What’s the point of Tim Steidten at West Ham?


Like many West Ham fans, I was excited about the prospect of appointing a director of football. For too long the Hammers recruitment process has appeared antiquated and lacking foresight. West Ham rarely unearth a hidden gem like Moises Caicedo and instead choose the ready made option. So I was hopeful that things would change with the appointment of Tim Steidten.

The German has a proven track record of finding young players, who develop and become top class footballers. With the funds from the Declan Rice sale being paid over the next 24 months, there has never been a more important time for West Ham to invest in the future.

So I was somewhat taken aback by yesterdays reports that David Moyes would be spending the Declan bounty. If that wasn’t enough, I was completely disturbed that Moyes priority signings may be James Ward Prowse and Harry Maguire.

Surplus to requirements? Tim Steidten reportedly can’t make signings at West Ham

I don’t have anything in particular against Maguire or Ward Prowse, but their signings are a massive contradiction. If the club are modernising and developing a new recruitment culture, why are we purchasing aging players on the decline? Perhaps at 28 years of age Ward Prowse is in his prime, but he wasn’t even the best midfielder at relegated Southampton last season.

We’ve seen this before at West Ham of course. Rio Ferdinand was a record transfer fee and the club wasted that money on Titi Camara and Rigobert Song.

Harry Maguire is 30 years old and comes with baggage. If West Ham are seriously considering purchasing a central defender, it should be one of the outstanding pedigree. I guarantee Steidten will have a list of players with excellent ability and enough potential to improve.

Tim Steidten and a position of impotence

But if David Moyes is just going to swat away Steidtens suggestions, then what’s the point? We’ve hired one of the brightest young minds in world football and immediately handcuffed him. It’s common knowledge Steidten left Leverkusen because he wanted more responsibility over transfers. Somehow he appears to have landed in a situation where he is unable to purchase players.

Just to labour the point . . . . we have hired a specialist to buy football players and not given him the authority to make a purchase. It’s preposterous.

If (and at this point it is an if) this is true then the club need to take a serious look at themselves. The promise to modernise is nothing more than a footballing virtue signal. If Steidten is unable to purchase players, then he’s merely here just for show. It’s a half backed attempt at modernisation made without the courage of conviction to fully transition.

I would even go as far as to argue that West Ham don’t need a scouting system to sign players like Maguire and Ward Prowse. They’re established footballers who are known to all because they’ve been around a while. Both players may well perform admirably at The London Stadium for a couple of years but by then we’ll have to spend again.

I’m concerned that it won’t take too many rejected recommendations from Tim Steidten before he asks. . . . “What’s the point?”

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  • Buster says:

    Agreed, Gonzo – especially about Maguire. Ward Prowse might be a useful acquisition for a couple of years but only if the fee is right. Harvey Barnes is a player I admire, I’d put him in a West Ham shirt in a heartbeat

  • SelsdonHammer says:

    You have written what many of us are thinking. I too can recall how the Rio windfall was squandered. Furthermore, Moyes always reverts to type, which is why we are seeing the names of old(er) players like Maguire and Ward-Prose linked with us. If Moyes is only with us for one more season, why is Steidten not calling the shots now. It strikes me as being very muddled thinking.

  • Limey says:

    I get what you’re saying.
    Although we are going to have to compete this season at a high level and have just lost 2 significant players in midfield, who need replacing, would young unknown ‘pearls’ be able to bring West Ham more success this season?

    It also depends on £cost, IF JWP can be brought in for under £25mil. that represents value IMHO.
    If Maguire is brought in on a free, bring him in!!

    Steidten is a long term solution, but West Ham need immediate solutions too.

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Yes Gonzo spot on, this is virtue signalling by appointing Steidten then restricting him, and Moyes version of ‘ I want young fit players who can run’ is Harry Maguire!

  • Jimmy says:

    Only one answer here!, sack Moyes!!!

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    Can I just point out that whilst I agree with your opinion Gonzo, it is just that – an opinion (as you’ve made clear) – and not fact.

    Let’s all relax and accept that this is silly season. Every player will be linked with us. Every club knows we have money to spend. And, most importantly, I’m quite sure Tim would’ve sought assurances about the job he has moved 1,000 miles to a different country for… What’s happening now, or about to happen, won’t be any surprise to him.

    If it is, then he’ll leave soon and we’ll have the stick we need to beat the board with. Until then, patience is the name of the game.

  • Eug says:

    Isn’t the issue here, that Moyes has only 1 year. Why would he buy players, that may take a year or two to come through? He will not see the benefit of those players and the potential profit that could be made on them. Moyes is only going to be interested in players that will make an impact now. He want care if their legs go in a year or so or the fact that they will be worthless in a couple of years time. he will be gone and it will someone else’s problem.

  • barnie884 says:

    I agree with the above post from Buddy Lurve – It’s all just speculation – and I really dont believe much in the press anymore. JWP – They’re relegated, we need a new CM – Press 1+1 = 5
    Maguire – apparently only a loan bid (if thats even true) – So short term solution so he can play for England and we dont waste the cash on him – no real harm there
    ITK Ex for example is talking more about players like Zakaria, Tah and Alvarez which definitely seem to have more of Tims influence I would say and I’d take his tips over the tabloids anyday
    We’ve been linked with something like 200 players since the cup win. I think we’ll see 3-4
    2x CM 1x AM/winger and 1xCB
    I think it will be a CB as pre season he’s been experimenting with 3-5-2 so definitely short on that front if thats the case
    But my opinion also means nothing 😉

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