West Ham transfer machine is stuttering


The West Ham transfer machine is stuttering to such an extent, that it’s almost ground to a halt. Rumours of disagreement over potential targets as well as valuations are a huge concern. Factor in the disturbing quotes to Claret & Hugh by a ‘club source’ and it’s starting to become troubling.

Most of us are playing guesswork at this stage, but it seems that there is a transfer committee. The group consists of Mark Noble, Tim Steidten, David Sullivan and David Moyes, with the latter having power of veto.

West Ham transfer machine is stuttering under Moyes and Sullivan

If reports are to be believed it appears that the transfer council have yet to agree on a single signing. Moyes is understood to have pushed heavily for Fulham’s Jaoa Palhinha, despite reservations from the rest of the group.

Palhinha is seen to be too old and too expensive, however two bids of £45m & £50m have been made. Fulham rejected both offers which appears to have prompted a stalemate at West Ham. Sullivan is unwilling to offer the £60m it would take to sign the player, largely because he’d be a depreciating asset.

Palhinha has recently picked up a shoulder injury in pre-season, which may force a switch. How much truth there is that we’re targeting Edson Alvarez upon learning of the injury remain unconfirmed.

As a result of Moyes’s No1 target being unobtainable, it is believed the group would like to explore some of Steidten’s selections. Unfortunately there appears to be a stumbling block. . . .

West Ham’s failing transfer system

Sources at West Ham are concerned that were Steidten to purchase a player, David Moyes might refuse to select him. If that is true, the transfer committee in a stalemate situation of shambolic proportions.

David Sullivan will need to take charge and force policy. Either the director of football or the manager must be in charge, not both.

It would appear that under the current system both men are rendered impotent. David Moyes can’t recruit the players he wants because they’re deemed too old and expensive. Whilst Steidten can’t recruit because Moyes might not select his signings. It’s a mess.

David Sullivan will ultimately need to decide what his vision of West Ham actually is. If he wants the modern data driven model, then he must make Steidten omnipotent. If he wishes to back his trophy winning manager, then he must purchase his transfer selections without quarrel.

What is evident is that both can’t function in unison. By this time last year (July 24th), the club had already signed 3 players. Gianluca Scamacca was signed on the 26th, followed by a flurry of activity in August. Currently West Ham have signed nobody, which is a damning indictment of policy.

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  • West Aussie Hammer 1 says:

    Sadly I think on keeping Moyes on has hampered our recruitment and also may have damaged our brand being Westham.
    We do need to stop this short term-ism and look to the future. We should have had a plan actioned as soon the Cup was one.

  • johnham1 says:

    The process is a simple one. Moyes tells DOF what positions need fiilling. After that Moyes needs to stay out of it. The job of the DOF is to secure the right players…The club have to trust the DOF to do his job. The DOF then presents the player proposal to Sullivan for his approval and if he approves then we start negotiations. Moyes only input is to determine which positions he needs filling. It is quite a simple process until an idiot like Moyes gets involved. Incredible he is still in the job.

    • SelsdonHammer says:

      Exactly, well put. I would add that if Moyes doesn’t like it he should have the courage of his convictions and resign and if he is obstructive in any way he should be dismissed.

  • sjbzathrus says:

    Moyes is focused again on a small group of players “proven Premier League” all of which are way too costly or don`t want to sign for WHU, while Steidten has a focus on the future with youth and players from other leagues, so we will end up signing nobody and going into the season with a very thin looking first team squad. Maybe they are holding on to the Rice transfer money for the new manager who will work with Steidten to spend in January after Moyes has been removed because of a poor start to the season.

  • parrysite says:

    Despite winning us a trophy, the board should have got rid of Moyes, once the season ended. He has ruined Scamacca, who must have had something to play for the Italy national team, and signed Ings for no logical reason, given the system Moyes insists upon playing. Also, whilst claiming he likes young players, he never ever plays them in the Premier League. Harrison Ashby is one that we dearly needed to play; Eddie Howe liked him enough to spend money signing him. What was wrong with Manny Longelo, when we’re crying out for a young quick, tough-tackling left-back? .

  • johnham1 says:

    The board needs to make a decision back the new DOF on transfers or Moyes. If it takes sacking Moyes then just do it.

  • Roman says:

    Transfer machine?? You can’t be serious.

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