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West Ham have the last laugh over Everton


Hart_726_2Everton have proved that the size of your transfer spending over the summer doesn’t guarantee success on the pitch as they lost their fourth game in a row over the weekend conceding twelve goals without scoring a single goal.

The Merseyside club spent £143m in the summer after receiving £96m the other way for Lulaku, Deulofeu and Cleverley.  Four of their incoming players cost over £24m including £44m for Sigurdsson.

Everton fans taunted Hammers fans at the beginning of the season pointing out that Jordon Pickford had kept three clean sheets while West Ham had conceded seven goals in their first two games and pointed to Joe Hart as a poor loan signing.

Now the tables have turned with four back to back losses for Everton letting in twelve goals, nine of them at the hands of Pickford. Meanwhile, their newfound firepower cannot find the net.   West Ham have kept three clean sheets from their last four games scoring six times and conceding three goals to Newcastle.

Just goes to prove that so far the amount you spend in the summer transfer window does not automatically translate to results.

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  • blimeylimey says:

    Whilst money does guarantee success, the Premiership has been won by the 3 highest spending clubs for 10 out of the last 11.
    AND if you want to include Arsenal as big spenders 15 years ago when they had half the French National team, then you have to go back to Blackburn over 20 years ago, and they were bank-rolled by millionaire Jack Walker (An absolute pauper by todays Premiership standards)……
    What I’m saying is Monay talks and B*****t walks……

  • HammerForLife says:

    Sorry to be pedantic, but in our last four games we’ve scored four goals, not six.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Everton bought average players at inflated prices ?? Surprised by the results ? Not me lol
    They lost one of the best striker in the league and was always gonna struggle without him!
    Last laugh ? We will see on that one ? Good though in it 😂
    Where are you ONLY ME 😂😂 must have been evicted from his dustbin lol😂

  • Radai Lama says:

    They have had a tough run of fixtures to be fair but as soon as Lukaku went they were going too struggle.
    Who gives a shyt about them anyway 😁

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Where you been lama ?
    Channel hopping 😂

    • Radai Lama says:

      Lol Laz,no mate just been busy 😉
      Channel hopping in a couple of weeks.I need to top up on strings of onion & garlic 😂

  • JRS says:

    Wouldn’t be laughing to much yet. Like Radai said they had a tough schedule and actually played a good game not reflected In score. But missed out on a proper proven striker tho Rooney has done well he doesn’t replace Lukaku and they did some future buys w Pickford who is a good GK great distribution playing Davies and Calvert and Henry O was one I really wanted us to get and thought we would but they sent him to Anderlecht on loan might be fast tracking that work permit now.
    And I think must of us would love Gylfi here.
    But still to close to drop zone for my liking kind of wish we were playing Spurs at Wembley were they seem to be having a fought time on road they look sharp.

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