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Time for Moyes and the team to step up.

By Gonzo

There was precious little happening in East London on transfer deadline day, or January 31st as it used to be called before Sky Sports.

Whilst our rivals strengthened their squads for the Premier League run-in, The Hammers missed out on FC Lorient’s Terem Moffi, and pulled down the shop shutters for the day.

It was eerily quiet on the West Ham front with barely a murmur of transfer tittle tattle. As the Sky banner rolled across the screen, presenters and former footballers excitedly reported a plethora of deals for an assortment of clubs.

Alas, the Hammers played little part in the final days proceedings. No links, no loans, no dubious unheard of players winging it in on a private jet to sign for Moyesie. We didn’t even manage to sign a rickety journeyman to cover for Craig Dawson, David Gold would have said, ‘Go to bed, DG’.

So we go with what we’ve got and hope that David Moyes can turn things around. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that the multitude of injured players return to fitness, and pray that those who’ve lost form can find it again.

Last winter window we were unable pinch Jesse Lingard from Manchester United because we were deemed to be ‘rivals’. This window we were unable to sign Michael Keane from Everton because we’re. . . erm. . . deemed to be ‘rivals’. Quite a shift in the space of 12 months.

Over to you Mr Moyes.


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3 comments on “Time for Moyes and the team to step up.

  1. Personally I think the board will regret not sacking Moyes when we are languishing in the bottom three after the next three games, how people can think Moyes has turned the corner after a win against an awful Everton side & a win against a league one side is beyond me.
    Added to that the way he is destroying our younger players & letting our best youngsters leave because of lack of opportunities even when it is clear to see the likes of Cresswell, kehrer,Johnson & Source ( to name a few ) are clearly suffering from a serious lack of form………….

    The board should of got rid of Moyes at the beginning of January but instead chose to stick by him so as not to fund a new manager in the transfer market………

    On their heads be it……….

  2. The World Cup break was the ideal time to make a managerial change not January. Then any new manager would have had time to start working with the majority of the squad to get new ideas across.
    People can blame Moyes all they want, but ultimately it’s the owners’ fault if we get relegated, because they failed to act at a time when you would think a competent replacement would have taken the job. Now, who in their right mind would take it knowing chances are there will be a relegation added to his record? The board have messed this up completely

  3. It is so disappointing seeing the Academy kids moving on without really getting a chance.
    Of all the times to get a couple involved is NOW.
    Don’t get me started on transfers!!!
    It really is dismal.

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