West Ham’s European Journey: Success Now, Challenges Ahead


West Ham’s European Journey

West Ham United have enjoyed a remarkable European run under manager David Moyes, etching their name in club history. Here’s a look at their achievements and a glimpse into the changing landscape of European football.

West Ham’s European Ascendancy:

Record Premier League points (2020/21)
Europa League semi-finalists (2020/21)
Seventh-place finish securing Europa Conference League qualification (2021/22)
Record-breaking unbeaten streak for English teams in Europe (2021/22)
Europa Conference League Champions (2022/23) – the club’s first major trophy in 43 years
Three consecutive seasons in European competitions (2021/22 – 2023/24) – joining an elite group alongside European giants.

West Ham are currently vying for:
Europa League glory (2023/24)
A potential fourth consecutive European qualification through Premier League placement.

West Ham's European Journey

West Ham’s European Journey

Their ambition could see them qualify for the Champions League, Europa League, or the Conference League next season. However, significant changes are coming to UEFA competitions.

Winning the Europa League would grant West Ham a spot in the revamped Champions League.¬†West Ham’s contribution, along with others, has likely secured a Champions League spot for the Premier League’s fifth-placed team next season.
A trickle-down effect could see European qualification for teams as low as eighth or ninth in the Premier League depending on FA Cup winners and final standings.

The current 32-team group stage format is being scrapped.
A new 36-team league format will be implemented in the Champions League and Europa League.
Teams will play eight different opponents (two from each seeding pot) – four home and four away games.
The Conference League will see a similar format with six opponents (one from each seeding pot).
Top eight teams from the league phase (not group winners) will qualify directly for the last 16.
Teams ranked ninth to 24th will compete in a knockout play-off round.
Teams ranked 25th to 36th will be eliminated from European competitions altogether (no dropping down to a lower competition).
The knockout phase remains the same (two-legged games until the final).

The UEFA website says

“The new league format ensures fast-changing and unpredictable standings. More matches between equally-ranked teams competing for crucial points. With fans able to enjoy top clashes right from the first match day. 2024 will be a thrilling new future for European club football.”

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