous failure . Yet another team has broken its bad run with West Ham being the fall guys .

  12. We have to act now before the season is a wash out and we will struggle to stay up, Bilic is not a premiership manager he is getting out managed week in week out against teams with weeker squads.
    I thought Alan Shearer knew he’s stuff but to say give him 10 matches when we’ve seen it for 2 seasons is laughable,Bilic is not good enough, he is the problem and has been for 2 years, Payet papered over the cracks.get him out and get him out now !

  13. Ignore Shearer & co. They always whine on about managers being sacked- because many of them have been! Also, as noted, their poor little brains can only work in ‘seasons’ so they will keep on about 3 games not being long enough. Bilic has had plenty of time. Last season was appalling. Nobody would have been shouting Bilic out if we had shown some improvement on that. He has brought players in & had no pre season distractions, but NOTHING HAS CHANGED. It is also the nature of the defeats. Two 2-1 defeats & a draw plus a bit of fight would have been ok for me & I reckon meny others. The rebuilding job has to start quickly & the next two weeks is the best time to start. Over to you Mr G & Mr S. And please don’t fob us off or the fans may be effing off.

  14. I’ve always supported Bilic, but it’s obvious he is not at the races.
    Whoever comes in needs to find very quikly, a very good defending holding midfielder, so Rice can play in his natural position CB, where the job is easily defined and his inexperience wont be so tested.
    He will also need to fill the attacking midfield gap left by the departing Fegouhli and Snodgrass. Nathan Holland at least, would have to be fast-tracked for that, but we need at least one more so Ayew can be sent packing. Quina is also in the frame.
    Lanzini was limping just after he came on so is he really fit? Probably not.
    I would think Bilic is so depressed by his embarrasment that he would offer is resignation, but who else would come to us? Benitez is the obvious one, but would he bother? He would certainly fix the defense, but only if he could find a dominant CB. ( Ginge is old, Ogbonna never has been the real deal, and Reid is always injured. Rice is still the best bet. ) My wish is still Eddie Howe but why would he???
    The next 2 weeks will be interesting.

    • If we have 35/40 mil for carvalho and jota id split it up and spend 20 mil on a CB and 20mil on a CDM – play 3-5-2 with Sakho/Carroll with Hernandez up top with noble given the option to be club captain from the bench and Reid installed as match day captain. I still think a team of hart; ogbonna, Reid, fonte; cresswell, obiang, kouyate, lanzini, Antonio; Sakho, Hernandez is a strong team with pace strength and prem experience. Add that CB and CDM and the bench would be fine too

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  16. Have we had an apology for travelling fans yet ?

  17. I agree with most of the above comments but it is not just about short term knee jerk action. We need to look at two main issues.
    Firstly, this season has started even worse than last season, if that is at all possible! We have had a terrible pre-season in terms of results, struggling to compete against low tier foreign clubs. So there have to be basic, fundamental problems at the club relating to training methods and fitness levels. I won’t even go into our injury record under Slav or our disciplinary record. So, it is not only Slav but the entire back room support staff and, ultimately, this is Slavs responsibility and no one else.
    Secondly, I do not agree we have had a good transfer window. When you have a top manager such as Pep allowing players such as Zaba and Hart leave his club, he will have bloody good reasons. The jury is out on Hart but Zaba has been clearly shown up – his legs are going and he has lost a yard of pace. I have no issue with Arnie and Hernandez but what really worries me is the lack of pace throughout the team and the lack of pace in our new signings. A massive factor in today’s game is pace and Slav has not addressed this in his time at the club. He has gone public that we do not need another centre back yet he continues to play a back four that is aged and devoid of pace. Yet we wonder why we are having the heart ripped out of our team by clubs that are barely mediocre.
    I won’t even go into his handling of our youth.
    I am sorry but Slav has made too many mistakes and should go immediately otherwise we are going down!

    • You are right Kenny, although Hernndez is fairly pacy as are Arnautovic and Sakho, Rice actually has a good turn of pace also but he probably won’t get another chance under Bilic. Carvalho has pace but in the first season, we had Jenks at RB, Moses in Midfield, Payet was Payet, Sakho, Antonio and Valencia all with pace to burn, we sat deep against the good teams and countered with lots of pace, against the lesser teams we pressed high up the pitch in specific areas, now we frequently have lots of posession which is meaningless without penetration. Slav had a system and players that could play it, against the good teams playing Tompkins at RB for extra solidity, now he is making the same mistake actually playing a back 2 not a back 4, the wingbacks are often five yards in front of the centrebacks with the wingers tucked in which is crazy the shape of the team is a ball rather than a square, if he insists on playing the wingbacks that far forward he should have three central defenders so they can at least cover the area behind the 7 man midfield better. Anyway I hope he is put out of his misery during the international break and we can get back to winning ways, none of the team look happy and they have a non captain who will sleepwalk them into relegation as surely as Bilic will, he has done it before under Grant no matter how loyal he is.

      • good point about the wing-backs. A flat four needs four who can defend. Not full-backs who spend most there time supporting failing attacks/counter attacks. We get caught out far too often.
        I am loath to support the back three and wing-backs system, because of the danger of Antonio being asked to defend too often ( or at all )

        • Another good case for Carvalho was that he could come across to cover for the full-backs; something we don’t do enough either.

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