What you say about the stadium shirt ban

Shirts of opposition teams have been popping up across the London Arena prompting the club and operators to take action and ban them.
Right or wrong? Hammers fans at the ClaretandHugh forum – https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ – have been responding
O Never understood parents taking little Johnny to West Ham wearing a Chelsea or Man U kit…common sense to avoid?

O Good!!!!
O Presumably they wouldn’t stop someone wearing a foreign club or country shirt unless we were playing that team? Clearly other English club shirts should be banned but would you ban a Lazio fan wearing, say, a Di Canio shirt who has come over for the match? Seems common sense is needed…..but there is little shown these days!

O Totally agree. I was writing the same as this post popped up.
O What about national shirts ? Or favourite foreign shirts Rangers Marseille Lazio for example
O I saw a tweet which said that a load of Marseille people were retweeting the news of the ban which makes me think the Payet and Ayew fan club are planning a visit to see their old boys…..I guess these are the people who would wear a “different” club shirt….
O As long as it’s not a London team/ Prem team then I don’t see a problem. Just down to common sense surely.
OThis is why you need the old style stewards….even if in addition to the stadium staff….these kids couldn’t manage their breakfast in the mornings let alone an incident

O My brother used to go to West Ham in a Leeds shirt in the early 80’s and as he was just a kid nobody cared. We had he icf round us and the atmosphere was more aggressive in those days. Now the world seems less sensible.

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  1. Hugh ! The C&H wellness society has already discussed this issue mate !
    As long as the shirt wearer is sporting a rinse and manicured nails they don’t represent a threat ! Its those that support a skinhead and D/M’s that are the problem ! Common sense or hospital ! Two choices really ! Unfortunately the world is not politically correct and to think so is being a tad bit naieve ? In an alternate world it would work , but unfortunately we are about 1000 years away from a perfect society , if we are still around that is , if you get my drift ! :-).

  2. :-). I hate this tablet lol. 😉

  3. This has already been done and gone…
    I’m also quite sure that these statements are cherry picked to create an agenda?!

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