West Ham make £30M Man United bid


West Ham United have made an official £30M bid for Man United defender Harry Maguire. The swoop is part of an audacious ‘take it or leave it’ double raid on the Manchester club. Scott McTominay is the second part of the deal, and is also valued at the same amount.

The news was broken by Sky Sports Darmesh Sheth, and has been backed up by Fabrizio Romano. This follows conformation of advanced negotiations with Ajax over the transfer of Edson Alvarez.

Harry-Maguire-Transfer-West Ham-Manchester-United-England

West Ham in £30M Man United bid for Maguire

Having started very slowly, the transfer window now appears to be picking up pace. Gianluca Scamacca’s departure has been confirmed by West Ham, which surely means a new striker is also on the radar.

Sky reporter Sheth announced via his Twitter account (or whatever it’s called theses days), that West Ham are yet to confirm whether Maguire was prepared to move to East London.

Certainly the transfer double swoop has the hallmarks of David Moyes written all over it.

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  • johnham1 says:

    We are a club where the board continues to back a manager who is the worst in the league. What an absolute waste of the money we got for DR. We are the laughing stock of the PL thanks to Moyes and the board now. We have zero ambition if we believe signing players like Maguire and especially Mctominnay are going to move us forward. The board are absolutely clueless. Both need to go.

  • Austrick says:

    Latest news is 50 million for both Maguire and McTominay.

  • westdanman says:

    How can we take the board and Moyes seriously when there prepaired to pay £30 million for a 30 year old player with 2 previosly bad seasons . Whilst low balling for players in their prime that have now signed for top Premier league clubs. We deserve more than has beens. We.need a new board and manager ASAP!!!

  • brooksy says:

    Cant help but think Moyes wants to buy a captain. Hence McGuire and ward-prowse bids. Could mean straight in the starting 11 every week. I might be wrong but just my thoughts. Personally would rather not see either signed.

  • Roman says:

    WHY WHY WHY? Makes no sense to me but that’s out current manager. Maguire is so wrong on so many fronts.He doesn’t even want to come to West Ham.

  • RickinJHB says:

    Moyes is looking after his near future (relegation free bonus?)… the next twelve months, he does not care what happens after that and he see’s these two (M&MC) as the way to do that.
    The owners are in a difficult position they either have to back him or get someone else in but they bottled it last season and now it is too late.
    Laurel and Hardy run club ” That’s another fine mess you got me into Stanley”
    Laughing stock

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Moyes you’ve lost the plot. Maguire sneered he doesn’t want to come to us, and many of us fans don’t want or need him. Stop being a total embarrassment, it’s deja vu Lingard.

  • johnham1 says:

    There is absolutely no excitement from the majority of fans about Maguire and Mctominnay. The club will make a big deal about them and all they will have done with these signings especially mctominnay is appease one man and alienate the fans even further. Imagine what players like Paqueta are thinking when they see mctominnay walk throught the door. I know what they are thinking I dont want to be here anymore. We have lost Rice, Manu, Scammacca, Vlasic, will lose Cresswell, Antonio and more all because of the decision to keep Moyes. Absolute joke of a club the decision to sack Moyes was the simplest decision to make and they did not make it, it is going to cost them millions in poor transfers..

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